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Seite 1 - Form No.8AU7-EA-09H

Black plate (1,1)Mazda5_8AU7-EA-09H_Edition1 Page1Wednesday, July 8 2009 11:26 AMForm No.8AU7-EA-09H

Seite 2

Black plate (10,1)1-4Your Vehicle at a GlanceThe equipment and installation position varies by vehicleExterior OverviewMazda5_8AU7-EA-09H_Edition1 Pag

Seite 3

Black plate (100,1)Engine Exhaust (Carbon Monoxide)WARNINGDo not drive your vehicle if you smell exhaust gas in side the vehicle:Engine exhaust gas is

Seite 4

Black plate (101,1)Before Getting InlBe sure the windows, outside mirrors,and outside lights are clean.lInspect inflation pressures andcondition of ti

Seite 5

Black plate (102,1)Break-In PeriodNo special break-in is necessary, but a fewprecautions in the first 1,000 km (600miles) may add to the performance,e

Seite 6

Black plate (103,1)Hazardous DrivingWARNINGBe extre mely careful if it is necessary todownshift on slippery surfaces:Downshifting into lower gear whil

Seite 7 - Your Vehicle at a Glance

Black plate (104,1)Rocking the VehicleWARNINGDo not spin the wheels at more than 56km/h (35 mph), and do not allowanyone to stand behind a wheel whenp

Seite 8

Black plate (105,1)qSnow TiresUse snow tires on all four wheelsDo not go faster than 120 km/ h (75 mph)while driving with snow tires. Inflatesnow tire

Seite 9

Black plate (106,1)Driving In Flooded AreaWARNINGDry wet brakes by drivin g very slowlyand applying the brakes lightly untilbrake performance returns

Seite 10

Black plate (107,1)Driving on Uneven RoadYour vehicle's suspension and underbo dy can be damaged if driven on rough/uneven roadsor over speed bum

Seite 11

Black plate (108,1)Trailer TowingThe Mazda5 is not designed for towing.Never tow a trailer with your Mazda5.4-12Before Driving Your MazdaTowingMazda5_

Seite 12

Black plate (109,1)5Driving Your MazdaExplanation of instruments and controls.Starting and Driving ...

Seite 13 - Essential Safety Equipment

Black plate (11,1)Rear window defroster ... page 5-59Rear wiper bl

Seite 14

Black plate (110,1)Ignition SwitchqIgnition Switch PositionsLOCKThe steering wheel locks to protectagainst theft. Only in this position can thekey be

Seite 15

Black plate (111,1)WARNINGRemove the key only when the vehicleis parked:Removing the key from the ignitionswitch while the vehicle is moving isdangero

Seite 16

Black plate (112,1)Starting the EngineNOTEEngine-starting is controlled by the sparkignition system.This system meets all Canadian Interference-Causin

Seite 17

Black plate (113,1)Turning Off the Engine1. Stop the vehicle completely.2. (Manual transaxle)Shift into neutral.(Automatic transaxle)Shift the shift l

Seite 18

Black plate (114,1)WARNINGDo not coast with the engine stalled orturned off, find a safe place to stop:Coasting with the engine stalled orturned off i

Seite 19

Black plate (115,1)Setting the parking brakeDepress the brake pedal and then firmlypull the parking brake lever fully upwardswith sufficient force to

Seite 20

Black plate (116,1)NOTEHaving to add brake fluid is sometimes anindicator of leakage. Consult an AuthorizedMazda Dealer as soon as possible even if th

Seite 21

Black plate (117,1)If the ABS warning light stays on whileyou're driving, the ABS control unit hasdetected a system malfunction. If thisoccurs, y

Seite 22

Black plate (118,1)Manual Transaxle OperationqManual Transaxle Shift PatternNeutral positionThe shift pattern of the transaxle isconventional, as show

Seite 23

Black plate (119,1)qRecommendations for ShiftingUpshiftingFor normal acceleration, we recommendthese shift points.Gear Vehicle speed1 to 2 21 km/h (13

Seite 24

Black plate (12,1)1-6Mazda5_8AU7-EA-09H_Edition1 Page12Wednesday, July 8 2009 11:26 AMForm No.8AU7-EA-09H

Seite 25 - Black plate (25,1)

Black plate (120,1)Automatic Transaxle ControlsIndicates that you must depress the brake pedal to shift (The ignition switch must be in the ON positio

Seite 26

Black plate (121,1)qTransaxle RangesThe shift lever must be in P or N tooperate the starter.P (Park)P locks the transaxle and prevents thefront wheels

Seite 27

Black plate (122,1)qShift-Lock SystemThe shift-lock system prevents shiftingout of P unless the brake pedal isdepressed.To shift from P:1. Depress and

Seite 28

Black plate (123,1)IndicatorsShift position indicatorIn manual shift mode, the “M” of the shiftposition indicator in the instrument panelilluminates.G

Seite 29

Black plate (124,1)Manually Shifting down(M5→M4→M3→M2→M1)To shift down to a lower gear, tap the shiftlever forward () once.WARNINGDo not use engine br

Seite 30

Black plate (125,1)NOTEThe gear does not shift down to M1automatically while in the second gear fixedmode.Recommendations for shiftingUpshiftingFor no

Seite 31

Black plate (126,1)Power SteeringPower steering is only operable when theengine is running. If the engine is off or ifthe power steering system is ino

Seite 32

Black plate (127,1)Cruise ControlíWith cruise control, you can set andautomatically maintain any speed of morethan about 30 km/h (19 mph).WARNINGDo no

Seite 33

Black plate (128,1)3. Press the SET/- switch and release it atthe speed you want. Release theaccelerator simultaneously.Do not continue to hold in the

Seite 34

Black plate (129,1)To increase speed using acceleratorpedalDepress the accelerator pedal to accelerateto the desired speed.Press the SET/- switch and

Seite 35

Black plate (13,1)2Essential Safety EquipmentUse of safety equipment, including seats, seat belt system, child-restraintsystems and SRS air bags.Seats

Seite 36

Black plate (130,1)lPress the CANCEL switch.The system turns off when the ignition isoff.NOTECruise control will cancel at about 15 km/h (9mph) below

Seite 37

Black plate (131,1)qTCS/DSC Indicator LightThis indicator light stays on for a fewseconds when the ignition switch is turnedto the ON position. If the

Seite 38

Black plate (132,1)CAUTIONØ The DSC may not operate correctlyunless the following are observed:ØUse tires of the correct sizespecified for your Mazda

Seite 39

Black plate (133,1)NOTElWhen DSC is on and you attempt to free thevehicle when it is stuck, or drive it out offreshly fallen snow, the TCS (part of th

Seite 40

Black plate (134,1)Tire Pressure Monitoring SystemíThe tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) monitors the pressure for each tire.If tire pressure is

Seite 41

Black plate (135,1)CAUTIONØ Each tire, including the spare (if provided), should be checked monthly when coldand inflated to the inflation pressure re

Seite 42

Black plate (136,1)qTire Pressure Monitoring SystemWarning LightThis warning light illuminates for a fewseconds when the ignition switch is turnedto t

Seite 43

Black plate (137,1)Adjust the tire pressure to the correct tirepressure. Refer to the specification charts(page 10-6).CAUTIONWhen replacing/repairing

Seite 44

Black plate (138,1)If the warning light illuminates again evenafter the tire pressures are adjusted, theremay be a tire punctu re. Replace thepuncture

Seite 45

Black plate (139,1)When changing tires yourselfIf you or someone else changes tires, youor someone else can also undertake thesteps for the TPMS to co

Seite 46

Black plate (14,1)Front SeatsWARNINGDo not modify or replace the frontseats:Modifying or repla cing the front seatssuch as replacing the upholstery or

Seite 47

Black plate (140,1)Meters and GaugesSpeedometer ...

