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Seite 1 - Reference Guide

Mazda NB1 Reference Guide

Seite 2 - Contents

10 Tip: We recommend using a broadband internet connection whenever you connect to HOME. Installing TomTom HOME The steps below refer to Internet

Seite 3

11 2. Wait for TomTom HOME to start. 3. If HOME does not automatically check for updates, click Update my device in the HOME menu. Note: If you w

Seite 4

12 Some navigation devices contain a GSM/GPRS module which can interfere with electrical devices such as cardiac pacemakers, hearing aids and aviat

Seite 5

13 About the commander The commander is an input device located near the arm rest of your car in the central console. It has a central stick that y

Seite 6 - Read me first

14 Planning a route Important: In the interest of safety and to reduce distractions while you are driving, you should always plan a route before yo

Seite 7 - Take care of your device

15 When the correct street name appears in the list, tap the name to select the destination. 6. Enter the house number, then tap Done. 7. The l

Seite 8 - More information

16 To change your route, for example, to travel via a particular location or to select a new desti-nation, tap Change route. Your device starts to

Seite 9 - The memory card

17 Selecting a route type Every time you plan a route, you can choose to be asked about the type of route you want to plan. To do this, tap Setting

Seite 10 - Updating your device

18 Home Tap this button to navigate to your Home location. You will probably use this button more than any other. Favorite Tap this button to s

Seite 11

19 To plan a route in advance, follow these steps: 1. Tap the screen to bring up the Main menu. 2. Tap the arrow button to move to the next menu

Seite 12 - Safety Notice

2 Contents Read me first 6 Switching on and off ...

Seite 13 - The commander

20 Show route sum-mary Tap this button to open the route summary screen. Show destination Tap this button to see a preview of your destination.

Seite 14 - Planning a route

21 Voice control There are two types of voice control. The first type is provided by Mazda and you can read about it in the guide that came with yo

Seite 15

22 A green bar means the device can hear your voice. A red bar means your voice is too loud for the device to recognize individual words. A gr

Seite 16 - Route summary

23 Tip: Your device has either Navigate to or Drive to on the button in the Main Menu. When planning a route to an address using speech, say "

Seite 17 - Selecting a route type

24 Spoken address entry is not possible for postal codes which must be entered using the key-board.

Seite 18 - Planning a route in advance

25 About the Driving View When your Mazda NB1 navigation device starts for the first time, you are shown the Driving View along with detailed infor

Seite 19 - Viewing route information

26 9. Navigation instruction for the road ahead and the distance to the next instruction. If the second instruction is less that 150m after the fi

Seite 20

27 About lane guidance Note: Lane guidance is not available for all junctions or in all countries. Your Mazda NB1 navigation device helps you prepa

Seite 21 - Voice control

28 Making changes to your route After you plan a route, you may want to change the route or even the destination. There are vari-ous ways to change

Seite 22

29 in all countries or regions. For more information about TomTom traffic information services, go to Change destination Tap

Seite 23

3 The Driving View 25 About the Driving View ...

Seite 24

30 1. Tap the screen to bring up the Main menu. 2. Tap Change route. 3. Tap Add waypoint. Tip: You can also tap View map and then tap Add waypoi

Seite 25 - The Driving View

31 5. Tap Move up or Move down. Your waypoint changes its position in the list and you are immediately returned to your list of waypoints. Tip: Yo

Seite 26 - Driving View Symbols

32 5. Tap Reactivate. The waypoint is deleted and reinserted into the list of waypoints that haven't yet been visited.

Seite 27 - Advanced Lane Guidance

33 About viewing the map You can view the map in the same way as you might look at a traditional paper map. The map shows your current location and

Seite 28 - Changing your route

34 Tap a marker to center the map on the location pointed to by the marker. You can also set your own marker. Tap the cursor button, then tap Set m

Seite 29 - About waypoints

35 Position the cursor on a location on the map, then tap the arrow and then tap one of the following buttons: Navigate there Tap this button to

Seite 30

36 About Map Share Map Share helps you correct map errors. You can correct several types of map error. To make corrections to your own map, tap Map

Seite 31 - Reactivating a waypoint

37 3. Select the street or section of a street you want to correct by tapping it on the map. The street you select is highlighted and the cursor s

Seite 32 - 5. Tap Reactivate

38 Change road speed Tap this button to change and report the road speed limit. Add or remove rotary Tap this button to add or remove a rotary.

Seite 33 - View map

39 Missing street Tap this button to report a missing street. You have to select the start and end points of the missing street. City Tap this

Seite 35

40 About sounds and voices Your Mazda NB1 device uses sound for some or all of the following:  Driving directions and other route instructions 

Seite 36 - Map corrections

41 About Settings You can change the way your Mazda NB1 device looks and behaves. Most of the settings on your device can be accessed by tapping Se

Seite 37

42 preview of your destination is shown during route planning.  Enable automatic zooming in 2D view  Enable automatic zooming in 3D view  Sho

Seite 38

43 To view or change an existing Favorite, tap one of the items in the list. To see more Favorites on the map, tap the left or right buttons. K

Seite 39

44 Map colors Map colors Tap this button to select the color schemes for day and night map colors. Tap Search to search for a color scheme by ty

Seite 40 - Sounds and voices

45 This includes items such as your Home and Favorite locations, your per-sonal menu and your POI categories and POI locations. Planning settings

Seite 41 - Settings

46 Carpool lanes are sometimes known as High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes and are not present in every country. To travel on these lanes, you may need t

