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Seite 1 - Form No.8CA5-EA-11L

Black plate (1,1)CX-5_8CA5-EA-11L_Edition3 Page1Friday, June 22 2012 3:44 PMForm No.8CA5-EA-11L

Seite 2

Black plate (10,1)Interior Equipment (View C)Seat belts ...

Seite 3

Black plate (100,1)qRearview MirrorWARNINGDo not stack cargo or objects higherthan the seatbacks:Cargo stacked higher than theseatbacks is dangerous.

Seite 4

Black plate (101,1)NOTElDo not use glass cleaner or suspend objectson or around the light sensor. Otherwise,light sensor sensitivity will be affected

Seite 5

Black plate (102,1)Power WindowsThe ignition must be switched ON for thepower windows to operate.WARNINGMake sure the opening is clear beforeclosing a

Seite 6

Black plate (103,1)Power window system initializationprocedureIf the battery was disconnected duringvehicle maintenance, or for other reason s(such as

Seite 7 - Pictorial Index

Black plate (104,1)qOperating the Passenger PowerWindowsThe power windows may be operat edwhen the power window lock switch onthe driver's door i

Seite 8

Black plate (105,1)MoonroofíThe moonroof can be opened or closedelectrically only when the ignition isswitched ON.Tilt/Slide switchWARNINGDo not let p

Seite 9

Black plate (106,1)To close to the desired position, press thetilt/slide switch in the forward direction.CloseOpenqPower Moonroof Re-set ProcedureIf t

Seite 10

Black plate (107,1)Modification and Add-OnEquipmentMazda cannot guarantee the immobilizerand the theft-deterrent systems' operationif the system

Seite 11

Black plate (108,1)NOTElThe keys carry a unique electronic code.For this reason, and to assure your safety,obtaining a replacement key requires somewa

Seite 12

Black plate (109,1)Theft-Deterrent SystemíIf the theft deterrent system detects aninappropriate entry into the vehicle, whichcould result in the vehic

Seite 13 - Essential Safety Equipment

Black plate (11,1)Hood ... page 6-18Win

Seite 14

Black plate (110,1)NOTElThe theft deterrent system can also bearmed by activating the auto relockfunction with all the doors, the liftgate andthe hood

Seite 15

Black plate (111,1)Break-In PeriodNo special break-in is necessary, but a fewprecautions in the first 1,000 km (600miles) may add to the performance,e

Seite 16

Black plate (112,1)Hazardous DrivingWARNINGBe extre mely careful if it is necessary todownshift on slippery surfaces:Downshifting into lower gear whil

Seite 17

Black plate (113,1)Rocking the VehicleWARNINGDo not spin the wheels at more than 56km/h (35 mph), and do not allowanyone to stand behind a wheel whenp

Seite 18

Black plate (114,1)lBraking performance can be adverselyaffected if snow or ice adheres to thebrake components. If this situationoccurs, drive the veh

Seite 19

Black plate (115,1)Driving In Flooded AreaWARNINGDry off brakes that have become wetby driving slowly, releasing theaccelerator pedal and lightly appl

Seite 20

Black plate (116,1)Driving on Uneven RoadYour vehicle's suspension and underbody can be damaged if driven on rough/uneven roadsor over speed bump

Seite 21

Black plate (117,1)Trailer Towing (U.S.A. and Canada)Your Mazda was designed and built primarily to carry passengers and cargo.If you tow a trailer, f

Seite 22

Black plate (118,1)TRAILER TOWING-LOAD TABLEBecause vehicle weights vary, adjustments must be made to meet the requirements in thistable.ItemModel2WD

Seite 23

Black plate (119,1)WARNINGAlways keep tow loads within specified limits as indicated in the Trailer Towing-LoadTable:Attempting to tow loads greater t

Seite 24

Black plate (12,1)1-6CX-5_8CA5-EA-11L_Edition3 Page12Friday, June 22 2012 3:44 PMForm No.8CA5-EA-11L

Seite 25

Black plate (120,1)WARNINGAlways make sure the trailer hitch is securely attached before departure:An uns ecured trailer hitch is dangerous as it caus

Seite 26

Black plate (121,1)qSafety ChainsSafety chains must be used as a precautionary measure should the trailer becomeunintentionally unhitched. They should

Seite 27

Black plate (122,1)The three main causes of vehicle-trailer accidents are driver error, excessive speed, andimproper trailer loading.Before drivinglHa

Seite 28

Black plate (123,1)Ascending a hillShift into a lower gear to reduce the possibility of overloading or overheating the engine, orboth.Descending a hil

Seite 29

Black plate (124,1)3. Release the parking brake (also the foot brake) and pull away from the wheel blocks.Stop; apply the parking brake and shift into

Seite 30

Black plate (125,1)4When DrivingInformation concerning safe driving and stopping.Start/Stop Engine ... 4-2Ignition Sw

Seite 31

Black plate (126,1)Ignition SwitchqPush Button Start PositionsThe system operates only when the driveris in the vehicle or within operationalrange whi

Seite 32

Black plate (127,1)ONThis is the normal running position afterthe engine is started. The indicator light(amber) turns off. (The indicator light(amber)

Seite 33

Black plate (128,1)NOTElThe key must be carried because the keycarries an immobilizer chip that mustcommunicate with the engine controls atshort range

Seite 34

Black plate (129,1)CAUTIONIf the KEY warning light (red)illuminates, or the push button startindicator light (amber) flashes, thiscould indicate a pro

Seite 35

Black plate (13,1)2Essential Safety EquipmentImportant information about safety equipment, including seats, seat beltsystem, child-restraint systems a

Seite 36

Black plate (130,1)NOTElAfter starting the engine, the push buttonstart indicator light (amber) turn off andthe ignition is in the ON position.lAfter

Seite 37

Black plate (131,1)2. Verify that the push button startindicator light (green) flashes.NOTEThe push button start indicator light (green)will flash eve

Seite 38

Black plate (132,1)Turning the Engine OffWARNINGDo not stop the engine while thevehicle is moving:Stopping the engine while the vehicleis moving for a

Seite 39

Black plate (133,1)Meters and GaugesSpeedometer ...

Seite 40

Black plate (134,1)qSpeedometerThe speedometer indicates the speed ofthe vehicle.qOdometer, Trip Meter and TripMeter SelectorThe display mode can be c

Seite 41

Black plate (135,1)qTachometerThe tachometer shows engine speed inthousands of revolutions per minute(rpm).Red zoneCAUTIONDo not run the engine with t

Seite 42

Black plate (136,1)Canceling the illumination dimmerWhen the headlight switch is in theor position, the illumination of theinstrument cluster dims.Whe

Seite 43

Black plate (137,1)qTrip Computer and INFO SwitchThe foll owing information can be selectedby pressing the upor down part ofthe INFO switch with the i

Seite 44

Black plate (138,1)After pressing the INFO button, ---L/100 km (- - - mpg) will be displayed forabout 1 minute before the fuel economy isrecalculated

Seite 45

Black plate (139,1)Warning/Indicator LightsWarning/Indicator lights will appear in any of the highlighted areasSignal Warning/Indicator Lights PageBra

Seite 46

Black plate (14,1)Seat PrecautionWARNINGMake sure the adjustable components of a seat are lo cked in place:Adjustable seats and seatbacks that are not

Seite 47

Black plate (140,1)Signal Warning/Indicator Lights PageAWD Warning Light 4-21Automatic Transaxle Warning Light 4-21Power Steering Malfunction Indicato

Seite 48

Black plate (141,1)Signal Warning/Indicator Lights PageHeadlight High-Beam Indicator Light 4-29Turn Signal/Hazard Warning Indicator Lights 4-29Securit

Seite 49

Black plate (142,1)Even if the light turns off, have yourbrake system inspected as soon aspossible by an Authorized Mazda Dealer.NOTEHaving to add bra

Seite 50 - SRS Air Bags

Black plate (143,1)qElectronic Brake ForceDistribution System WarningIf the electronic brake force distributioncontrol unit determines that somecompon

Seite 51

Black plate (144,1)If the light illuminates while driving:1. Drive to the side of the road and parkoff the right-of-way on level ground.2. Turn off th

Seite 52

Black plate (145,1)Illuminated lightThis indicates the possibility ofoverheating. Park the vehicle in a safeplace immediately and stop the engine.Refe