Seite 48

Black plate (141,1)qSpeedometerThe speedometer indicates the speed ofthe vehicle.qOdometer, Trip Meter and TripMeter SelectorThe display mode can be c

Seite 49

Black plate (142,1)For instance, trip meter A can record thedistance from the point of origin, and tripmeter B can record the distance fromwhere the f

Seite 50 - SRS Air Bags

Black plate (143,1)CAUTIONDriving with an overheated enginecan cause serious engine damage(page 7-13).qFuel GaugeThe fuel gauge shows approximately ho

Seite 51

Black plate (144,1)To cancel the illumination dimmer, rotatethe knob clockwise fully. You will hear abeep sound and the illumination dimmerwill be can

Seite 52

Black plate (145,1)Warning/Indicator LightsWarning/Indicator lights will appear in any of the highlighted areasSignal Warning/Indicator Lights PageBra

Seite 53

Black plate (146,1)Signal Warning/Indicator Lights PageSeat Belt Warning Light/Beep 5-42Door-Ajar Warning Light 5-43Low Washer Fluid Level Warning Lig

Seite 54

Black plate (147,1)qBrake System Warning LightThis warning has the following functions:Parking brake warnin gThe light illuminates when the parkingbra

Seite 55

Black plate (148,1)NOTEWhen the engine is jump-started to charge thebattery, uneven rpm occurs and the ABSwarning light may illuminate. If this occurs

Seite 56

Black plate (149,1)If the light illuminates while driving:1. Drive to the side of the road and parkoff the right-of-way on level ground.2. Turn off th

Seite 57

Black plate (15,1)qSeat ReclineWARNINGDo not drive with either front seatreclined:Sitting in a reclined position while thevehicle is moving is dangero

Seite 58

Black plate (150,1)WARNINGNever tampe r with the air bag/pretensioner systems and always havean Authorized Mazda Dealer performall servicing and repai

Seite 59

Black plate (151,1)Once the beep sound is heard, it continuessounding even if the vehicle speed lowersto 20 km/h (12 mph) or less until theseatbelt is

Seite 60

Black plate (152,1)qAutomatic Transaxle Warning LightThis warning light stays on for a fewseconds when the ignition switch is turnedto the ON position

Seite 61

Black plate (153,1)Adjust the tire pressure to the correct tirepressure. Refer to the specification charts(page 10-6).CAUTIONWhen replacing/repairing

Seite 62

Black plate (154,1)If the warning light illuminates again evenafter the tire pressures are adjusted, theremay be a tire punctu re. Replace thepuncture

Seite 63

Black plate (155,1)In manual mode, the “M” of the shiftposition indicator illuminates and thenumeral for the selected gear displays inthe gear positio

Seite 64

Black plate (156,1)qPower Steering MalfunctionIndicator LightThis indicator light illuminates when theignition switch is turned to the ONposition, and

Seite 65

Black plate (157,1)Beep SoundsqSeat Belt Warning BeepIf the driver's seat belt is not fastenedwhen the ignition switch is turne d to theON positi

Seite 66

Black plate (158,1)Lighting ControlqHeadlightsType A (Without AUTO position)Turn the headlight switch to turn theheadlights, other exterior lights and

Seite 67 - Knowing Your Mazda

Black plate (159,1)CAUTIONØ Do not shade the light sensor byadhering a sticker or a label onthe windshield. Otherwis e the lightsensor will not operat

Seite 68

Black plate (16,1)CAUTIONWhen returning a rear-reclinedseatback to its upright position,make sure you hold onto theseatback with your other hand while

Seite 69

Black plate (160,1)NOTEIf the headlights flicker, or the brightnessweakens, the bulb-life may be depleted and areplacement is necessary. Consult anAut

Seite 70

Black plate (161,1)Select the proper setting from the following chart.Front seatRearseatLoadSwitchPositionDriver Passenger× ―――0×× ―― 0×× ×― 1×× ××2×

Seite 71

Black plate (162,1)Fog LightsíThe fog lights help you to see as well asto be seen.The head lights must be turned on to turnon the fog lights.To turn t

Seite 72

Black plate (163,1)NOTEBecause heavy ice and snow can jam the wiperblades, the wiper motor is protected frommotor breakdown, overheating and possiblef

Seite 73

Black plate (164,1)AUTO (Auto-wiper control)When the wiper lever is in the AUTOposition, the rain sensor senses theamount of rainfall on the windshiel

Seite 74

Black plate (165,1)Ø When the wiper lever is in theAUTO position and the ignitionswitch is in the ON position, thewipers may move automatically inthe

Seite 75

Black plate (166,1)qWindshield WasherPull the lever toward you and hold it tospray washer fluid.OFFWasherNOTEWith the wiper lever in the OFF or INT (T

Seite 76

Black plate (167,1)Rear Window DefrosterThe rear window defroster clears frost,fog, and thin ice from the rear window.The ignition switch must be in t

Seite 77

Black plate (168,1)HornTo sound the horn, press the mark onthe steering wheel.Hazard Warning FlasherThe hazard warning lights should alwaysbe used whe

Seite 78

Black plate (169,1)6Interior ComfortUse of various features for drive comfort, including air-conditioning and audiosystem.Climate Control System ...

Seite 79

Black plate (17,1)Second-Row SeatsWARNINGDo not stack cargo higher than theseatbacks:Stacking luggage or other cargohigher than the seatbacks isdanger

Seite 80

Black plate (170,1)Operating TipsqOperating the Climate ControlSystemOperate the climate control system withthe engine running.NOTETo prevent the batt

Seite 81

Black plate (171,1)Vent OperationKnobCloseOpenqAdjusting the VentsDirecting airflowYou can direct air flow by moving the adjustment knob.Horizontal ai

Seite 82

Black plate (172,1)qSelecting the Airflow ModeFloor VentsDashboard and Floor VentsDashboard Vents Defroster and Floor VentsDefroster Vents6-4Interior

Seite 83

Black plate (173,1)Types of the Climate Control SystemManual type and fully automatic type climate control systems are explained separately.Check yo u

Seite 84

Black plate (174,1)Manual TypeíTemperature control dial Fan control dial Mode selector dialA/C switchAir intake selectorSome models.Rear window defros

Seite 85

Black plate (175,1)This dial allows variable fan speeds.0―Fan off1―Low speed2―Medium low speed3―Medium high speed4―High speedMode selector dialTurn th

Seite 86

Black plate (176,1)WARNINGDo not use the recirculated air mode incold or rainy weather:Using the recirculated air mode incold or rainy weather is dang

Seite 87

Black plate (177,1)qVentilation1. Set the mode selector dial to theposition.2. Set the air intake selector to the outsideair mode.3. Set the temperatu

Seite 88

Black plate (178,1)Fully Automatic TypeíClimate control information is displayed on the information display.Without rear ventilation systemFan control

Seite 89

Black plate (179,1)qControl SwitchesAUTO switchWithout rear ventilation systemWith rear ventilation systemBy pressing the AUTO switch thefollowing fun

Seite 90 - Security System

Black plate (18,1)qSeat SlideTo move the seat forward or backward,raise the lever and slide the seat to thedesired position and release the lever.Make

Seite 91

Black plate (180,1)Temperature control dialWithout rear ventilation systemCold HotWith rear ventilation systemCold HotThis dial controls temperature.T

Seite 92

Black plate (181,1)A/C switchWithout rear ventilation systemWith rear ventilation systemPressing the A/C switch while the AUTOswitch is turned on will

Seite 93

Black plate (182,1)Press the AMB switch to display theambient temperature.NOTElThe displayed ambient temperature mayvary from the actual ambient tempe

Seite 94

Black plate (183,1)NOTElSetting the temperature to maximum highor low will not provide the desiredtemperature at a faster rate.lWhen selecting heat, t

Seite 95

Black plate (184,1)Rear Ventilation SystemíThe rear ventilation system only blowscool air through the rear vents while thefront climate control system

Seite 96

Black plate (185,1)AntennaqDetachable TypeTo remove the antenna, turn itcounterclockwise.To install the antenna, turn it clockwise.Make sure the anten

Seite 97 - Before Driving Your Mazda

Black plate (186,1)qRadio ReceptionAM characteristicsAM signals bend around such things asbuildings or mountains and bounce off theionosphere. Therefo

