Mazda Navigation system Technical Information

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Seite 1 - System NB1

Mazda Navigation System NB1

Seite 2 - Contents

10 Note: if you would like to install an application you downloaded previously, click Add Traffic, Voices, Safety Cameras etc. > Items on my com

Seite 3

11 Some TomTom navigation devices contain a GSM/GPRS module which can interfere with electrical devices such as cardiac pacemakers, hearing aids an

Seite 4

12 About the commander Important: The commander is only available in the European Union. The commander is an input device located near the arm rest

Seite 5

13 Planning a route Important: In the interest of safety and to reduce distractions while you are driving, you should always plan a route before yo

Seite 6 - Read me first

14 When the correct street name appears in the list, tap the name to select the destination. 6. Enter the house number, then tap Done. 7. The l

Seite 7

15 To change your route, for example, to travel via a particular location or to select a new destination, tap Change route. Your Mazda NB1 starts

Seite 8 - The memory card

16 To view LIVE summary information, tap the LIVE tab on the route summary screen. Tap any of the panels for more detailed information. The LIVE t

Seite 9 - Installing TomTom HOME

17 Using arrival times When you plan a route, your Mazda NB1 asks you if you need to arrive at a particular time. Tap YES to enter a preferred arri

Seite 10

18 Address Tap this button to enter an address as your destination. Recent destination Tap this button to select your destination from a list of

Seite 11 - Safety Notice

19 To plan a route in advance, follow these steps: 1. Tap the screen to bring up the Main menu. 2. Tap the arrow button to move to the next menu

Seite 12 - The commander

2 Contents Read me first 6 Switching on and off ...

Seite 13 - Planning a route

20 Show route summary Tap this button to open the route summary screen. Show destination Tap this button to see a preview of your destination. Yo

Seite 14

21 Voice control There are two types of voice control. The first type is provided by Mazda and you can read about it in the guide that came with yo

Seite 15 - LIVE summary

22 A green bar means the device can hear your voice. A red bar means your voice is too loud for the device to recognise individual words. A grey

Seite 16 - Selecting a route type

23 3. Say the full address for your destination, for example, 112 James Street, London. Numbers can be pronounced naturally or one at a time. For

Seite 17 - Using arrival times

24 About the Driving View When your Mazda NB1 device starts for the first time, you are shown the Driving View along with detailed information abou

Seite 18 - Planning a route in advance

25 Tap this part of the status bar to repeat the last voice instruction and to change the volume. You can also tap here to mute the sound. 10. The

Seite 19 - Viewing route information

26 About lane guidance Note: Lane guidance is not available for all junctions or in all countries. Your Mazda NB1 helps you prepare for motorway ex

Seite 20

27 Making changes to your route After you plan a route, you may want to change the route or even the destination. There are various ways to change

Seite 21 - Voice control

28 Minimise delays Tap this button to avoid traffic delays on a planned route. It is not always possible to avoid all traffic delays. Though your

Seite 22

29  Waypoints without notification - a waypoint that you are using to help guide your route, for example, you want to travel from Amsterdam to Ro

Seite 23

3 Advanced lane guidance 26 About lane guidance ...

Seite 24 - The Driving View

30 2. Tap Change route. 3. Tap Travel via. You see a list of your waypoints. 4. Tap the waypoint you want to move up or down. You see a screen w

Seite 25 - Driving View Symbols

31 1. Tap the screen to bring up the Main menu. 2. Tap Change route. 3. Tap Travel via. You see a list of your waypoints. 4. Tap the visited wa

Seite 26 - Advanced lane guidance

32 About viewing the map You can view the map in the same way as you might look at a traditional paper map. The map shows your current location and

Seite 27 - Changing your route

33 You can also set your own marker. Tap the cursor button, then tap Set marker position to place a green marker at the cursor position. To turn ma

Seite 28 - About waypoints

34 View location Tap this button to view information about the location on the map such as the address. Set marker position Tap this button to cr

Seite 29

35 About Map Share Map Share helps you correct map errors. You can correct several types of map error. To make corrections to your own map, tap Map

Seite 30 - Reactivating a waypoint

36 (Un)block street Tap this button to block or unblock a street. You can block or unblock the street in one or both directions. For example, to c

Seite 31

37 Edit street name Tap this button to change the name of a street on your map. For example, to rename a street near to your current location: 1.