Seite 53

Black plate (146,1)qPower Steering MalfunctionIndicator LightThis indicator light illuminates when theignition is switched ON, and turns offwhen the e

Seite 54

Black plate (147,1)qLow Fuel Warning LightThis warning light signals that the fueltank will soon be empty.Refuel as soon as possible.qCheck Fuel Cap W

Seite 55

Black plate (148,1)Seat belt reminderNOTEConsult an Authorized Mazda Dealer todeactivate or restore the belt reminder. Thoughthe belt reminder can be

Seite 56

Black plate (149,1)qLow Washer Fluid LevelWarning LightíThis warning light indicates that littlewasher fluid remains. Add fluid (page6-26).qTire Press

Seite 57

Black plate (15,1)Make sure luggage and cargo is secured before driving:Not securing cargo while driving is dangerous as it could move or be crushed d

Seite 58

Black plate (150,1)Adjust the tire pressure to the correct tirepressure. Refer to the specification charts(page 9-7).NOTElPerform tire pressure adjust

Seite 59

Black plate (151,1)When flas hinglUnder the following conditions, theKEY warning light (red) flashes tonotify the driver that the ignitioncannot be sw

Seite 60

Black plate (152,1)qTCS OFF Indicator LightThis indicator light stays on for a fewseconds when the ignition is switch edON.It also illuminates when th

Seite 61

Black plate (153,1)qHeadlight High-Beam IndicatorLightThis light indicates one of two things:lThe high-beam headlights are on.lThe turn signal lever i

Seite 62

Black plate (154,1)Cruise Set Indicator Light (Green)The indicator light illuminates green whena cruising speed has been set.qBSM OFF Indicator Lightí

Seite 63

Black plate (155,1)Manual Transaxle OperationqManual Transaxle Shift PatternNeutral positionThe shift pattern of the transaxle isconventional, as show

Seite 64

Black plate (156,1)qRecommendations for ShiftingUpshiftingFor normal acceleration, we recommendthese shift points.(U.S.A. and Canada)Gear Vehicle spee

Seite 65

Black plate (157,1)Automatic Transaxle ControlsIndicates that you must depress the brake pedal to shift (The ignition must be switched to ON). Indicat

Seite 66

Black plate (158,1)qWarning LightA system malfunction or operationconditions are indicated by a warning.Refer to Warning/Indicator Lights on page4-15.

Seite 67

Black plate (159,1)D (Drive)D is the normal driving position. From astop, the transaxle will automatically shiftthrough a 6-gear sequence.M (Manual )M

Seite 68

Black plate (16,1)Front SeatqSeat OperationPower operationSeat Slide(Manual Seat)To move a seat forward or backward, raise the lever and slide the sea

Seite 69

Black plate (160,1)qManual Shift ModeThis mode gives you the feel of driving amanual transaxle vehicle by operating theshift lever and allows you to c

Seite 70

Black plate (161,1)ShiftingManually Shifting up(M1 → M2 → M3 → M4 → M5 → M6)To shift up to a higher gear, tap the shiftlever back () once.NOTElWhen dr

Seite 71 - Constant Monitoring

Black plate (162,1)Second gear fixed modeWhen the shift lever is tapped back ()while the vehicle is stopped or driven atabout 9.3 km/h (5.7 mph) or le

Seite 72

Black plate (163,1)On a steep downgrade, downshiftinghelps maintain safe speed and prolongsbrake life.qDriving TipsWARNINGDo not allow the vehicle to

Seite 73 - Before Driving

Black plate (164,1)Lighting ControlqHeadlightslTurn the headlight switch to turn the headlights, other exterior lights and dashboardillumination on or

Seite 74

Black plate (165,1)With auto-light controlSwitch PositionIgnition Position ON OFF ON OFF ON OFF ON OFFHeadlights Off Off Auto*Off Off Off On OnDaytime

Seite 75

Black plate (166,1)Auto-light controlWhen the headlight switch is in theposition and the ignition is switched ON, thelight sensor senses the surroundi

Seite 76 - Friday, June 22 2012 3:44 PM

Black plate (167,1)NOTElThe headlights, other exterior lights and dashboard illumination may not turn off immediatelyeven if the surrounding area beco

Seite 77 - Black plate (77,1)

Black plate (168,1)qHeadlight High-Low BeamPress the lever forward to turn on the highbeams.Pull the lever back to its original positionfor the low be

Seite 78 - Black plate (78,1)

Black plate (169,1)AFS OFF switchPressing the AFS OFF switch turns off theAFS. The AFS OFF indicator light in theinstrument cluster illuminates.Pressi

Seite 79 - Operational range

Black plate (17,1)Seat Recline(Manual Seat)To change the seatback angle, lean forward slightly while raising the lever. Then lean backto the desired p

Seite 80

Black plate (170,1)Turn and Lane-ChangeSignalsNOTElIf an indicator light stays on withoutflashing or if it flashes abnormally, one ofthe turn signal b

Seite 81

Black plate (171,1)Windshield Wipers andWasherThe ignition must be switched ON.WARNINGUse only windshield washer fluid orplain water in the reservoir:

Seite 82

Black plate (172,1)With auto-wiper controlSwitchPositionWiper operationMIST Single wipe cycle (mist)AUTO Auto controlLO Low speedHI High speedVariable

Seite 83

Black plate (173,1)CAUTIONØ Do not shade the rain sensor byadhering a sticker or a label onthe windshield. Otherwis e the rainsensor will not operate

Seite 84

Black plate (174,1)NOTElSwitching the auto-wiper lever from theto the position while drivingactivates the windshield wipers once, afterwhich they oper

Seite 85 - Doors and Locks

Black plate (175,1)Rear Window Wiper andWasherThe ignition must be switched ON.qRear Window WiperTurn the wiper on by turning the rearwiper/washer swi

Seite 86

Black plate (176,1)Manual Type Climate ControlIndicator lightCAUTIONDo not use sharp instruments orwindow cleaners with abrasives toclean the inside o

Seite 87

Black plate (177,1)Hazard Warning FlasherThe hazard warning lights should alwaysbe used when you stop on or near aroadway in an emergency.The hazard w

Seite 88

Black plate (178,1)WARNINGDo not use the HomeLink system withany garage door opener that lacks thesafety stop and reverse feature:Using the HomeLink s

Seite 89

Black plate (179,1)NOTEIf the HomeLink indicator light does notchange to a rapidly blinking light, contactHomeLink at or call 1-800-3

Seite 90

Black plate (18,1)qSeat WarmeríThe front seats are electrically heated. Theignition must be switched ON.Press the seat warmer switch to illuminatethe

Seite 91 - Damper stay

Black plate (180,1)Continue to press and hold the HomeLinkbutton while you press and release ―every two seconds (“cycle”) your hand-held transmitter u

Seite 92

Black plate (181,1)Brake SystemqFoot BrakeYour Mazda has power-assisted brakesthat adjus t automatically through normaluse.Should power-assist fail, y

Seite 93

Black plate (182,1)CAUTIONØ Do not drive with your foot heldon the clutch pedal or brak e pedal,or hold the clutch pedal depressedhalfway unnecessaril

Seite 94

Black plate (183,1)qWarning LightA system malfunction or operationconditions are indicated by a warning.Refer to Warning/Indicator Lights on page4-15.