Seite 98

Black plate (187,1)Flutter/Skip noiseSignals from an FM transmitter move instraight lines and become weak in valleysbetween tall buildings, mountains,

Seite 99

Black plate (188,1)qOperating Tips for CD Player/In-Dash CD ChangerCondensation phenomenonImmediately after turning on the heaterwhen the vehicle is c

Seite 100

Black plate (189,1)lA new CD may have rough edges onits inner and outer perimeters. If a discwith rough edges is used, propersetting will not be possi

Seite 101 - Before Starting the Engine

Black plate (19,1)CAUTIONWhen returning a rear-reclinedseatback to its upright position,make sure you hold onto theseatback with your other hand while

Seite 102 - Driving Tips

Black plate (190,1)lDust, finger smudges, and dirt candecrease the amount of light reflectedfrom the signal surface, thus affectingsound quality. If t

Seite 103 - Floor Mat

Black plate (191,1)Audio SetAudio information is displayed on the information display.Illustration is of a representative audio unit.CD Player (non-MP

Seite 104 - Winter Driving

Black plate (192,1)qPower/Volume/Sound ControlsPower/Volume dial Audio control dialPower ON/OFFTurn the ignition switch to the ACC orON position.Press

Seite 105

Black plate (193,1)2. Turn the audio control dial to adjust theselected functions as follows:Indication Turn Left Turn RightSelect modeDecreasebassInc

Seite 106

Black plate (194,1)Turn the audio control dial to select ALCOFF or ALC LEVEL1―7 modes. Theselected mode will be indicated.BEEP settingThe beep -sound

Seite 107

Black plate (195,1)MEMO6-27Mazda5_8AU7-EA-09H_Edition1 Page195Wednesday, July 8 2009 11:28 AMForm No.8AU7-EA-09H

Seite 108

Black plate (196,1)qOperating the RadioChannel preset buttonsAuto memory/Instant replay buttonElectronic serial number buttonScan buttonSeek tuning/Ca

Seite 109 - Driving Your Mazda

Black plate (197,1)NOTEIf you continue to press and hold the button,the frequency will continue changing withoutstopping.Scan tun ingPress the scan bu

Seite 110

Black plate (198,1)- Mailing Address: Sirius Satellite Radio1221 Avenue Of The AmericasNew York, NY 10020Attention: Customer CareInclude your Sirius R

Seite 111

Black plate (199,1)MEMO6-31Mazda5_8AU7-EA-09H_Edition1 Page199Wednesday, July 8 2009 11:28 AMForm No.8AU7-EA-09H

Seite 112

Black plate (2,1)Mazda5_8AU7-EA-09H_Edition1 Page2Wednesday, July 8 2009 11:26 AMForm No.8AU7-EA-09H

Seite 113

Black plate (20,1)qFolding the Second-Row SeatsTo create a flat luggag e compartmentspace, lift the seat-bottoms of the second-row seats and fold the

Seite 114

Black plate (200,1)qOperating the Compact Disc (CD) PlayerLoad buttonFast-forward/Track up buttonReverse/Track down buttonCD slot CD play buttonRepeat

Seite 115

Black plate (201,1)Track searchPress the track up button () once to skipforward to the beginning of the next track.Press the track down button ()oncet

Seite 116

Black plate (202,1)qOperating the In-Dash CD ChangerDisc up buttonDisc down buttonRandom buttonScan buttonChannel preset buttonsLoad buttonRepeat butt

Seite 117

Black plate (203,1)2. When “IN” is displayed, insert the CD.3. When “IN” is displayed again, insertthe next CD.NOTEThe first-inserted CD will be playe

Seite 118

Black plate (204,1)Press the track down button ( )oncetoskip back to the beginn ing of the currenttrack.Disc searchTo change the disc, press the DISC

Seite 119

Black plate (205,1)qError IndicationsIf you see an error indication on the display, find the cause in the cha rt. If you cannot clearthe error indicat

Seite 120

Black plate (206,1)Audio Control SwitchOperation (Steering Wheel)íWhen the audio unit is turned on,operation of the audio unit from thesteering wheel

Seite 121

Black plate (207,1)qChanging the SourcePress the mode switch ( ) to changethe audio source (FM1 radio → FM2radio → AM radio → CD player or CDchanger →

Seite 122

Black plate (208,1)qMute SwitchPress the mute switch ( ) once to muteaudio, press it again to resume audiooutput.NOTEIf the ignition switch is turned

Seite 123

Black plate (209,1)WARNINGDo not adjust the portable audio unitor a similar product while driv ing thevehicle:Adjusting the portable audio unit ora si

Seite 124

Black plate (21,1)NOTETo create a flat luggage compartment spacefrom the rear of the vehicle to the back of thefront seats, fold the second-row and th

Seite 125

Black plate (210,1)4. Press the source change button() of the audio unit or the modeswitch () of the audio controlswitches on the steering wheel tocha

Seite 126

Black plate (211,1)Safety CertificationThis CD player is made and tested to meet exacting safety standards. It meets FCCrequirements and complies with

Seite 127

Black plate (212,1)Bluetooth Hands-FreeíqWhat is Bluetooth Hands-Free?Bluetooth Hands-Free OutlineBy conne cting a Bluetooth equippedmobile telephone

Seite 128

Black plate (213,1)NOTElThe Bluetooth Hands-Free system isoperable several seconds after turning theignition switch to the ACC or ON position(requires

Seite 129

Black plate (214,1)Audio unit/Navigation systemThe audio unit or naviga tion system isused for adjusting the volume.If Bluetooth Hands-Free is operate

Seite 130

Black plate (215,1)qFunction restrictions while usingBluetooth Hands-FreeSome functions are limited whileBluetooth Hands-Free is being used. Theyinclu

Seite 131

Black plate (216,1)Basic Bluetooth Hands-Free OperationqBluetooth Hands-Free preparationLanguage settingThe avail able languages are English,Spanish,

Seite 132

Black plate (217,1)4. Say: [Beep] “Yes”5. Prompt: “Please wait. Switching toFrench phone book. French selected,returning to main menu” (Spoken inthe n

Seite 133

Black plate (218,1)NOTEFor the operation of the mobile telephone,refer to its instruction manual.15. Select “Mazda” from the device listsearched by th

Seite 134

Black plate (219,1)1. Press the voice recognition/hands-freeswitch with a short press (withoutnavigation system) or a long press(with navigation syste

Seite 135

Black plate (22,1)Never allow a passenger to sit or standon the folded seatback while thevehicle is moving:Driving with a passenger on thefolded seatb

Seite 136

Black plate (220,1)qVolume adjustmentThe power/volume dial of the audio unitor navigation system is used to adjust thevolume. Turn the dial to the rig

Seite 137

Black plate (221,1)10. Say: [Beep] “Mobile” (Say “Home”,“Work”, “Mobile”,or“Pager”, for thedesired location to be registered.)11. Prompt: “Mobile (Loc

Seite 138 - Starting and Driving

Black plate (222,1)3. Prompt: “Dialing”qEmergency callsA call can be made to the emergencyphone number (911) using the voice inputcommand.1. Press the

Seite 139

Black plate (223,1)NOTElTo refuse an incoming call, press the voicerecognition/hands-free switch with a longpress.lAfter receiving a new incoming call

Seite 140

Black plate (224,1)12. Say: [Beep] “XXXXXX XXXXX(Ex. “666-123 4 ” )” (Say the newphone number to be registered.)13. Prompt: “XXXXXXXXXXX (E x.“666-123

Seite 141

Black plate (225,1)4. Say: [Beep] “Erase all”5. Prompt: “Are you sure you want toerase everything from your Hands Freesystem phone book?”6. Say: [Beep

Seite 142

Black plate (226,1)Hands-Free Telephone SettingqMobile phoneMobile phone registrationFor the registration of a Blueto othequipped mobile telephone to

Seite 143

Black plate (227,1)3. Prompt: “Select one of the following:pairing options, confirmation prompts,select phone, language, or passcode...,or say “cancel

Seite 144

Black plate (228,1)Passcode setting1. Press the voice recognition/hands-freeswitch with a short press (withoutnavigation system) or a long press(with