Seite 32 - View map

38 Edit POI Tap this button to edit an existing POI. You can use this button to make the following changes to a POI:  Delete the POI.  Rename

Seite 33 - Cursor menu

39 Other Tap this button to report other types of corrections. These corrections are not immediately applied to your map but are saved in a specia

Seite 34

4 Voices ...

Seite 35 - Map corrections

40 About sounds and voices Your Mazda NB1 uses sound for some or all of the following:  Driving directions and other route instructions  Traffi

Seite 36

41 About Settings You can change the way your Mazda NB1 looks and behaves. Most of the settings on your device can be accessed by tapping Settings

Seite 37

42 Advanced settings Advanced settings Tap this button to select the following advanced settings:  Show house number before street name - when t

Seite 38

43 Home location Home location Tap this button to set or change your Home location. You enter the address in the same way as you do when you plan

Seite 39

44 Keyboard Keyboard Tap this button to select the keyboards that will be available for your use and the layout of the Latin keyboard. You use the

Seite 40 - Sounds and voices

45 Reset factory settings Important: If you sell your car, you should remove all personal information from your navigation device first. To remo

Seite 41 - Settings

46  Ask me if I want that route - select this option to be asked if you want to take the new route. When asked if you want to take the alternativ

Seite 42 - Change car symbol

47 Status bar Status bar Note: Not all options may be available. Tap this button to select the information you want to see on the status bar: 

Seite 43 - Favourites

48 Units Units Tap this button to set the units used on your Mazda NB1 for features such as route planning and weather reports. Version inform

Seite 44 - Manage POIs

49 About Points of Interest Points of Interest or POIs are useful places on the map. Here are some examples:  Restaurants  Hotels  Museums 

Seite 45 - Planning settings

5 Changing the way you are warned ...70 Speed came

Seite 46 - Show POI on map

50 Favourite Tap this button to create a POI from a Favourite. You might want to create a POI from a Favourite because you can only create a limit

Seite 47 - Status bar

51 Local search Tap this button to use Local Search to search for shops and businesses in and around your current location. You can choose to sear

Seite 48 - Version information

52 4. Select whether you want to see POI locations in 2D and 3D views of the map. 5. Tap Done. The types of POI you have selected are shown as sy

Seite 49 - Points of Interest

53 Manage POIs Tap Manage POIs to manage your POI categories and locations. You can set your Mazda NB1 to let you know when you are near to select

Seite 50

54 About getting help Tap Help in the Main menu to navigate to emergency services centres and other specialist services. For example, if you are i

Seite 51 - Showing POIs on the map

55 Product manuals Tap this button to read a selection of guides relating to your navigation device. You can also access on-device help using this

Seite 52 - Setting warnings for POIs

56 About Favourites Favourites provide an easy way to select a location without the need to enter the address. They do not need to be favourite pla

Seite 53

57 Point of Interest If you visit a POI you particularly like, for example a restaurant, you can add it as a Favourite. My location Tap this butt

Seite 54 - Help menu options

58 Your Mazda NB1 will immediately start guiding you to your destination with spoken instructions and visual instructions on the screen. Changing

Seite 55

59 About LIVE Services Note: LIVE Services are not available in all countries or regions, and not all LIVE Services are available in all countries

Seite 56

6 Switching on and off Your Mazda NB1 switches on when your car engine starts and switches off automatically when you turn off your car's engi

Seite 57 - Using a Favourite

60 Renewing your LIVE Services subscription using your device 1. In the Main Menu, tap Services and then tap My Services. The current status of yo

Seite 58 - Deleting a Favourite

61 The locations that match your search are shown in a list with their distance from your current location and rating. 5. Tap one of the locations