Seite 95

Black plate (184,1)qHill Launch Assist (HLA)Hill Launch Assist (HLA) is a functionwhich assists the driver in acceleratingfrom a stop while on a slope

Seite 96

Black plate (185,1)NOTElHill Launch Assist (HLA) does not operateon a gentle slope. In addition, the gradientof the slope on which the system willoper

Seite 97

Black plate (186,1)Antilock Brake System (ABS)The ABS control unit continuouslymonitors the speed of each wheel. If onewheel is about to lock up, the

Seite 98

Black plate (187,1)Traction Control System(TCS)The Traction Control System (TCS)enhances traction and safety bycontrolling engine torque and braking.W

Seite 99

Black plate (188,1)Dynamic Stability Control(DSC)The Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)automatically controls braking and enginetorque in conjunctio n wi

Seite 100 - ON button

Black plate (189,1)All-Wheel Drive (AWD)OperationlAWD provides excellent drivability onsnow-covered and ice-packed roads,sand and mud, as well as on s

Seite 101

Black plate (19,1)NOTElIf the ignition is switched off while the seatwarmer is operating (High, Mid or Low)and then switched ON again, the seatwarmer

Seite 102

Black plate (190,1)qTires and Tire ChainsThe cond ition of the tires plays a largerole in the performance of the vehicle.Moreover, to prevent adverse

Seite 103

Black plate (191,1)Power SteeringlPower steering is only operable whenthe engine is running. If the engine isoff or if the power steering system isino

Seite 104

Black plate (192,1)Cruise ControlWith cruise contr ol, you can set and automatically maintain any speed of more than about25 km/h (16 mph).WARNINGDo n

Seite 105

Black plate (193,1)qActivation/DeactivationTo activate the system, press the ONswitch.The cruis e main indicator light (Amber)illuminates.Refer to War

Seite 106

Black plate (194,1)To increase speed using acceleratorpedalDepress the accelerator pedal to accelerateto the desired speed. Press the SETorSET - switc

Seite 107

Black plate (195,1)Tire Pressure Monitoring SystemlThe Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) monitors the air pressure of all fourwheels. If the air

Seite 108 - Security System

Black plate (196,1)CAUTIONØ Each tire, including the spare (if provided), shou ld be checked monthly when coldand inflated to the inflation pressure r

Seite 109 - Theft-Deterrent System

Black plate (197,1)NOTEBecause this system detects slight changes in tire conditions, the timing of the warning may be fasteror slower in the followin

Seite 110

Black plate (198,1)4. While the vehicle is parked, press andhold the tire pressure monitoringsystem set switch and verify that thetire pressure monito

Seite 111 - Driving Tips

Black plate (199,1)Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) SystemíThe Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) system is designed to assist the driver by monitoringblind spots

Seite 112 - Floor Mat

Black plate (2,1)CX-5_8CA5-EA-11L_Edition3 Page2Friday, June 22 2012 3:44 PMForm No.8CA5-EA-11L

Seite 113 - Winter Driving

Black plate (20,1)CAUTIONØ When operating the rear seatbackknob, make sure you support theseatback with your hand. If theseatback is not supported wit

Seite 114

Black plate (200,1)lThe radar sensors do not detect human, animal, or static objects such as fences. In addition, thesystem pauses when the selector l

Seite 115

Black plate (201,1)lIf the vehicle is driven on a road with less traffic and few vehicles that the radar sensors candetect, the system may pause (The

Seite 116

Black plate (202,1)qBSM OFF SwitchWhen the BSM OFF switch is pressed,the BSM system turns off and the BSMOFF indicator light illuminates.Press the BSM

Seite 117

Black plate (203,1)Rear View MonitoríThe rear view monitor is a visual assist system when reversing the vehicle that providesimages from the rear of t

Seite 118

Black plate (204,1)NOTElIf water, snow, or mud is stuck on the camera lens, wipe it off using a soft cloth. If it cannot bewiped off, use a mild deter

Seite 119

Black plate (205,1)qDisplayable Range on the ScreenThe images on the screen may be different from the actual conditions.(Screen display)(Actual view)O

Seite 120

Black plate (206,1)qViewing the DisplayGuide lines which indicate the width of the vehicle (yellow) are displayed on the screen asa reference to the a

Seite 121

Black plate (207,1)2. Confirming the surrounding conditions, reverse the vehicle.(Display condition) (Vehicle condition)3. After your vehicle begins e

Seite 122 - Friday, June 22 2012 3:45 PM

Black plate (208,1)5. Once they are parallel, straighten the wheels and back your vehicle slowly into theparking space. Continue checking the vehicle&

Seite 123

Black plate (209,1)NOTEBecause there may be a difference between the displayed image, such as indicated below, and theactual conditions when parking,

Seite 124

Black plate (21,1)CAUTIONØ Check the position of a front seatbefore folding a seatback.Depending on the position of afront seat, it may not be possibl

Seite 125 - When Driving

Black plate (210,1)qVariance Between Actual Road Conditions and Displayed ImageSome variance occurs between the actual road and the displayed road. Su

Seite 126

Black plate (211,1)When th ere is a steep grade behind the vehicleWhen there is a steep upgrade (downgrade) behind the vehicle, the object displayed o

Seite 127

Black plate (212,1)Three-dimensional object on vehicle rearBecause the distance guide lines are displayed based on a flat surface, the distance to the

Seite 128 - Start/Stop Engine

Black plate (213,1)2. Touch the on-screen button.3. Touch theon-screen button.When DrivingRear View Monitor4-89CX-5_8CA5-EA-11L_Edition3 Page213Friday

Seite 129

Black plate (214,1)4-90CX-5_8CA5-EA-11L_Edition3 Page214Friday, June 22 2012 3:46 PMForm No.8CA5-EA-11L

Seite 130

Black plate (215,1)5Interior FeaturesUse of various features for ride comfort, including air-conditioning and audiosystem.Climate Control System ...

Seite 131

Black plate (216,1)Operating TipslOperate the climate control systemwith the engine running.lTo prevent the battery from beingdischarged, do not leave

Seite 132

Black plate (217,1)Vent OperationqAdjusting the VentsDirecting airflowTo adjust the direction of airflow, movethe adjustment knob.NOTEWhen using the a

Seite 133

Black plate (218,1)qSelecting the Airflow ModeDashboard VentsDashboard and Floor VentsFloor VentsDefroster and Floor VentsDefroster Vents5-4Interior F

Seite 134 - Meter Selector

Black plate (219,1)Manual TypeTemperature control dialAir intake selector (recirculated air position)Air intake selector (outside air position)A/C swi

Seite 135

Black plate (22,1)2. Pull the strap on the back of theseatback to fold the seatback forward.To return the seatbacks to the uprightposition1. Lift the

Seite 136 - Black plate (136,1)

Black plate (220,1)NOTEThe air conditioner may not function when theoutside temperature approaches 0 °C (32 °F).Air intake selectorThis switch control

Seite 137 - Black plate (137,1)

Black plate (221,1)CAUTIONIf the air conditioner is used whiledriving up long hills or in heavytraffic, monitor the engine coolanttemperature warning

Seite 138

Black plate (222,1)qDehumidifying (With air conditioner)Operate the air conditioner in cool or coldweather to help defog the windshi eld andside windo

Seite 139

Black plate (223,1)Fully Automatic TypeClimate control information is displayed on the display.Airflow displayTemperature setting display (driver)Mode

Seite 140

Black plate (224,1)Temperature control dialThis dial controls temperature. Turn itclockwise for hot and counterclockwisefor cold.lWhen the DUAL switch

Seite 141

Black plate (225,1)Outside air position ( )Use this mode for ventilation orwindshield defrosting.WARNINGDo not use the position in cold orrainy weathe

Seite 142

Black plate (226,1)WARNINGSet the temperature control to the hotor warm position when defogging (position):Using theposition with thetemperature contr

Seite 143

Black plate (227,1)AntennaíqType AThe antenna is incorporated into thewindow glass.CAUTIONWhen washing the inside of thewindow which has an antenna, u

Seite 144

Black plate (228,1)Do not spill any liquid on the audiosystem.Do not insert any objects, other than CDs,into the slot.qRadio ReceptionAM characteristi

Seite 145

Black plate (229,1)Multipath noiseSince FM signals can be reflected byobstructions, it is possible to receive boththe direct signal and the reflected

Seite 146

Black plate (23,1)qArmrestíThe rear armrest in the center of the rearseatback can be used (no occupant in thecenter seat) or placed upright.Head Restr

Seite 147

Black plate (230,1)qOperating Tips for CD PlayerCondensation phenomenonImmediately after turning on the heaterwhen the vehicle is cold, the CD oroptic

Seite 148 - Black plate (148,1)

Black plate (231,1)lThe CD player has been designed toplay CDs bearing the identificationlogo as shown below. No other discscan be played.lUse discs t

Seite 149

Black plate (232,1)lCompletely read the instruction manualand cautions for CD-R/CD-RWs.lDo not use discs with cellophane tapeadhering, partially peele

Seite 150

Black plate (233,1)05060102030415423Folder No.Level1Level2Level3Level4Playback may not occur in the above hierarchy depending on the audio unit.: Trac