Seite 42 - Favorites

47 planned the route. Switch map Maps Tap this button to select the map you want to use for route planning and navigation. Although you can st

Seite 43 - Make your own menu

48 Version information Version infor-mation Tap this button to find technical information on your device, such as the device serial number, appl

Seite 44 - Reset factory settings

49 About Points of Interest Points of Interest or POIs are useful places on the map. Here are some examples:  Restaurants  Hotels  Museums

Seite 46 - Status bar

50 ite, save the location as a POI before you delete the Favorite. Address Tap this button to enter an address as a new POI. When you enter an ad

Seite 47 - Switch map

51 Tip: The last POI you viewed on your Mazda NB1 device is also shown in the menu. 4. Enter the name of the town or city and select it when it is

Seite 48 - Version information

52 5. Call the POI on a phone to, for example, reserve tickets or check their opening hours. 6. Tap Select. Your Mazda NB1 starts navigating to t

Seite 49 - Points of Interest

53 About getting help Tap Help in the Main menu to navigate to emergency services centers and other special services. For example, if you are inv

Seite 50 - Using POIs to plan a route

54 Product manuals Tap this button to read a selection of guides relating to your navigation device.

Seite 51 - Calling a POI

55 About Favorites Favorites provide an easy way to select a location without the need to enter the address. They do not need to be favorite places

Seite 52 - Setting warnings for POIs

56 Point on map Tap this button to create a Favorite using the Map Browser. Select the location of the Favorite using the cursor, then tap Done.

Seite 53 - Help menu options

57 Tip: Use the left and right arrows to choose another Favorite from your list. 5. Tap Rename. 6. Type in the new name and then tap Done. 7. Ta

Seite 54

58 About RDS-TMC The Traffic Message Channel (TMC), also known as RDS-TMC, transmits traffic information as a radio signal and is available free of

Seite 55

59 The color of the pointers, as shown below, gives you an instant indication of the type of incident: Unknown or undetermined situation. Slow tr

Seite 56 - Using a Favorite

6 Switching on and off Your Mazda NB1 switches on when your car engine starts and switches off automatically when you turn off your car's engi

Seite 57 - Deleting a Favorite

60 You can re-plan the route to avoid all delays, but this route is unlikely to be the quickest possi-ble route. 7. Tap Done. Making commuting to

Seite 58 - Traffic

61 The Driving View is shown and a message is displayed telling you about traffic incidents on this route. The Traffic sidebar also shows any delay

Seite 59 - Minimizing delays

62 The map overview screen is shown. 3. If the map does not show your location, tap the marker to center the map on your current location. The map

Seite 60

63  Symbols shown in a red square are traffic incidents. Your navigation device can replan to avoid them.  Symbols shown in a red triangle are

Seite 61

64 The following buttons are available: Minimize traffic delays Tap this button to re-plan your route based on the latest traffic infor-mation.

Seite 62 - Traffic incidents

65 Important Important: When you purchase your car with its Mazda NB1, alerts for Speed Cameras are switched off. If you wish to receive alerts for

Seite 63 - Traffic menu

66 Note: For speed enforcement zone cameras, you are warned by a combination of icons and sounds at the start, middle and end of the Speed Enforcem

Seite 64

67 Toll booth camera Restricted road camera - located on a minor road that reduces traffic on a larger road Other cameras Speed trap hotspo

Seite 65 - Speed Cameras

68 Tip: To hide the report button, tap Disable report button in the Speed Cameras menu. Reporting a new speed camera while on the move To report a

Seite 66 - Safety camera symbols

69 These are the different types of fixed speed camera: Speed Camera This type of speed camera checks the speed of passing vehicles. Red light c

Seite 67 - Report button

7 You can change whether you share this information with us at any time by doing the following: 1. In the Main Menu, tap Settings. 2. Tap Me and

Seite 68

70 Intermediate warning - type 1 Once in the speed check zone, if you are not speeding and have already received a start of zone warning, you see

Seite 69

71 Enable report but-ton Tap this button to enable the report button. The report button is shown in the Driving View or in the quick menu. When t

Seite 70 - Speed Cameras menu

72 About TomTom HOME Using TomTom HOME you can register and manage your Mazda NB1 to receive free updates and buy new services. It's a good id

Seite 71

73 Note: If you have more than one TomTom device, you need a separate MyTomTom account for each device. If you have a MyTomTom account, you can acc

Seite 72 - TomTom HOME

74 Introducing HOME help In the TomTom HOME Help topics you can find a lot more information about how HOME can help you to manage contents and serv

Seite 73

75 Getting help to use your navigation device You can get further help by going to For warranty information, go to

Seite 74 - Introducing HOME help

76 Important Safety Notices and Warnings Global Positioning System The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based system that provides lo

Seite 75 - Customer support

77 FCC information for the user THE DEVICE COMPLIES WITH PART 15 OF THE FCC RULES Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Statement Radio and te

Seite 76 - Addendum

78 Responsible party in North America TomTom, Inc., 150 Baker Avenue Extension, Concord, MA 01742 Tel: 866 486-6866 option 1 (1-866-4-TomTom) Emis

Seite 77

79 © 2012 TomTom. All rights reserved. TomTom and the "two hands" logo are registered trade-marks of TomTom N.V. or one of its subsidiari

Seite 78

8 More information The website offers direct access to additional information for your product (Eng-lish only). This includes informat

Seite 79 - Copyright notices

9 About your memory card A memory card is supplied with your navigation system. It includes a map of your group of coun-tries. Updates are regularl

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