Seite 145

Black plate (229,1)5. Prompt:“Passcode is enabled. Wouldyou like to disable it?”6. Say: [Beep] “Yes”7. Prompt:“Passcode is disabled,returning to main

Seite 146

Black plate (23,1)NOTETo create a flat luggage compartment spacefrom the rear of the vehicle to the back of thefront seats, fold the second-row and th

Seite 147

Black plate (230,1)NOTEFor vehicles with the navigation system, youcan also press the voice recognition/hands-freeswitch with a short press and say: [

Seite 148

Black plate (231,1)When Bluetooth Hands-Free cannot be usedBluetooth Hands-Free cannot be usedunder the following conditions:lThe mobile telephone is

Seite 149

Black plate (232,1)Mazda Bluetooth Hands-Free Customer ServiceFor toll-free Bluetooth Hands-Freecustomer service call 800-430-0153 or goto www.MazdaUS

Seite 150

Black plate (233,1)SunvisorsWhen you need a sunvisor, lower it foruse in front or swing it to the side.SunvisorqVanity MirrorsTo use the vanity mirror

Seite 151

Black plate (234,1)qOverhead LightsFrontSwitch Position Front Overhead LightsLight offlLight is on when any door isopenlLight is on or off when theill

Seite 152

Black plate (235,1)Information DisplayClock Audio displayClimate control display/ Ambient temperature displayqInformation Display FunctionsThe infor m

Seite 153

Black plate (236,1)qClockTime setting1. Turn the ignition switch to the ACC orON position.2. Adjust the time using the time settingbuttons (, ).The ho

Seite 154

Black plate (237,1)NOTElUnder the following conditions, the ambienttemperature display may differ from theactual ambient temperature depending onthe s

Seite 155

Black plate (238,1)qFrontType ATo use, open the cover.Type BqRearSecond-row SeatStorage box (Second-row right-sideseat)íTo use, pull out the storage b

Seite 156

Black plate (239,1)Inside of the center console (Type A)To use the cup holder, open the cover.Third-row seatTwo cup holders are in the side-trim onbot

Seite 157

Black plate (24,1)Second-Row seatThird-Row seatRemoval/InstallationTo remove the head restraint, pull it upwhile pressing the stop-catch.To install th

Seite 158

Black plate (240,1)Storage CompartmentsWARNINGKeep storage boxes closed whendriving:Driving with the storage boxes openis dangerous. To reduce theposs

Seite 159

Black plate (241,1)qUnderseat StorageIf your vehicle has a right second-rowstorage box (page 6-74), when using thestorage box, small items can be stor

Seite 160 - Low beam

Black plate (242,1)CAUTIONWhen returning the seat-bottom toits upright position, make sure thereis no object lodged between theseatback and the seat b

Seite 161

Black plate (243,1)3. More items can be stowed if the coveris removed.NOTEThe cover can be kept in the seatback pocket ofthe driver's seat.4. Car

Seite 162

Black plate (244,1)Use the loops in the luggage compartmentto secure cargo with a rope or net. Thetensile strength of the loops is 196 N (20kgf, 44 lb

Seite 163 - INT ring

Black plate (245,1)qLuggage CompartmentA golf bag can be carried in the luggagecompartment.To place a golf bag in the luggagecompartment, use the foll

Seite 164

Black plate (246,1)RearCAUTIONTo prevent accessory socket damageor electrical failure, pay attention tothe following:Ø Do not use accessories that req

Seite 165

Black plate (247,1)7In Case of an EmergencyHelpful information on what to do in an emergency.Parking in an Emergency ...

Seite 166

Black plate (248,1)Parking in an EmergencyThe hazard warning lights should alwaysbe used when you stop on or near aroadway in an emergency.The hazard

Seite 167

Black plate (249,1)Spare Tire and Tool StorageSpare tire and tools are stored in the locat ions illustrated in the diagram.Flat tire belt storage bagJ

Seite 168

Black plate (25,1)WARNINGØ Be careful when using the seatwarmer. The heat from the seatwarmer may be too hot for somepeople, as indicated below, andco

Seite 169 - Interior Comfort

Black plate (250,1)qJackTo remove the jack1. Remove the cover.2. Turn the wing bolt and jack screwcounterclockwise.Wing boltJack screwTo secure the ja

Seite 170

Black plate (251,1)qSpare TireThe temporary spare tire is lighter andsmaller than a conventional tire, and isdesigned only for emergency use andshould

Seite 171

Black plate (252,1)2. Open and fold back the trunk boardover the third-row seatback.Trunk boardCargo sub-compartment3. Remove the cargo sub-compartmen

Seite 172 - Defroster Vents

Black plate (253,1)Changing a Flat TireNOTEIf the following occurs while driving, it couldindicate a flat tire.lSteering becomes difficult.lThe vehicl

Seite 173

Black plate (254,1)qRemoving a Flat Tire1. Loosen the lug nuts by turning themcounterclockwise one turn each, but donot remove any lug nuts until the

Seite 174

Black plate (255,1)4. Turn the lug wrench clockwise andraise the vehicle high enough so thatthe spare tire can be installed. Beforeremoving the lug nu

Seite 175

Black plate (256,1)To install the nut1. Place the key on top of the nut, and besure to hold the key square to it. If youhold the key at an angle, you

Seite 176

Black plate (257,1)If you are unsure of how tight the nutsshould be, have them inspected at anAuthorized Mazda Dealer.Nut tightening torqueN·m (kgf·m,

Seite 177

Black plate (258,1)11. Pull the belt end to secure the flat tire.12. Remove the tire blocks and store thetools and jack.13. Check the tire inflation p

Seite 178

Black plate (259,1)OverheatingIf the temperature gauge indicatesoverheating, the vehicle loses power, oryou hear a loud knocking or pingingnoise, the

Seite 179 - Climate Control System

Black plate (26,1)Seat Belt PrecautionsSeat belts help to d ecrease the possibility of severe injury during accidents and suddenstops. Mazda recommend

Seite 180

Black plate (260,1)If you find a leak or other damage, or ifcoolant is still leaking:Stop the engine and call an AuthorizedMazda Dealer.Cooling fanCoo

Seite 181

Black plate (261,1)Starting a Flooded EngineIf the engine fails to start, it may beflooded (excessive fuel in the engine).Follow this procedure:1. If

Seite 182

Black plate (262,1)Jump-StartingJump-starting is dangerous if done incorrectly. So follow the procedure carefully. If youfeel unsure about jump-starti

Seite 183

Black plate (263,1)Keep all flames, including cigarettes, and sparks away from open battery cells:Flames and sparks near open battery cells are danger

Seite 184

Black plate (264,1)1. For vehicles equipped with an enginecover, remo ve the engine cover.2. Remove the battery cover from its frontside.CAUTIONØ Do n

Seite 185

Black plate (265,1)6. Start the engine of the booster vehicleand run it a few minutes. Then start theengine of the other vehicle.7. When finished, car

Seite 186

Black plate (266,1)Towing DescriptionWe recommend that towing be done onlyby an Authorized Mazda Dealer or acommercial tow-truck service.Proper liftin

Seite 187

Black plate (267,1)CAUTIONFollow these instructions whentowing the vehicle with all wheels onthe ground.1. Shift to neutral (MT), or the Nposition (AT

Seite 188 - Audio System

Black plate (268,1)3. Securely install the tiedown eyeletusing the lug wrench.Lug wrench4. Hook the tying rope to the tiedowneyelet.CAUTIONIf the tied

Seite 189

Black plate (269,1)Recreational TowingAn example of “recreational towing” istowing your vehicle behind a motorhome.The trans axle is not designed for

Seite 190

Black plate (27,1)WARNINGAlways wear your seat belt and make sure all occupants are properly restrained:Not wearing a seat belt is extremely dangerous

Seite 191

Black plate (270,1)7-24Mazda5_8AU7-EA-09H_Edition1 Page270Wednesday, July 8 2009 11:29 AMForm No.8AU7-EA-09H

Seite 192

Black plate (271,1)8Maintenance and CareHow to keep your Mazda in top condition.Introduction ...