Seite 151 - Black plate (151,1)

Black plate (234,1)Multi-sessionA session is the complete amount of datarecorded from the beginning to the end ofa single period of CD-ROM, CD-R/CD-RW

Seite 152

Black plate (235,1)lTrack, artist and album nameinformation is recorded as data termed“WMA-Tag”, and this information isdisplayable.lWMA files written

Seite 153

Black plate (236,1)qOperating Tips for USB memoryThis unit supports playback of MP3/WMA/AAC files recorded to USBmemory.NOTElMusic data (MP3/WMA/AAC (

Seite 154

Black plate (237,1)lWMA files written under specificationsother than the indicated specificationmay not play normally or files or foldernames may not

Seite 155

Black plate (238,1)CAUTIONØ Remove the iPod when it is not inuse. Because the iPod is notdesigned to withstand excessivechanges in temperature inside

Seite 156

Black plate (239,1)Audio Set (Type A)Power/Volume/Sound Controls ... page 5-26Op

Seite 157

Black plate (24,1)Front outboard seatRear outboard seatRear center seatRemoval/InstallationTo remove the head restraint, pull it upwhile pressing the

Seite 158

Black plate (240,1)qPower/Volume/Sound ControlsAudio control dialPower/Volume dialPower ON/OFFSwitch the ignition to ACC or ON. Pressthe power/volume

Seite 159

Black plate (241,1)NOTEAbout 5 seconds after selecting any mode, thevolume function will be automatically selected.To reset bass, treble, fade, and ba

Seite 160

Black plate (242,1)qOperating the RadioSeek tuning buttonsBand selector buttonsScan buttonAuto memory buttonManual tuning/Audio control dialChannel pr

Seite 161 - Transaxle

Black plate (243,1)2. Depress a channel preset button forabout 2 seconds until a beep is heard.The preset channel number or stationfrequency will be d

Seite 162

Black plate (244,1)qOperating the Compact Disc (CD) PlayerTrack up/Fast-forward buttonLoad buttonTrack down/Reverse buttonFolder up buttonFolder down

Seite 163

Black plate (245,1)Folder search (during MP3/WMA/AACCD playback)To change to the previous folder, press thefolder down button (), or press thefolder u

Seite 164

Black plate (246,1)(CD random)Press the random button (2) two timesduring playback to play the songs on theCD randomly. “DISC RDM” is displayedduring

Seite 165

Black plate (247,1)NOTEThe number of characters which can bedisplayed is restricted.Message displayIf “CHECK CD” is displayed, it meansthat there is s

Seite 166

Black plate (248,1)MEMO5-34CX-5_8CA5-EA-11L_Edition3 Page248Friday, June 22 2012 3:46 PMForm No.8CA5-EA-11L

Seite 167

Black plate (249,1)Audio Set (Type B)CAUTIONDo not press the panel strongly or press it with a sharp-pointed object. Otherwise,the panel could be dama

Seite 168

Black plate (25,1)Seat Belt PrecautionsSeat belts help to d ecrease the possibility of severe injury during accidents and suddenstops. Mazda recommend

Seite 169

Black plate (250,1)qPower/Volume/Display/Sound ControlsSetup buttonAudio control dialAudio buttonPhone buttonNavigation buttonPower/Volume dialPower O

Seite 170

Black plate (251,1)The display can be turned back on asfollows:lPress the audio button ( )todisplay the audio screen.lPress the navigation button ( )t

Seite 171

Black plate (252,1)AudioPilot®2*4AudioPilot®2 automatically adjusts audiovolume and sound quality in accordancewith the level of noise entering the ve

Seite 172

Black plate (253,1)MEMO5-39CX-5_8CA5-EA-11L_Edition3 Page253Friday, June 22 2012 3:46 PMForm No.8CA5-EA-11L

Seite 173

Black plate (254,1)qOperating the RadioSeek tuning buttonsManual tuning dialAudio buttonRadio ONPress the audio button () and touchtheon-screen tab.Ba

Seite 174 - Switches and Controls

Black plate (255,1)Scan tun ingYou can search for receivable radiostations by touching theon-screenbutton.Scanning stops at each station for aboutfive

Seite 175

Black plate (256,1)Ex.)89.3 is currently being received. WithRock selected as the Genre, the radiostations broadcasting Rock are at thefollowing frequ

Seite 176

Black plate (257,1)The number of multi-cast channels whichcan be received differs depending on theradio station.NOTElIf an analog broadcast is receive

Seite 177 - Control System

Black plate (258,1)qOperating the Satellite RadioíSeek tuning buttonsManual tuning dialAudio buttonWhat is satellite radio?With over 130 channels, SIR

Seite 178

Black plate (259,1)Displaying the SIRIUS ID (ESN)Turn the manual tuning dial and selectchannel 0 to display the twelve-digitElectronic Serial Number (

Seite 179

Black plate (26,1)Have your seat belts changed immediately if the pretensioner or load limiter hasbeen expended:Always have an Authorized Mazda Dealer

Seite 180

Black plate (260,1)NOTEWhen the subscription contract is canceled, allof the channels including channel 184 appearas unsubscribed.Preset channel progr

Seite 181

Black plate (261,1)NOTEThe on-screen button is displayed only if awhole title cannot be displayed at one time.Instant replayThis function allows you t

Seite 182

Black plate (262,1)Parental unlockChannels locked using the parental lockfunction can be unlocked.1. Select a channel to be unlocked byturning the man

Seite 183

Black plate (263,1)NOTEMaster code:The Master Code is used to initialize or re-initialize the code in the event that the code isnot set to [0000] and/

Seite 184

Black plate (264,1)Seek alert settingOn or off switching to song seek, artistseek, or game alert function, and deletionof stored information can be pe

Seite 185 - Black plate (185,1)

Black plate (265,1)MEMO5-51CX-5_8CA5-EA-11L_Edition3 Page265Friday, June 22 2012 3:46 PMForm No.8CA5-EA-11L

Seite 186

Black plate (266,1)qOperating the Compact Disc (CD) PlayerCD slotAudio buttonCD eject buttonTrack up/Fast-forward buttonTrack down/Reverse buttonFile

Seite 187

Black plate (267,1)Track searchOperations using audio panelPress the track up button ( ) or turn thefile dial clockwise once to skip forward tothe beg

Seite 188

Black plate (268,1)Music scanDuring music CD playbackThis function scans the titles on a CD andplays 10 seconds of each song to aid youin finding a so

Seite 189

Black plate (269,1)Display scrollIf a whole title cannot be displayed at onetime, touch theon-screen button onthe right side of the title. When the la

Seite 190 - Black plate (190,1)

Black plate (27,1)qPregnant Women and Persons with Serious Medical ConditionsPregnant women shoul d always wear seat belts. Ask your doctor for specif

Seite 191

Black plate (270,1)SoundRefer to Power/Volume/Display/SoundControls on page 5-36.VehiclelDoor LockslLight ControllWipers Control1. Press the setup but

Seite 192

Black plate (271,1)NOTElThe talk button, pick-up button, and hang-up button are operable with the audio unitturned off.lMazda has installed this syste

Seite 193

Black plate (272,1)AUX/USB/iPod modeíAudio can be heard from the vehicle'sspeakers by connecting a commercially-available portable audio unit to

Seite 194

Black plate (273,1)WARNINGDo not adjust the portable audio unitor a similar product while driv ing thevehicle:Adjusting the portable audio unit ora si

Seite 195

Black plate (274,1)Connecting with connector cable1. Open the console lid.2. Open the auxiliary jack/USB port lid.3. Pass the connection plug cord thr

Seite 196

Black plate (275,1)NOTElWhen the device is not connected to theauxiliary jack, the mode does not switch tothe AUX mode.lSet the volume of the portable

Seite 197 - Initialization

Black plate (276,1)qHow to use USB mode (Type A)Track up/Fast-forward buttonTrack down/Reverse buttonRepeat buttonRandom buttonFolder down buttonFolde

Seite 198

Black plate (277,1)NOTEIf the unit is left in scan, normal playback willresume where scan was selected.Repeat playback(Track repeat)Press the repeat b

Seite 199 - Your vehicle

Black plate (278,1)Error MessagesWhen the message “CHECK USB” isdisplayed, it indicates that there is someerror in the USB memory. Verify that thecont