Seite 59 - Services

62 About traffic information You can receive traffic information in two ways:  TomTom HD Traffic  Traffic Message Channel (RDS-TMC) Using traff

Seite 60 - Using local search

63 The top of the traffic sidebar represents your destination and shows the total time delay due to traffic jams and other incidents on your route

Seite 61 - Other services

64 When you use either of these buttons, your device plans a route between your home and work locations and checks the route for possible delays. T

Seite 62 - Traffic

65 The total includes any delays due to traffic incidents and those due to busy roads, with information provided by IQ Routes. Tap Minimise delays

Seite 63 - Minimising delays

66 The map shows traffic incidents in the area. 4. Tap on any traffic incident to get more information. A screen is shown that gives you detailed

Seite 64

67 Accident Road works One or more lanes closed Road closed Traffic incident Traffic jam Weather related symbols: Fog Rain Wind Ice Snow

Seite 65

68 Minimise traffic delays Tap this button to re-plan your route based on the latest traffic information. Show home-work traffic Tap this button

Seite 66 - Traffic incidents

69 Important Important: If you hear beeps and see no message on your screen, this is because you are in radio mode and the beeps are coming from yo

Seite 67 - Traffic menu

7  Your device is not designed for use in extreme temperatures and any such exposure may cause permanent damage.  Do not open the casing of yo

Seite 68

70 Changing the way you are warned Alert settings To change the way your Mazda NB1 warns you about speed cameras, tap the Alert settings button. Y

Seite 69 - Speed cameras

71 Toll road camera Restricted road camera - located on a minor road that reduces traffic on a larger road Other camera Mobile camera hotspot

Seite 70 - Speed camera symbols

72 2. Tap Speed Cameras. 3. Tap Enable report button. 4. Tap Done. The report button is shown on left-hand side of the Driving View or if you ar

Seite 71 - Report button

73 Types of fixed speed camera you can report When you report a fixed speed camera, you can select the type of fixed camera you are reporting. Thes

Seite 72

74 Start of zone warning As you approach the start of an average speed check zone, you see a visual warning in the top left hand corner of the Dri

Seite 73

75 Alert settings Tap this button to set the alerts you will receive and the sounds used for each alert. Disable alerts Tap this button to disabl

Seite 74 - Speed Cameras menu

76 About Weather Note: Only available on LIVE devices. The TomTom Weather service provides detailed weather reports and 5-day weather forecasts for

Seite 75

77 Favourite Tap this button to select a Favourite location. Address Tap this button to enter an address. Recent destination Tap this button to

Seite 76 - Weather

78 About TomTom HOME Using TomTom HOME you can register and manage your navigation device to receive free updates and buy new services. It's a

Seite 77

79 Note: If you have more than one TomTom device, you need a separate MyTomTom account for each device. If you have a MyTomTom account, you can acc

Seite 78 - TomTom HOME

8 About your memory card A memory card is supplied with your navigation system. It includes a map of your country or group of countries. Updates ar

Seite 79 - Introducing HOME help

80  Using a card reader  Updating your device-account combination  The TomTom Route Planner  Downloading free or shared sounds, images and

Seite 80

81 Getting help to use your navigation device You can get further help by going to and clicking Support. Status & information Sta

Seite 81 - Customer support

82 Important Safety Notices and Warnings Global Positioning System The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based system that provides lo

Seite 82 - Addendum and Copyright

83 The guidelines are based on standards that were developed by independent scientific organisations through periodic and thorough evaluation of sc

Seite 83

84 Copyright notices © 2012 TomTom N.V., The Netherlands. TomTom®, and the "two hands" logo, among others, are Trademarks owned by TomTom

Seite 84 - Copyright notices

85 Please refer to the terms and conditions of GPL v2, LGPL v2 or LPGL v2.1, as the case may be, at

Seite 85

9 When using HOME, you can get help with what you are doing from the HOME Help. You can also read about all the other things that HOME can do for y

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