Seite 193

Black plate (272,1)IntroductionBe extremely careful and prevent injury to yourself and others or damage to your vehiclewhen using this manual for insp

Seite 194

Black plate (273,1)Scheduled Maintenance (USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico)Follow Schedule 1 if the vehicle is operat ed mainly where none of the followin

Seite 195

Black plate (274,1)qSchedule 1Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers (miles), whichever comes firstMonths 6 12 18 24 30 36 42 48×1000 km 1

Seite 196

Black plate (275,1)Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers (miles), whichever comes firstMonths 6 12 18 24 30 36 42 48×1000 km 12 24 36 48

Seite 197

Black plate (276,1)qSchedule 2Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers (miles), whichever comes firstMonths 4 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 44 4

Seite 198

Black plate (277,1)Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers (miles), whichever comes firstMonths 4 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 44 48×1000 km 8

Seite 199

Black plate (278,1)Scheduled Maintenance (Mexico)Follow Schedule 1 if the vehicle is operat ed mainly where none of the following conditionsapply.lRep

Seite 200

Black plate (279,1)qSchedule 1Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers, whichever comes firstMonths 6 12 18 24 30 36 42 48 54 60 66 72×1000

Seite 201

Black plate (28,1)CAUTIONBelt retraction may become difficult if the belts and rings are soiled, so try to keepthem clean. For more details about clea

Seite 202

Black plate (280,1)Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers, whichever comes firstMonths 6 12 18 24 30 36 42 48 54 60 66 72×1000 km 10 20 30

Seite 203

Black plate (281,1)qSchedule 2Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers, whichever comes firstMonths 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33 36×1000 km

Seite 204

Black plate (282,1)Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers, whichever comes firstMonths 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33 36×1000 km 5 10 15 20

Seite 205

Black plate (283,1)(Cont.)Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers, whichever comes firstMonths 39 42 45 48 51 54 57 60 63 66 69 72×1000 km

Seite 206

Black plate (284,1)Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers, whichever comes firstMonths 39 42 45 48 51 54 57 60 63 66 69 72×1000 km 65 70 7

Seite 207

Black plate (285,1)Owner Maintenance ScheduleThe owner or a qualified service technician should make these vehicle inspections at theindicated interva

Seite 208

Black plate (286,1)Owner Maintenance PrecautionsImproper or incomplete service may result in problems. This section gives instructions onlyfor items t

Seite 209

Black plate (287,1)Engine Compartment OverviewEngine oil-filler capPower steering fluid reservoirEngine oil dipstickCooling System CapAutomatic transa

Seite 210

Black plate (288,1)Engine OilNOTEChanging the engine oil should be done by anAuthorized Mazda Dealer.qRecommended OilUse SAE 5W-20 engine oil.Oil cont

Seite 211

Black plate (289,1)The quali ty designation SM, or ILSACmust be on the label.5W-20120100806040200–2050403020100–10–20–30qInspecting Engine Oil Level1.

Seite 212

Black plate (29,1)qAutomatic Locking ModeAlways use the automatic locking mode to keep the child-restraint system from shifting toan unsafe position i

Seite 213 - Bluetooth Hands-Free

Black plate (290,1)Engine CoolantqInspecting Coolant LevelWARNINGDo not use a match or live flame in theengine compartment. DO NOT ADDCOOLANT WHEN THE

Seite 214

Black plate (291,1)CAUTIONØ Radiator coolant will damagepaint.Rinse it off quickly if spilled.Ø Use only soft (demineralized)water in the coolant mixt

Seite 215

Black plate (292,1)Brake/Clutch FluidqInspecting Brake/Clutch Fluid LevelThe brakes and clutch draw fluid from thesame reservoir.Inspect the fluid lev

Seite 216

Black plate (293,1)Power Steering FluidqInspecting Power Steering FluidLevelCAUTIONTo avoid damage to the powersteering pump, don't operate theve

Seite 217

Black plate (294,1)4. While the engine is still idling, pull outthe dipstick and wipe it clean, and thenput it back.5. Check the ATF level. If there i

Seite 218

Black plate (295,1)Inspect fluid level in the washer fluidreservoir; add fluid if necessary.To inspect the washer fluid level in thefront reservoir, p

Seite 219

Black plate (296,1)Wiper BladesCAUTIONØ Hot waxes applied by automaticcar washers have been known toaffect the wiper's ability to cleanwindows.Ø

Seite 220

Black plate (297,1)2. Hold the end of the rubber and pulluntil the tabs are free of the metalsupport.Metal supportTab3. Remove the metal stiffeners fr

Seite 221

Black plate (298,1)CAUTIONTo prevent damage to the wiper armand other components, don't try tosweep the wiper arm by hand.1. Raise the wiper arm

Seite 222

Black plate (299,1)BatteryWARNINGRead the following precautions carefully before using the battery or inspectingto ensure safe and correct handling:Al

Seite 223

Black plate (3,1)Thank you for choosing a Mazda. We at Mazda design and build vehicles with completecustomer satisfaction in mind.To help ensure enjoy

Seite 224

Black plate (30,1)Seat BeltqFastening the Seat Belt1. Grasp the seat belt tongue.2. Slowly pull out the lap/shoulder belt.Lap/shoulder beltSeat belt t

Seite 225

Black plate (300,1)NOTERemove the battery cover before performingbattery maintenance.CAUTIONØ Do not use a tool which appliesexcessive force such as a

Seite 226

Black plate (301,1)Inspect the electrolyte level at least once aweek. If it's low, remove the caps and addenough distilled water to bring the lev

Seite 227

Black plate (302,1)The Tire Pressure Monitoring Systemídoes not alleviate the need to check thetire condition every day, includingwhether the tires al

Seite 228

Black plate (303,1)lImproper wheel alignmentlOut-of-balance wheellSevere brakingAfter rotation, inflate all tire pressures tospecification (page 10-6)

Seite 229

Black plate (304,1)qTemporary Spare TireInspect the temporary spare tire at leastmonthly to make sure it's properly inflatedand stored.NOTEThe te

Seite 230

Black plate (305,1)CAUTIONØ A wrong-sized wheel mayadversely affect:ØTire fitØWheel and bearing lifeØGround clearanceØSnow-chain clearanceØSpeedometer

Seite 231 - Safety Certification

Black plate (306,1)Light BulbsLuggage compartment lightLED typeBulb typeOverhead light (Rear)License plate lightsRear turn signal lightsRear turn sign

Seite 232

Black plate (307,1)WARNINGDo not replace the xenon fusion bulbsyourself:Replacing the xenon fusion bulbsyourself is dangerous. Because thexenon fusion

Seite 233 - Interior Equipment

Black plate (308,1)3. Install the new socket and bulbassembly in the reverse order ofremoval.NOTElIf the halogen bulb is accidentally touched,it shoul

Seite 234

Black plate (309,1)NOTElIf the halogen bulb is accidentally touched,it should be cleaned with rubbing alcoholbefore being used.lUse the protective cov

Seite 235

Black plate (31,1)qUnfastening the Seat BeltDepress the button on the seat belt buckle.If the belt does not fully retract, pull it outand check for ki

Seite 236

Black plate (310,1)2. Turn the center section of the plasticretainers counterclockwise and removethem, then partially peel back themudguard.RemovalIns

Seite 237

Black plate (311,1)Reverse lightsRear turn signal lightsLED typeNOTEThe LED-type bulbs for the brake lights/Taillights (Rear side-marker lights) canno

Seite 238

Black plate (312,1)3. Disconnect the bulb from the socket.4. Install the new bulb in the reverse orderof removal.Overhead light (Rear)1. Wrap a small

Seite 239

Black plate (313,1)FusesYour vehicle's electrical system isprotected by fuses.If any lights, accessories, or controls don'twork, inspect the

Seite 240

Black plate (314,1)CAUTIONAlways replace a fuse with one of thesame rating. Otherwise you maydamage the electric system.Replacing the fuses under the