Seite 200 - Black plate (200,1)

Black plate (279,1)MEMO5-65CX-5_8CA5-EA-11L_Edition3 Page279Friday, June 22 2012 3:46 PMForm No.8CA5-EA-11L

Seite 201 - Black plate (201,1)

Black plate (28,1)Seat BeltqFastening the Seat BeltSeat belt buckleSeat belt tonguePosition the lap belt as low as possible,not on the abdominal area,

Seite 202

Black plate (280,1)qHow to use USB mode (Type B)Audio buttonPower/Volume dialTrack up/Fast-forward buttonTrack down/Reverse buttonFile dialType Playab

Seite 203

Black plate (281,1)Operations on screenTouch theon-screen button once toskip forward to the beginning of the nexttrack.Touch theon-screen button withi

Seite 204

Black plate (282,1)Shuffle playback(To listen to tracks in shuffled orderwithin a folder)Touch theon-screen button duringplayback. “” is displayed dur

Seite 205 - Rear View Monitor

Black plate (283,1)MEMO5-69CX-5_8CA5-EA-11L_Edition3 Page283Friday, June 22 2012 3:46 PMForm No.8CA5-EA-11L

Seite 206

Black plate (284,1)qHow to use iPod mode (Type A)Track up/Fast-forward buttonTrack down/Reverse buttonRepeat buttonRandom button Category down buttonC

Seite 207

Black plate (285,1)NOTEThe types of categories include Playlist, Artist,Album, Song, Podcast, Genre, Composer, andAudio book.List searchPress the list

Seite 208

Black plate (286,1)NOTElThe information (artist name, music name)is displayed only when the iPod hasinformation which can be displayed.lThis unit cann

Seite 209

Black plate (287,1)MEMO5-73CX-5_8CA5-EA-11L_Edition3 Page287Friday, June 22 2012 3:46 PMForm No.8CA5-EA-11L

Seite 210

Black plate (288,1)qHow to use iPod mode (Type B)Audio buttonPower/Volume dialTrack up/Fast-forward buttonTrack down/Reverse buttonFile dialThe conn e

Seite 211

Black plate (289,1)Track searchOperations using audio panelPress the track up button ( ) or turn thefile dial clockwise once to skip forward tothe beg

Seite 212

Black plate (29,1)Seat Belt Warning SystemsIf it detects that the driver's seat belt isunfastened, the warning light or beepalerts the driver.Ref

Seite 213

Black plate (290,1)NOTEThe track number being shuffle played is in theorder of the iPod shuffle table.Text scrollIf a whole title cannot be displayed

Seite 214

Black plate (291,1)Bluetooth®íBluetooth®Hands-Free outlineWhen a Bluetooth®device (mob ile phone) is connected to the vehicle's Hands-Free unitvi

Seite 215 - Interior Features

Black plate (292,1)qComponent PartsMicrophoneTalk button, Pick-up button and Hang-up buttonMicrophoneTalk buttonHang-up buttonPick-up buttonAudio unit

Seite 216 - Climate Control System

Black plate (293,1)Conversation volume and the volume of the voice guidance and ringtone can each be set inadvance.1. Touch theon-screen tab to displa

Seite 217

Black plate (294,1)3. Touch the on-screen button todisplay the message and switch to thedevice operation.4. Using your device, perform a searchfor the

Seite 218

Black plate (295,1)3. Touch the device name which iscurrently connected to display thedevice information screen.4. Touch theon-screen button todisconn

Seite 219

Black plate (296,1)NOTElThe Bluetooth®Hands-Free system isoperable several seconds after the ignitionis switched to ACC or ON (requires lessthan 15 se

Seite 220

Black plate (297,1)NOTEIf the voice recognition performance is notsatisfactory.Refer to Troubleshooting on page 5-91.Bluetooth® Hands-FreeqMaking a Ca

Seite 221

Black plate (298,1)8. Say: [Beep] “XXX XX... (Ex. “athome”)”9. Prompt: “XXXXX... (Ex. “John”)XXXX (Ex. “at home”). Press the pick-up button to call, o

Seite 222

Black plate (299,1)2. Prompt: “Available options are: Call,Dial, Redial, Call back , Setup orEmergency.”3. Say: [Beep] “Redial”4. A call is made to th

Seite 223 - Fully Automatic Type

Black plate (3,1)Thank you for choosing a Mazda. We at Mazda design and build vehicles with completecustomer satisfaction in mind.To help ensure enjoy

Seite 224

Black plate (30,1)Load limiter:The load limiting system releases beltwebbing in a controlled manner to reducebelt force on the occupant's chest.

Seite 225

Black plate (300,1)6. Prompt: “XXXXXXXXXXX. (Ex“5551234”) (Telephone number (firstchoice))”7. Prompt: “Press the pick-up button todial, or continue to

Seite 226

Black plate (301,1)qHanging Up a CallPress the hang-up button or touch theon-screen button during the call.qMuteThe microphone can be muted durin g ac

Seite 227

Black plate (302,1)Bluetooth® AudioApplicable Bluetooth®specificationVer. 2.0 or higherResponse profilelA2DP (Advanced Audio DistributionProfile) Ver.

Seite 228

Black plate (303,1)3. Press the audio button ( ) andthen touch theon-screen tab toswitch to the Bluetooth®audio modeand start playback.NOTElIf the Blu

Seite 229

Black plate (304,1)Shuffle playback (only AVRCP Ver. 1.4)Folder shuffleTouch the on-screen button duringplayback to play the songs in the foldershuffl

Seite 230 - Audio System

Black plate (305,1)TroubleshootingBluetooth®does not operate under the following conditions. Check whether the followingconditions apply to your Bluet

Seite 231

Black plate (306,1)Device pairing, connection problemsSymptom Cause Solution methodUnable to perform pairing―First make sure the device iscompatible w

Seite 232

Black plate (307,1)Voice recognition related problemsSymptom Cause Solution methodPoor voice recognitionlExcessive, slow speech.lExcessive, forceful s

Seite 233

Black plate (308,1)Other problemsSymptom Cause Solution methodThe indication for the remainingbattery is different between thevehicle and the deviceTh

Seite 234

Black plate (309,1)SunvisorsWhen you need a sunvisor, lower it foruse in front or swing it to the side.SunvisorqSide Extension SunvisorsíThe visor ext

Seite 235

Black plate (31,1)NOTElThe pretensioner system will activate in amoderate or greater frontal or near-frontal,or a severe side collision. It will notac

Seite 236

Black plate (310,1)Interior LightsOverhead LightsSwitchPositionOverhead LightsLight offlLight is on when any door is openlLight is on or off when thei

Seite 237

Black plate (311,1)Luggage Compartment Ligh tsSwitchPositionLuggage Compartment LightLight offLight on when the liftgate is openqIlluminated Entry Sys

Seite 238

Black plate (312,1)ClockThe time is displayed when the ignition isswitched to ACC or ON.With Fully Automatic Type ClimateControl SystemClockWith Manua

Seite 239

Black plate (313,1)Accessory SocketsOnly use genuine Mazda accessories orthe equivalent requiring no greater than120 W (DC 12 V, 10 A).FrontThe igniti

Seite 240

Black plate (314,1)CAUTIONØ To prevent accessory socketdamage or electrical failure, payattention to the following:ØDo not use accessories thatrequire

Seite 241

Black plate (315,1)Cup HolderWARNINGNever use a cup holder to hold hotliquids while the vehicle is moving:Using a cup holder to hold hot liquidswhile

Seite 242

Black plate (316,1)Bottle HolderBottle holders are on the inside of thedoors.Bottle holderCAUTIONDo not use the bottle holders forcontainers without c

Seite 243

Black plate (317,1)qGlove CompartmentTo open the glove compartment, pull thelatch toward you.qCenter ConsoleTo open, pull the relea se latch.Storage t

Seite 244

Black plate (318,1)qRear Coat HooksWARNINGNever hang heavy or sharp objects onthe assist grips and coat hooks:Hanging heavy or sharp-endedobjects such

Seite 245

Black plate (319,1)NOTESome golf bags cannot fit depending on theirsize.Interior FeaturesInterior Equipment5-105CX-5_8CA5-EA-11L_Edition3 Page319Frida

Seite 246

Black plate (32,1)WARNINGFastening the Center-Rear Seat Beltwith Only One Buckle:Fastening the center-rear seat beltwith only one buckle is dangerous.

