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Seite 2 - Accessories

Names and FunctionsBefore Use10MENU keyDisplays menu.MENUVOICE keyInitiates vocal guidance for route maneuvers.VOICEAdjusts screen quality.( pa

Seite 3 - Product

Before Use11ENTER keyExecutes a selected item.ENTERRET keyReturns to the previous screen.POS (Position) keyDisplays your current position.( pag

Seite 5


Seite 6

14Before UsePop Up MenuPop Up menu appears when pressing . This function is mainly used during route searches.Route change ( pa

Seite 7

e 28)19) page 21) page 24)uto reroutes inactivated.●Start the driving after closing the opening screen as much as possible. The system is ready

Seite 8 - Introduction

16Screen qualityadjustmentOpen [DisplayMenu]SelectSelectScreen offDay / Nightmode selectorBefore UseSelect /1Press and holdScreen Qual

Seite 9

entn display turns off.any button to to screen display. ts OFF - DAY MODEts ON - NIGHT MODEe headlights are on,mode can also be(if extra screenighttim

Seite 10 - Before Use

ChangDo nDo nothe mdistravehicWarningMaporientatMap sca

Seite 11

Changing the Map Orientation/ScaleDo not keep your eyes fixed on the monitor screen or operate the system while drivingDo not change the settings and

Seite 12

Contents, Accessories, and Laser Before UseAccessoriesPlease contact an Authorized Mazda Dealer if you are missing any of the following accessories

Seite 13

Select●Refer to page 28 for information aboutmarked points.Destination byintersection Destination by POIDestination byhistoryDestination bya marked po

Seite 14 - Pop Up Menu

nformation about[Selecton.earchENTERER213Character entry or selection( page 22)Search method4Select thehousenumber.Enter the name ofthe city wh

Seite 15

22Select your targetin the list, and press12●If a desired name is not in thelist, go back to the step 1,and try fewer characters.Names of which spelli

Seite 16

snot in theep 1, startscters N, s positionENTERENTERENTERENTER23POI Icons on Maps / Zipcode Entry POI (Point of Interest) IconsThe following ar

Seite 17 - ENTER ENTER

(while ocurrent positionmap)Wholeroutedisplay(while ocurrent positionmap)RoutesearchcancellatAfteDelete destinati24Direct destination inputPosition th

Seite 18

(while on current position map)Wholeroutedisplay(while on current position map)RoutesearchcancellationAfter route searchDuring route searchSelectSelec

Seite 19

Select a r●Maximum 3Select str●Streets to aSelect a point t●Refer to pag●The detour ●You can setopens. It wi●If you add amay not be Notes Select the s


27Select a route●Maximum 3 routes (including the current one) appear.Select streets to avoid●Streets to avoid become grayWhen adding a new point betwe

Seite 21 - Search method

3Select a mpoint from●Information the marked appears.ENTE28Marked PointMarkingyourcurrentpositionPress to displaythe current positionSelec

Seite 22 - Character Entry

2933Select a markedpoint from the listSelect an iconEnter a name●Information aboutthe marked pointappears.If the same point is stored in “Marking Your

Seite 23 - POI (Point of Interest) Icons

Laser Prepa-rationImme-diateuseAdvanceduseIfnecessary●Activation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Seite 24 - Direct destination input

Setu1Open thscreen How to: D2MEENTENT30Setup2 RestoringdefaultsMap setting ( page 31)●On : Icons on a map.●Off : No icon on a map.●The setting

Seite 25 - After routing

Setup131Open the [Map]screenMap How to exit Color (daytime) Map Direction●North Up : Geographic north is always up on the map.●Head Up : The direct

Seite 26 - Select str

Open th[Systemscreen: D How toSetu12MEENTEEN32Open the [Route]screen Detour (mile/km) The detouring distance is specified.●1 : 1 mile/km●2 : 2 m

Seite 27 - Select streets to avoid

33Open the[System Setup]screen Volume control for voice guidance (5 levels) Beep●On : Beep activated when pressing buttons in theremote control.●Off

Seite 28 - Marked Point

●If you are utakes aboutposition.●The GPS salower positi●There may turning on t GPS signIn tunnelsThis functiodisc, appliesand displays●Intelligent m

Seite 29 - Enter a name

35●If you are using the system for the first time, or if you have not used it for some time, ittakes about 5 minutes (or about 2 minutes in open areas

Seite 30 - ■ How to

Although yowrong with t?The roreachyour ddestindirectthe roTheshopasin wreasWarningThe nattendestinwhen36Route GuideAlthough you may encounter the fol

Seite 31 - Open the [Map]

37Route SearchAlthough you may encounter the following problems in a route search, there is nothingwrong with the system.????????It may also show road

Seite 32 - User setting

SymptoNo GPS syare displayThe vehicleposition isdisplayedNo voice guButtons in remote condo not beeNo map disp(blank scre38There may be some problems

Seite 33 - [System Setup]

39● GPS signals may not be received because of obstructions.After moving the vehicle away from obstructions, the GPS signals can be received.● Check i

Seite 34 - Automatic Distance Correction

4Safety Information Read this owner's manual for your Navigation System carefully before using the system.They contain instructions about how to

Seite 35 - Map Matching

MainUse a dry, CleaningNever use so CautionsIf you requireplease refer Map disc● Do not to● Do not m● Do not be●When not How to h●● Near car Direct

Seite 36 - Positioning Accuracy

41MaintenanceCare of the ProductUse a dry, soft cloth to wipe it. Cleaning this productNever use solvents such as benzene and thinners they may mar th

Seite 38 - Troubleshooting

Form No. Page 1 Saturday, April 26, 2003 1:48 PM

Seite 39 - As necessary

m.e instructions ou to potentialgraphs areons in order tostemhe timedriving.and cang brakesed due toroute.oreigndiately andditionplay with ve the keys

Seite 40

6Before UseCautionThe presence of this Caution symbol in the text is intended to alert you to the importance of heeding the operation instructions. Fa

Seite 41 - Maintenance

tended to nstructions. erial damage.dust.e to the unit.days.while driving.biles.all it in aed from t.the disc7PLEASE READ THIS AGREEMENT CAREFULLY BEF

Seite 42

8IntroductionNavigation SystemThis navigation system utilizes GPS* satellite signals, Speed sensor andGyrosensor to track and display your vehicle&apo

Seite 43 - Form No. 8R65-EA-03C

fromsatellitesendedgationigation stem does operationaused by TECH has roduct.Map Related IssuesCustomer ServiceIf you need help with the operation yo

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