Seite 241

Black plate (315,1)qFuse Panel DescriptionFuse block (Engine compartment)DESCRIPTIONFUSERATINGPROTECTED COMPONENT1 FAN 30 A Cooling fan2 FAN 30 A Cool

Seite 242


Seite 243

Black plate (317,1)Fuse block (Passenger's side)DESCRIPTIONFUSERATINGPROTECTED COMPONENT1 M.DEF 7.5 A Mirror defrosterí2 ―― ―3 ENG3 20 A Ignition

Seite 244

Black plate (318,1)How to MinimizeEnvironmental Paint DamageThe paint work on your Mazda representsthe latest technical developments incomposition and

Seite 245

Black plate (319,1)qWater MarksOccurrenceRain, fog, dew, and even tap water cancontain harmful minerals such as salt andlime. If moisture containing t

Seite 246

Black plate (32,1)Front Seat Belt Pretensionerand Load Limiting SystemsFor optimum protection, the driver andfront passenger seat belts are equippedwi

Seite 247 - In Case of an Emergency

Black plate (320,1)Exterior CareFollow all label and container directionswhen using a chemical cleaner or polish.Read all warnings and cautions.qMaint

Seite 248

Black plate (321,1)CAUTIONØ Do not use steel wool, abrasivecleaners, or strong detergentscontaining highly alkaline orcaustic agents on chrome-platedo

Seite 249

Black plate (322,1)3. When waxing, coat evenly with thesponge supplied or a soft cloth.4. Wipe off the wax with a soft cloth.NOTEA spot remover to rem

Seite 250

Black plate (323,1)WARNINGDry wet brakes by drivin g very slowlyand applying the brakes lightly untilbrake performance is normal:Driving with wet brak

Seite 251 - Flat Tire

Black plate (324,1)Interior CareqDashboard PrecautionsPrevent caustic solutions such as perfumeand cosm etic oils from contacting thedashboard. They&a

Seite 252

Black plate (325,1)qCleaning the Window InteriorsIf the windows become covered with anoily, greasy, or waxy film, clean themwith glass cleaner. Follow

Seite 253

Black plate (326,1)8-56Mazda5_8AU7-EA-09H_Edition1 Page326Wednesday, July 8 2009 11:30 AMForm No.8AU7-EA-09H

Seite 254

Black plate (327,1)9Customer InformationImportant consumer information including warranties and add-on equipment.Customer Assistance ...

Seite 255

Black plate (328,1)Customer Assistance (U.S.A.)Your complete and permanent satisfaction is our business. We are here to serve you. AllAuthorized Mazda

Seite 256

Black plate (329,1)By letter at:Attn: Customer AssistanceMazda North American Operati ons7755 Irvine Center DriveIrvine, CA 92618-2922P.O. Box 19734Ir

Seite 257

Black plate (33,1)Do not modify the components orwiring, or use electronic testing deviceson the pretensioner system:Modifying the components or wirin

Seite 258

Black plate (330,1)The whol e process normally takes 40 days or less. The arbitration decision is not bindingon you or Mazda else you accept the decis

Seite 259

Black plate (331,1)6. You are required to use BBB AUTO LINE before asserting in court any rights orremedies conferred by California Civil Code Section

Seite 260 - Cooling system cap

Black plate (332,1)10. You may reject the decision issued by a BBB AUTO LINE arbitrator. If you reject thedecision, you will be free to pursue further

Seite 261

Black plate (333,1)Customer Assistance (Canada)qSatisfaction Review ProcessYour complete and permanent satisfaction is of primary concern to Mazda. Al

Seite 262

Black plate (334,1)Please recognize that the resolution of service problems in most cases requires the use ofyour Mazda dealer's service faciliti

Seite 263

Black plate (335,1)CAMVAP is fully implemented in all provinces and territories.Consumers wishing to obtain further information about the Program shou

Seite 264

Black plate (336,1)Customer Assistance (Puerto Rico)Your complete and permanent satisfaction is our business. That is why all AuthorizedMazda Dealers

Seite 265

Black plate (337,1)Customer Assistance (Mexico)Your complete and permanent satisfaction is our business. We are here to serve you. AllAuthorized Mazda

Seite 266

Black plate (338,1)In order to serve you efficiently and effectively, please help us by providing the followinginformation:1. Your name, address, and

Seite 267

Black plate (339,1)Importer/DistributorqU.S.A.Mazda North American Operations7755 Irvine Center DriveIrvine, CA 92618-2922 U.S.A.P.O. Box 19734Irvine,

Seite 268

Black plate (34,1)Seat Belt ExtenderIf your seat belt is not long enough, evenwhen fully extended, a seat belt extendermay be available to you at no c

Seite 269

Black plate (340,1)Triple J Saipan, Inc.(d.b.a. Triple J Motors)P.O. Box 500487 Saipan, MP 96950-0487TEL: (670) 234-7133/3051qAMERICAN SAMOAPolynesia

Seite 270

Black plate (341,1)Warranties for Your MazdalNew Vehicle Limited WarrantylDistributor Major Component Limited Warranty (Canada only)lSafety Restraint

Seite 271 - Maintenance and Care

Black plate (342,1)Outside the United StatesGovernment regulations in the United States require that automobiles meet specificemission regulations and

Seite 272

Black plate (343,1)Outside CanadaGovernment regulations in Canada require that automobiles meet specific emissionregulations and safety regulations. T

Seite 273 - Scheduled Maintenance

Black plate (344,1)Registering Your Vehicle in A Foreign Country (ExceptUnited States and Canada)Government regulations in your country could require

Seite 274

Black plate (345,1)Add-On Non-Genuine Parts and AccessoriesNon-genuine parts and accessories for Mazda vehicles can be found in stores.These may fit y

Seite 275

Black plate (346,1)Cell Phones WarningWARNINGPlease comply with the legal regulations concernin g the use of communicationequipment in vehicles in you

Seite 276

Black plate (347,1)Uniform Tire Quality Grading System (UTQGS)This information relates to the tire grading system developed by the U.S. NationalHighwa

Seite 277

Black plate (348,1)WARNINGKeep your vehicle's tires properly inflated and not overloaded:Driving with improperly inflated or overloaded tires is

Seite 278

Black plate (349,1)Tire LabelingFederal law requires tire manufacturers to place standardized information on the sidewall ofall tir es. This informati

Seite 279

Black plate (35,1)NOTEWhen not in use, remove the seat belt extenderand store it in the vehicle. If the seat beltextender is left connected, the seat

Seite 280

Black plate (350,1)11. Tread wear, traction and temperature grades12. Max. permissible inflation pressure13. SAFETY WARNINGP215/65R15 95H is an exampl

Seite 281

Black plate (351,1)H“H” is the speed rating. The speed rating de notes the maximum speed for which the use ofthe tire is rated.Letter Rating Speed Rat

Seite 282

Black plate (352,1)Tread Wear, Traction and Temperature GradesTread wear: The tread wear grade is a comparative rating based on the wear rate of the t

Seite 283

Black plate (353,1)qInformation on Temporary TiresPlease refer to the diagram below.1. Temporary tires2. Nominal width of tire in millimeters3. Ratio

Seite 284

Black plate (354,1)70“70” is the aspect ratio. This two-digit number indicates the tire's ratio of height to width.D“D” is the tire construction

Seite 285 - Owner Maintenance

Black plate (355,1)Location of the Tire Label (Placard)You will find the tire label containing tire inflation pressure by tire size and other importan

Seite 286

Black plate (356,1)WARNINGAlways check the tire inflation pressures on a regular basis according to therecommended tire inflation pressure on the tire

Seite 287 - Engine Compartment Overview

Black plate (357,1)qGlossary of TermsTire Placard: A label indicating the OE tire sizes, recommended inflation pressure, andthe maximum weight the veh

Seite 288 - Engine Oil

Black plate (358,1)Tire MaintenanceImproper or inadequate vehicle maintenanc e can cause tires to wear abnormally. Here aresome important maintenance

Seite 289

Black plate (359,1)CAUTIONRotate unidirectional tires and radial tires that have an asymmetrical tread patternor studs only from front to rear, not fr