Seite 247

Black plate (320,1)5-106CX-5_8CA5-EA-11L_Edition3 Page320Friday, June 22 2012 3:47 PMForm No.8CA5-EA-11L

Seite 248

Black plate (321,1)6Maintenance and CareHow to keep your Mazda in top condition.Essential Information ...

Seite 249

Black plate (322,1)IntroductionBe extremely careful and prevent injury to yourself and others or damage to your vehiclewhen using this manual for insp

Seite 250

Black plate (323,1)Any auto repair shop using parts equivalent to your Mazda's original equipment mayperform maintenance. But we recommend that i

Seite 251

Black plate (324,1)Scheduled Maintenance (U.S.A., Canada, and Puerto Rico)Follow Schedule 1 if the vehicle is operat ed mainly where none of the follo

Seite 252

Black plate (325,1)qSchedule 1Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers (miles), whichever comes firstMonths 6 12 18 24 30 36 42 48×1000 km 1

Seite 253

Black plate (326,1)Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers (miles), whichever comes firstMonths 6 12 18 24 30 36 42 48×1000 km 12 24 36 48

Seite 254

Black plate (327,1)qSchedule 2Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers (miles), whichever comes firstMonths 4 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 44 4

Seite 255

Black plate (328,1)Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers (miles), whichever comes firstMonths 4 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 44 48×1000 km 8

Seite 256

Black plate (329,1)Scheduled Maintenance (Mexico)Follow Schedule 1 if the vehicle is operat ed mainly where none of the following conditionsapply.lRep

Seite 257

Black plate (33,1)Do not use an improper extender:Using a seat belt extender that is foranother person or a different vehicleor seat is dangerous. The

Seite 258

Black plate (330,1)qSchedule 1Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers, whichever comes firstMonths 6 12 18 24 30 36 42 48 54 60 66 72×1000

Seite 259

Black plate (331,1)Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers, whichever comes firstMonths 6 12 18 24 30 36 42 48 54 60 66 72×1000 km 10 20 30

Seite 260

Black plate (332,1)qSchedule 2Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers, whichever comes firstMonths 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33 36×1000 km

Seite 261

Black plate (333,1)Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers, whichever comes firstMonths 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33 36×1000 km 5 10 15 20

Seite 262

Black plate (334,1)(Cont.)Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers, whichever comes firstMonths 39 42 45 48 51 54 57 60 63 66 69 72×1000 km

Seite 263

Black plate (335,1)Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers, whichever comes firstMonths 39 42 45 48 51 54 57 60 63 66 69 72×1000 km 65 70 7

Seite 264

Black plate (336,1)Owner Maintenance PrecautionsThe owner or a qualified service technician should make these vehicle inspections at theindicated inte

Seite 265

Black plate (337,1)WARNINGDo not perform main tenance work if you lack sufficient knowledge and experience orthe proper tools and equipment to do the

Seite 266

Black plate (338,1)HoodWARNINGAlways check that the hood is closedand securely locked:A hood that is not closed andsecurely locked is dangerous as itc

Seite 267

Black plate (339,1)qClosing the Hood1. Check under the hood area to makecertain all filler caps are in place andall loose items (e.g. tools, oilcontai

Seite 268

Black plate (34,1)Child Restraint PrecautionsMazda strongly urges the use of child-restraint systems for children small enough to usethem.You are requ

Seite 269

Black plate (340,1)Engine Compartment OverviewWindshield washer fluid reservoirEngine oil-filler capBrake/Clutch fluid reservoirEngine oil dipstickBat

Seite 270 - Operation

Black plate (341,1)Engine OilNOTEChanging the engine oil should be performedby an Authorized Mazda Dealer.Refer to Introduction (page 6-2) for owner&a

Seite 271

Black plate (342,1)(ILSAC)(Mexico)Use SAE 5W-30 engine oil. If SAE 5W-30 engine oil is not available, use SAE5W-20 engine oil.The quali ty designation

Seite 272

Black plate (343,1)Engine CoolantqInspecting Coolant LevelWARNINGDo not use a match or live flame in theengine compartment. DO NOT ADDCOOLANT WHEN THE

Seite 273

Black plate (344,1)CAUTIONØ Radiator coolant will damagepaint.Rinse it off quickly if spilled.Ø Use only soft (demineralized)water in the coolant mixt

Seite 274

Black plate (345,1)Brake/Clutch FluidqInspecting Brake/Clutch Fluid LevelThe brakes and clutch draw fluid from thesame reservoir.Inspect the fluid lev

Seite 275

Black plate (346,1)Washer FluidqInspecting Washer Fluid LevelWARNINGUse only windshield washer fluid orplain water in the reservoir:Using radiator ant

Seite 276

Black plate (347,1)Body LubricationAll moving points of the body, such asdoor and hood hinges and locks, shouldbe lubricated each time the engine oil

Seite 277

Black plate (348,1)qReplacing Windshield Wiper BladesWhen the wipers no longer clean well, theblades are probably worn or cracked.Replace them.CAUTION

Seite 278

Black plate (349,1)5. Remove the metal stiffeners from eachblade rubber and install them in thenew blade.CAUTIONØ Do not bend or discard thestiffeners

Seite 279

Black plate (35,1)WARNINGUse the correct size child-restraint system:For effective protection in vehicle accidents and sudden stops, a child must bepr

Seite 280

Black plate (350,1)2. Firmly rotate the wiper blade to theright until it unlocks, then remove theblade.CAUTIONTo prevent damage to the rearwindow, do

Seite 281

Black plate (351,1)BatteryWARNINGWash hands after handling the battery and related accessories:Battery posts, terminals and related accessories contai

Seite 282

Black plate (352,1)Keep all flames, including cigarettes, and sparks away from open battery cells:Flames and sparks near open battery cells are danger

Seite 283

Black plate (353,1)Replace Electrical BatteryIf the buttons on the transmitter areinoperable and the operation indicatorlight does not flash, the batt

Seite 284

Black plate (354,1)3. Insert the small, flathead screwdriverinto the gap between the cover and thetransmitter, and then rotate thescrewdriver to detac

Seite 285

Black plate (355,1)CAUTIONØ Be careful not to allow the rubberring shown in the figure to bescratched or damaged.Ø If the rubber ring detaches,reattac

Seite 286

Black plate (356,1)qTire Inflation PressureWARNINGAlways inflate the tires to the correctpressure:Overinflation or underinflation oftires is dangerous

Seite 287

Black plate (357,1)During rotation, inspect them for correctbalance.Do not include (TEMPORARY USE ONLY) spare tire in rotation.ForwardAlso, inspect th

Seite 288

Black plate (358,1)NOTETires degrade over time, even when they arenot being used on the road. It is recommendedthat tires generally be replaced when t

Seite 289

Black plate (359,1)CAUTIONA wrong-sized wheel may adverselyaffect:Ø Tire fitØ Wheel and bearing lifeØ Ground clearanceØ Snow-chain clearanceØ Speedome

Seite 290

Black plate (36,1)Vehicles with a front passenger air bag have a warning label attached as shownbelow. The warning label reminds you not to put a rear

Seite 291 - Bluetooth®

Black plate (360,1)Light BulbsWith xenon fusion headlights With halogen headlightsRear map lightsOverhead light (Front)/ Map lightsLuggage compartment

Seite 292

Black plate (361,1)WARNINGDo not replace the xenon fusion bulbsyourself:Replacing the xenon fusion bulbsyourself is dangerous. Because thexenon fusion

Seite 293

Black plate (362,1)4. Turn the socket and bulb assembly toremove it. Carefully remove the bulbfrom its socket in the reflector bygently pulling it str

Seite 294

Black plate (363,1)Low-beam bulbsHigh-beam bulbs/Daytime runninglights6. Install the new bulb in the reverse orderof the removal procedure.Front turn

Seite 295

Black plate (364,1)6. Disconnect the bulb from the socket.7. Install the new bulb in the reverse orderof the removal procedure.Fog light sí1. Make sur

Seite 296

Black plate (365,1)6. Turn the socket and bulb assembly toremove it. Carefully remove the bulbfrom its socket in the reflector bygently pulling it str

Seite 297

Black plate (366,1)Brake lights/TaillightsRear turn signal lightsRear side-marker lightsTaillights (Liftgate side)Reverse lights5. Install the new bul

Seite 298

Black plate (367,1)2. Wrap a flathead screwdriver with a softcloth to prevent damage to the lens,and then remove the lens by carefullyprying on the ed

Seite 299

Black plate (368,1)Vanity mirror lights3. Install the new bulb in the reverse orderof the removal procedure.Luggage compartment light1. Wrap a small f

Seite 300

Black plate (369,1)FusesYour vehicle's electrical system isprotected by fuses.If any lights, accessories, or controls donot work, inspect the app

Seite 301

Black plate (37,1)Seating a child in a child-restraint system on the front passenger seat is dangerousunder certain conditions (With Driver and Front

Seite 302 - Bluetooth® Audio

Black plate (370,1)CAUTIONAlways replace a fuse with a genuineMazda fuse or equivalent of the samerating. Otherwise you may damagethe electric system.