Seite 290

Black plate (36,1)Driver seated/Front passenger notseatedThe belt minder is a supplement alwarning to the seat belt warning function.If the driver&apo

Seite 291

Black plate (360,1)qSafety PracticesThe way you drive has a great deal to do with your tire mileage and safety. So cultivategood driving habits for yo

Seite 292

Black plate (361,1)Vehicle LoadingWARNINGDo not tow a trailer with this vehicle:Towing a trailer with this vehicle is dangerous because it has not bee

Seite 293

Black plate (362,1)Base Curb Weight is the weight of the vehicle including a full tank of fuel and allstandard equipment. It does not include passenge

Seite 294

Black plate (363,1)SAMPLECARGOCargo Weight includes all weight added to the Base Curb Weight, including cargo andoptional equipment.The cargo weight l

Seite 295

Black plate (364,1)Examples: Based on a single occupant weight of 68 kg (150 lbs), and a value of 385 kg(849 lbs) for the “combination weight of occup

Seite 296

Black plate (365,1)SAMPLEWARNINGExceeding Axle Weight Rating Limits:Exceeding the Safety Certification Label axle weight rating limits is dangerous an

Seite 297

Black plate (366,1)GCWGCW (Gross Combination Weight) is the weight of the loaded vehicle (GVW).GCWR (Gross Combination Weight Rating) is the maximum a

Seite 298

Black plate (367,1)Steps for Determining the Correct Load Limit:Steps for Determining Correct Load Limit:(1) Locate the statement “The combined weight

Seite 299

Black plate (368,1)Reporting Safety Defects (U.S.A.)If you believe that your vehicle has a defect which could cause a crash or couldcause injury or de

Seite 300

Black plate (369,1)Reporting Safety Defects (Canada)Canadian customers who wish to report a safety-related defect to Transport Canada, DefectInvestiga

Seite 301

Black plate (37,1)Child Restraint PrecautionsMazda strongly urges the use of child-restraint systems for children small enough to usethem.You are requ

Seite 302

Black plate (370,1)Service PublicationsFactory-authorized Mazda service publications are available for owners who wish to dosome of their own maintena

Seite 303

Black plate (371,1)qNAVIGATION SYSTEM OWNER'S MANUAL:This booklet contains information regarding the proper operation and use of the navigationsy

Seite 304

Black plate (372,1)9-46Mazda5_8AU7-EA-09H_Edition1 Page372Wednesday, July 8 2009 11:30 AMForm No.8AU7-EA-09H

Seite 305

Black plate (373,1)10SpecificationsTechnical information about your Mazda.Identification Numbers ...

Seite 306

Black plate (374,1)Vehicle Information LabelsqVehicle Identification NumberThe vehicle identification number legallyidentifies your vehicle. The numbe

Seite 307

Black plate (375,1)qEngine NumberForwardIdentification Numbers10-3Mazda5_8AU7-EA-09H_Edition1 Page375Wednesday, July 8 2009 11:30 AMForm No.8AU7-EA-09

Seite 308

Black plate (376,1)SpecificationsqEngineItem SpecificationType DOHC-16V in-line, 4-cylinderBore × Stroke 87.5 × 94.0 mm (3.44 × 3.70 in)Displacement 2

Seite 309

Black plate (377,1)qDimensionsItem Vehicle specificationOverall length 4,620 mm (181.9 in)Overall width 1,745 mm (68.7 in)Overall height 1,630 mm (64.

Seite 310

Black plate (378,1)qLight BulbsExterior lightLight bulbCategoryWattage ECE R (SAE)HeadlightsHigh beam 60 HB3 (HB3)Low beamHalogen 55 H7 (H7)Xenon fusi

Seite 311

Black plate (379,1)Temporary tireTire size Inflation pressureT125/70D16 96M 420 kPa (60 psi)qFusesRefer to the fuse rating on page 8-43.Specifications

Seite 312

Black plate (38,1)WARNINGUse the correct size child-restraint system:For effective protection in vehicle accidents and sudden stops, a child must bepr

Seite 313

Black plate (380,1)10-8Mazda5_8AU7-EA-09H_Edition1 Page380Wednesday, July 8 2009 11:31 AMForm No.8AU7-EA-09H

Seite 314

Black plate (381,1)11Index11-1Mazda5_8AU7-EA-09H_Edition1 Page381Wednesday, July 8 2009 11:31 AMForm No.8AU7-EA-09H

Seite 315

Black plate (382,1)AAccessory Socket ... 6-77Add-On Non-Genuine Parts andAccessories ...

Seite 316

Black plate (383,1)CClimate Control System ... 6-2Gas speci fications ... 10-5Clock ...

Seite 317

Black plate (384,1)FFuelFiller lid and cap ... ... 3-17Gauge ... 5-35Requirements ...

Seite 318

Black plate (385,1)LLuggage Compartment Light ... 6-66MMaintenanceIntroduction ... 8-2Owner maintenanceprecaut

Seite 319

Black plate (386,1)SService Publications ... 9-44Spare Tire and Tool Storage ... 7-3Specifications ...

Seite 320 - Appearance Care

Black plate (387,1)WWarning Lights ... 5-37ABS ... 5-39Air bag system ...

Seite 321

Black plate (388,1)11-8Mazda5_8AU7-EA-09H_Edition1 Page388Wednesday, July 8 2009 11:31 AMForm No.8AU7-EA-09H

Seite 322

Black plate (39,1)Do not install a front-facing child-restraint system on the front passenger seat unlessit is unavoidable:In a collision, the force o

Seite 323

Black plate (4,1)We want to help you get the most drivingpleasure from your vehicle. Your owner'smanual, when read from cover to cover,can do tha

Seite 324

Black plate (40,1)Do not allow a child or anyone to lean over or against the side window of a vehiclewith side and curtain air bags:It is dangerous to

Seite 325

Black plate (41,1)Installing Child-RestraintSystemsAccident statistics reveal that a child issafer in the rear seats. The frontpassenger's seat i

Seite 326

Black plate (42,1)3. Raise the head restraint to the toplocked position.Refer to Head Restraints on page 2-11.4. Secure the child-restraint system wit

Seite 327 - Customer Information

Black plate (43,1)Anchor bracket location (Second-rowseats)Marking Tether strap position (Second-rowseats)Tether strapAnchor bracketAnchor bracket loc

Seite 328

Black plate (44,1)qIf You Must Use the Front Seatfor ChildrenIf you cannot put all children in the rearseats, at least put the smalles t children inth

Seite 329

Black plate (45,1)Do not allow a child or anyone to leanover or against the side window of avehicle with side and curtain air bags:It is dangerous to

Seite 330

Black plate (46,1)5. Make sure the front passenger air bagdeactivation indicator light illuminatesafter installing a child-restraint systemon the fron

Seite 331

Black plate (47,1)LATCH Child-Restraint SystemsYour Mazda is equipped with LATCH lower anchors for attachment of specially designedLATCH child-restrai

Seite 332

Black plate (48,1)qLATCH Child-Restraint SystemInstallation Procedure (Second-Row Seats Only)1. Slide the second-row seat as far back aspossible.2. Ma

Seite 333

Black plate (49,1)WARNINGUse the tether and tether anchor onlyfor a child-restraint system:Using the tether or tether anchor tosecure anything but a c

Seite 334

Black plate (5,1)Mazda5_8AU7-EA-09H_Edition1 Page5Wednesday, July 8 2009 11:26 AMForm No.8AU7-EA-09HTable of ContentsYour Vehicle at a GlanceInterior,

Seite 335

Black plate (50,1)Supplemental Restraint Systems (SRS) PrecautionsThe front and side supplemental restraint systems (SRS) include 6 air bags. Please v

Seite 336

Black plate (51,1)WARNINGSeat belts must be worn in air bag equipped vehicles:Depending only on the air bags for protection during an accident is dang

Seite 337

Black plate (52,1)Sit in the center of the seat and wear seat belts properly:Sitting too close to the side air bag modules or placing hands on them is

Seite 338

Black plate (53,1)Never in stall any front-end equipment to your vehicle:Installation of front-end equipment, such as frontal protection bar (kangaroo