Seite 303

Black plate (371,1)qFuse Panel DescriptionFuse block (Engine compartment)DESCRIPTIONFUSERATINGPROTECTED COMPONENT1 ADD FAN GE 30 A Cooling fan2 IG2 30

Seite 304

Black plate (372,1)DESCRIPTIONFUSERATINGPROTECTED COMPONENT18 WIPER 20 A Front window wiper and washer19 HEATER 40 A Air conditioner20 DCDC REG ――21 E

Seite 305 - Troubleshooting

Black plate (373,1)DESCRIPTIONFUSERATINGPROTECTED COMPONENT53 HORN 15 A Horn54 ROOM 15 A Overhead light*1 With xenon fusion headlights*2 With halogen

Seite 306

Black plate (374,1)DESCRIPTIONFUSERATINGPROTECTED COMPONENT13 ―― ―14 ―― ―15 ―― ―16 ―― ―17 M.DEF 7.5 A Mirror defrosterí18 ―― ―19 ―― ―20 ―― ―21 ―― ―6-5

Seite 307

Black plate (375,1)Exterior CareThe paint work on your Mazda representsthe latest technical developments incomposition and methods of application.Envi

Seite 308

Black plate (376,1)PreventionIt is necessary to wash and wax yourvehicle to preserve its finish according tothe instructions in this section. Theseste

Seite 309

Black plate (377,1)If the vehicle is washed improperly, thepaint surface could be scratched. Here aresome examples of how scratching couldoccur.Scratc

Seite 310 - Interior Equipment

Black plate (378,1)WARNINGDry off brakes that have become wetby driving slowly, releasing theaccelerator pedal and lightly applyingthe brakes several

Seite 311

Black plate (379,1)CAUTIONDo not use steel wool, abrasivecleaners, or strong detergentscontaining highly alkaline or causticagents on chrome-plated or

Seite 312

Black plate (38,1)Never use one seat belt on more than one person at a time:Using one seat belt for more than one person at a time is dangerous. A sea

Seite 313

Black plate (380,1)qPlastic Part MaintenancelWhen cleaning the plastic lenses of thelights, do not use gasoline, kerose ne,rectified spirit, paint, th

Seite 314

Black plate (381,1)LeatheríRemove dust and sand first using avacuum cleaner or other means, then wipedirt off using a soft cloth with a leathercleaner

Seite 315

Black plate (382,1)To keep the fabric looking clean andfresh, take care of it. Otherwise its colorwill be affected, it can be stained easily,and its f

Seite 316

Black plate (383,1)qCleaning the Floor MatsRubber floor mats should be cleaned withmild soap and water only.WARNINGDo not use rubber cleaners, such as

Seite 317

Black plate (384,1)6-64CX-5_8CA5-EA-11L_Edition3 Page384Friday, June 22 2012 3:47 PMForm No.8CA5-EA-11L

Seite 318

Black plate (385,1)7If Trouble ArisesHelpful information on what to do if a problem arises with the vehicle.Parking in an Emergency ...

Seite 319

Black plate (386,1)Parking in an EmergencyThe hazard warning lights should alwaysbe used when you stop on or near aroadway in an emergency.The hazard

Seite 320

Black plate (387,1)Spare Tire and Tool StorageSpare tire and tools are stored in the locat ions illustrated in the diagram.Except MexicoSpare tireSpar

Seite 321 - Maintenance and Care

Black plate (388,1)MexicoSpare tireSpare tire hold-down boltJackLug wrenchJack leverTiedown eyelet (Short type) Tiedown eyelet (Long type)7-4If Troubl

Seite 322

Black plate (389,1)qJackTo remove the jack1. Open the trunk board.2. Secure the trunk board by attaching thehook to the head restraint.Without luggage

Seite 323

Black plate (39,1)Child-Restraint System InstallationqChild-Restraint System TypesIn this owner's manual, explanation ofchild-restraint systems i

Seite 324 - Scheduled Maintenance

Black plate (390,1)WARNINGDo not install the temporary spare tireon the front wheels (driving wheels):Driving with the temporary spare tireon one of t

Seite 325

Black plate (391,1)3. Turn the spare tire hold-down boltcounterclockwise.Spare tire hold-down boltTo secure the spare tireStore the spare tire in the

Seite 326

Black plate (392,1)4. Have everyone get out of the vehicleand away from the vehicle and traffic.5. Remove the jack, tool, and spare tire(page 7-3).6.

Seite 327

Black plate (393,1)5. Place the jack under the jack- upposition closest to the tire beingchanged with the jack head squarelyunder the jack-up point.Ja

Seite 328

Black plate (394,1)7. Insert the jack lever and atta ch the lugwrench to tire jack.8. Turn the jack handle clockwise andraise the vehicle high enough

Seite 329

Black plate (395,1)qLocking Lug NutsIf your vehicle has optional antitheftwheel lug nuts, one on each wheel willlock the tires and y ou must use a spe

Seite 330

Black plate (396,1)3. Install the lug nuts with the bevelededge inward; tighten them by hand.WARNINGDo not apply oil or grease to lug nutsand bolts an

Seite 331

Black plate (397,1)7. Remove the tire blocks and store thetools and jack.8. Check the inflation pressure. Refer toTires on page 9-7.9. Have the flat t

Seite 332

Black plate (398,1)Jump-StartingJump-starting is dangerous if done incorrectly. So follow the procedure carefully. If youfeel unsure about jump-starti

Seite 333

Black plate (399,1)CAUTIONUse only a 12 V booster system. You can damage a 12 V starter, ignition system, andother electrical parts beyond repair with

Seite 334

Black plate (4,1)We want to help you get the most drivingpleasure from your vehicle. Your owner'smanual, when read from cover to cover,can do tha

Seite 335

Black plate (40,1)Installing Child-RestraintSystemsAccident statistics reveal that a child issafer in the rear seat. The front passenger'sseat is

Seite 336 - Owner Maintenance

Black plate (400,1)5. Start the engine of the booster vehicleand run it a few minutes. Then start theengine of the other vehicle.6. When finished, car

Seite 337

Black plate (401,1)Starting a Flooded EngineIf the engine fails to start, it may beflooded (excessive fuel in the engine).Follow this procedure:1. If

Seite 338

Black plate (402,1)OverheatingIf the High engine coolant temperaturewarning light illuminates, the vehicleloses powe r, or you hear a loud knocki ngor

Seite 339

Black plate (403,1)If you find a leak or other damage, or ifcoolant is still leaking:Stop the engine and call an AuthorizedMazda Dealer.If you find no

Seite 340

Black plate (404,1)Towing DescriptionWe recommend that towing be done onlyby an Authorized Mazda Dealer or acommercial tow-truck service.Proper liftin

Seite 341 - Engine Oil

Black plate (405,1)CAUTIONØ Do not tow the vehicle pointedbackward with driving wheels onthe ground. This may causeinternal damage to the transaxle.Ø

Seite 342

Black plate (406,1)RearCAUTIONDo not use excessive force as it maydamage the cap or scratch thepainted bumper surface.NOTERemove the cap completely an

Seite 343

Black plate (407,1)CAUTIONIf the tiedown eyelet is not securelytightened, it may loosen or disengagefrom the bumper when tying thevehicle. Make sure t