Seite 339

Black plate (54,1)Supplemental Restraint System ComponentsThe supplemental restraint systems (SRS) have two basic subsystems:lThe air bag system with

Seite 340

Black plate (55,1)Driver and front passenger seat belt buckle switches (page 2-44)Driver seat slide position sensorFront seatsEssential Safety Equipme

Seite 341 - Warranty

Black plate (56,1)How the Air Bags WorkqHow the Front Air Bags WorkWhen air bag crash sensors detect a frontal impact of greater than moderate force,

Seite 342

Black plate (57,1)Front passenger seat weight sensorsYour vehicle is equipped with a front passenger seat weight sensors as a part of thesupplemental

Seite 343

Black plate (58,1)If the front passenger weight sensors are working properly, the indicator light illuminateswhen the ignition switch is turne d to th

Seite 344

Black plate (59,1)WARNINGDo not decrease the total seated weight on the front passenger seat:When an adult or large child sits on the front passenger

Seite 345

Black plate (6,1)Mazda5_8AU7-EA-09H_Edition1 Page6Wednesday, July 8 2009 11:26 AMForm No.8AU7-EA-09H

Seite 346

Black plate (60,1)Do not increase the total seated weight on the front passenger seat:When an infant or small child sits on the front passenger seat,

Seite 347

Black plate (61,1)NOTElThe system requires about 10 seconds to alternate between turning the front passenger front andside air bags and seat belt pret


Black plate (62,1)qAir Bag Activation/DeactivationNOTEIf the front passenger seat weight sensors detect a total seated weight on the front passenger s

Seite 349

Black plate (63,1)lFrontal offset impact to the vehiclemay not provide the stopping forcenecessary for air bag deployment.lRear-ending or running unde

Seite 350

Black plate (64,1)lSide impacts involving trees or polescan cause severe cosmetic damage butmay not have enough impact force toactivate the side and c

Seite 351

Black plate (65,1)The diagnostic module continuouslymonitors the system's readiness. Thisbegins when the ignition switch is turnedto the ON posit

Seite 352

Black plate (66,1)WARNINGDo not operate a vehicle with damagedair bag/seat belt pretensioner systemcomponents:Expended or damaged air bag/seatbelt pre

Seite 353

Black plate (67,1)3Knowing Your MazdaExplanation of basic operations and controls; opening/closing and adjustmentof various parts.Doors an d Locks ...

Seite 354

Black plate (68,1)KeysWARNINGDo not leave the key in your vehiclewith children and keep them in a placewhere your children will not find orplay with t

Seite 355

Black plate (69,1)Key extend/retract method (Retractabletype key)To extend the key, press the releasebutton.To retract the key, rotate it into the hol

Seite 356

Black plate (7,1)1Your Vehicle at a GlanceInterior, exterior views and part identification of your Mazda.Dashboard and Interior Overview ...

Seite 357

Black plate (70,1)qTransmitterLock buttonUnlock buttonPanic buttonOperation indicator lightNOTEl(U.S.A.)This device complies with Part 15 of theFCC Ru

Seite 358

Black plate (71,1)NOTE(Without theft-deterrent system)The hazard warning lights will flash twice toindicate that all doors and the liftgate areunlocke

Seite 359

Black plate (72,1)qTransmitter MaintenanceIf the buttons on the transmitter areinoperable and the operation indicatorlight does not flash, the battery

Seite 360

Black plate (73,1)5. Put in the new battery (CR1620 orequivalent) with the positive pole ()facing down.6. Align the front and back covers andsnap the

Seite 361

Black plate (74,1)Door LocksWARNINGAlways take all children and pets withyou or leave a responsible person withthem:Leaving a child or a pet unattende

Seite 362

Black plate (75,1)To lock either front door with the door-lock knob from the outside, push thedoor-lock knob to the lock position andclose the door (p

Seite 363

Black plate (76,1)Locking, unlocking with keyAll doors and the liftgate lockautomatically when the driver's door islocked with the key.All doors

Seite 364

Black plate (77,1)CAUTIONWhen opening/closing a sliding door,follow the caution s below. If thecautions are not heeded, hands, feet,or even a head may

Seite 365

Black plate (78,1)NOTEWhen closing the sliding door from the fully-opened position and from outside the vehicle,pull the outside door handle outward t

Seite 366

Black plate (79,1)LiftgateWARNINGNever allow a person to ride in theluggage compar tment:Allowing a person to ride in theluggage compartment is danger

Seite 367

Black plate (8,1)1-2Your Vehicle at a GlanceThe equipment and installation position varies by vehicleDashboard and Interior OverviewMazda5_8AU7-EA-09H

Seite 368

Black plate (80,1)NOTEIf the vehicle battery is dead or there is amalfunction in the electrical system and theliftgate cannot be unlocked, perform the

Seite 369

Black plate (81,1)Power WindowsThe ignition switch must be in the ONposition for the power windows tooperate.WARNINGMake sure the opening is clear bef

Seite 370

Black plate (82,1)qOperating the Passenger PowerWindowsThe power windows may be operat edwhen the power window lock switch onthe driver's door is

Seite 371

Black plate (83,1)Fuel-Filler Lid and CapWARNINGWhen removing the fuel-filler cap,loosen the cap slightly and wait for anyhissing to stop. Then remove

Seite 372

Black plate (84,1)CAUTIONMake sure the fuel-filler cap istightened securely. The check enginelight may illuminate when the cap isnot tightened securel

Seite 373 - Specifications

Black plate (85,1)3. Grasp the suppor t rod in the paddedarea indicated by the arrow.Support rodClipPad4. Secure the support rod in the stay holeindic

Seite 374

Black plate (86,1)MoonroofíThe moonroof can be opened or closedelectrically only when the ignition switchis in the ON position .Tilt switchSlide switc

Seite 375

Black plate (87,1)To close to the desired position, press thefront of the tilt or slide switch.CloseCloseOpenqPower Moonroof Re-set ProcedureIf the ba

Seite 376

Black plate (88,1)Immobilizer SystemThe immobilizer system allows the engineto start only with a key the systemrecognizes.If someone attempts to start

Seite 377

Black plate (89,1)NOTEl(U.S.A.)This device complies with Part 15 of theFCC Rules. Operation is subject to thefollowing two conditions: (1) this device

Seite 378

Black plate (9,1)Power window switches ... page 3-15Lighting control

Seite 379

Black plate (90,1)NOTElIf the security indicator light illuminatesand stays on or flashes when the ignitionswitch is turned to the ON position, theeng

Seite 380

Black plate (91,1)NOTEIf the battery goes dead while the theft-deterrent system is armed, the horn willactivate and the hazard warning lights willflas

Seite 381

Black plate (92,1)qTheft-Deterrent LabelsA label indicating that your vehicle isequipped with a Theft-Deterrent System isin the glove compartment.Mazd

Seite 382

Black plate (93,1)Steering WheelWARNINGNever adjust the steering wheel whilethe vehicle is moving:Adjusting the steering wheel whilethe vehicle is mov

Seite 383

Black plate (94,1)2. Depress the mirror switch in theappropriate direction.Mirror switchSelector switchAfter adjusting the mirror, lock the controlby

Seite 384

Black plate (95,1)WARNINGDo not stack cargo or objects higherthan the seatbacks:Cargo stacked higher than theseatbacks is dangerous. It can blockyour

Seite 385

Black plate (96,1)3-30Mazda5_8AU7-EA-09H_Edition1 Page96Wednesday, July 8 2009 11:27 AMForm No.8AU7-EA-09H

Seite 386

Black plate (97,1)4Before Driving Your MazdaImportant information about driving your Mazda.Fuel and Engine Exhaust Precautions ...

Seite 387

Black plate (98,1)Fuel RequirementsVehicles with catalytic converters or oxy gen sensors must use ONLY UNLEADED FUEL,which will reduce exhaust emissio

Seite 388

Black plate (99,1)Emission Control SystemYour vehicle is equipped with an emission control system (the catalytic converter is part ofthis system) that

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