Seite 344

Black plate (408,1)When Warning/IndicatorLights Illuminate/FlashqIf the brake system warning lightilluminatesIf the light stays on after the parking b

Seite 345

Black plate (409,1)qIf the antilock brake system(ABS) warning light illuminatesIf the ABS warning light stays on whileyou're driving, the ABS con

Seite 346

Black plate (41,1)WARNINGAlways attach the tether strap to thecorrect tether anchor position:Attaching the tether strap to theincorrect tether anchor

Seite 347

Black plate (410,1)qIf the engine oil pressure warninglight illuminatesThis warning light indicates low engineoil pressure.If the light illuminates wh

Seite 348

Black plate (411,1)qIf the high engine coolanttemperature warning light (red)illuminates or flashesThe light flashes when the engine coolanttemperatur

Seite 349

Black plate (412,1)qIf the automatic transaxlewarning light illuminatesThe light illuminates when the transaxlehas a problem.CAUTIONIf the automatic t

Seite 350

Black plate (413,1)WARNINGNever tampe r with the air bag/pretensioner systems and always havean Authorized Mazda Dealer performall servicing and repai

Seite 351

Black plate (414,1)qIf the traction control system (TCS)OFF indicator light illuminatesIf the light remains illuminated and theTCS is not switched off

Seite 352

Black plate (415,1)qIf the security indicator lightilluminates or flashesIf the engine does not start with thecorrect key, and the security indicatorl

Seite 353

Black plate (416,1)Warning Sound is ActivatedqLights-On ReminderIf lights are on and the ignition isswitched to ACC or the ignition isswitched off, a

Seite 354

Black plate (417,1)qIgnition Not Switched Off(STOP) Warning BeepIf the driver's door is opened while theignition is switched to ACC, a continuous

Seite 355

Black plate (418,1)qKey Left-in-vehicle Warning Beep(With the advanced keyless function)When any door is opened from theoutside while the key is insid

Seite 356

Black plate (419,1)When Liftgate Cannot beOpenedIf the vehicle battery is dead or there is amalfunction in the electrical system andthe liftgate can n

Seite 357

Black plate (42,1)4. To get the retractor into the automaticlocking mode, pull the shoulder beltportion of the seat belt until the entirelength of the

Seite 358

Black plate (420,1)7-36CX-5_8CA5-EA-11L_Edition3 Page420Friday, June 22 2012 3:48 PMForm No.8CA5-EA-11L

Seite 359

Black plate (421,1)8Customer Information and ReportingSafety DefectsImportant consumer information including warranties and add-on equipment.Customer

Seite 360

Black plate (422,1)Customer Assistance (U.S.A.)Your complete and permanent satisfaction is our business. We are here to serve you. AllAuthorized Mazda

Seite 361

Black plate (423,1)By letter at:Attn: Customer AssistanceMazda North American Operati ons7755 Irvine Center DriveIrvine, CA 92618-2922P.O. Box 19734Ir

Seite 362

Black plate (424,1)The whol e process normally takes 40 days or less. The arbitration decision is not bindingon you or Mazda unless you accept the dec

Seite 363

Black plate (425,1)6. You are required to use BBB AUTO LINE before asserting in court any rights orremedies conferred by California Civil Code Section

Seite 364

Black plate (426,1)10. You may reject the decision issued by a BBB AUTO LINE arbitrator. If you reject thedecision, you will be free to pursue further

Seite 365

Black plate (427,1)Customer Assistance (Canada)qSatisfaction Review ProcessYour complete and permanent satisfaction is of primary concern to Mazda. Al

Seite 366

Black plate (428,1)Please recognize that the resolution of service problems in most cases requires the use ofyour Mazda dealer's service faciliti

Seite 367

Black plate (429,1)CAMVAP is fully implemented in all provinces and territories.Consumers wishing to obtain further information about the Program shou

Seite 368

Black plate (43,1)WARNINGUse the tether and tether anchor onlyfor a child-restraint system:Using the tether or tether anchor tosecure anything but a c

Seite 369

Black plate (430,1)Customer Assistance (Puerto Rico)Your complete and permanent satisfaction is our business. That is why all AuthorizedMazda Dealers

Seite 370

Black plate (431,1)Customer Assistance (Mexico)Your complete and permanent satisfaction is our business. We are here to serve you. AllAuthorized Mazda

Seite 371

Black plate (432,1)2. Year and model of vehicle3. Vehicle Identification Number (17 digits, noted on your registration or title or located onthe upper

Seite 372

Black plate (433,1)Importer/DistributorqU.S.A.Mazda North American Operations7755 Irvine Center DriveIrvine, CA 92618-2922 U.S.A.P.O. Box 19734Irvine,

Seite 373

Black plate (434,1)Triple J Saipan, Inc.(d.b.a. Triple J Motors)P.O. Box 500487 Saipan, MP 96950-0487TEL: (670) 234-7133/3051qAMERICAN SAMOAPolynesia

Seite 374

Black plate (435,1)Reporting Safety Defects (U.S.A.)If you believe that your vehicle has a defect which could cause a crash or couldcause injury or de

Seite 375

Black plate (436,1)Reporting Safety Defects (Canada)Canadian customers who wish to report a safety-related defect to Transport Canada, DefectInvestiga

Seite 376

Black plate (437,1)Warranties for Your MazdalNew Vehicle Limited WarrantylPowertrain Limited WarrantylSafety Restraint System Limited WarrantylAnti-pe

Seite 377 - Appearance Care

Black plate (438,1)Outside the United States/CanadaGovernment regulations in the United States/Canada require that automobiles meet specificemission r

Seite 378

Black plate (439,1)Registering Your Vehicle in A Foreign Country (ExceptUnited States and Canada)Registering your vehicle in a foreign country may be

Seite 379

Black plate (44,1)WARNINGAlways move the front passe nger seatas far back as possible if installing afront-facing child-restraint system on itis unavo

Seite 380 - Interior Care

Black plate (440,1)Add-On Non-Genuine Parts and AccessoriesNon-genuine parts and accessories for Mazda vehicles can be found in stores.These may fit y

Seite 381

Black plate (441,1)Cell Phones WarningWARNINGPlease comply with the legal regulations concernin g the use of communicationequipment in vehicles in you

Seite 382

Black plate (442,1)Event Data RecorderThis vehicle is equipped with an event data recorder (EDR). The main purpose of an EDRis to record, in certain c

Seite 383

Black plate (443,1)Uniform Tire Quality Grading System (UTQGS)This information relates to the tire grading system developed by the U.S. NationalHighwa

Seite 384

Black plate (444,1)WARNINGKeep your vehicle's tires properly inflated and not overloaded:Driving with improperly inflated or overloaded tires is

Seite 385 - If Trouble Arises

Black plate (445,1)Tire LabelingFederal law requires tire manufacturers to place standardized information on the sidewall ofall tir es. This informati

Seite 386

Black plate (446,1)11. Max. load rating12. Tread wear, traction and temperature grades13. Max. permissible inflation pressure14. SAFETY WARNINGP215/65

Seite 387

Black plate (447,1)H“H” is the speed rating. The speed rating de notes the maximum speed for which the use ofthe tire is rated.Letter Rating Speed Rat

Seite 388

Black plate (448,1)Tread Wear, Traction and Temperature GradesTread wear: The tread wear grade is a comparative rating based on the wear rate of the t

Seite 389

Black plate (449,1)qInformation on Temporary TiresPlease refer to the sample below.1. Temporary tires2. Nominal width of tire in millimeters3. Ratio o

Seite 390

Black plate (45,1)2. Slide the seat as far back as possible.3. Place the child-restraint system on theseat without putting your weight on theseat and

Seite 391

Black plate (450,1)70“70” is the aspect ratio. This two-digit number indicates the tire's ratio of height to width.D“D” is the tire construction

Seite 392

Black plate (451,1)Location of the Tire Label (Placard)You will find the tire label containing tire inflation pressure by tire size and other importan

Seite 393

Black plate (452,1)WARNINGAlways check the tire inflation pressures on a regular basis according to therecommended tire inflation pressure on the tire

Seite 394

Black plate (453,1)qGlossary of TermsTire Placard: A label indicating the OE tire sizes, recommended inflation pressure, andthe maximum weight the veh

Seite 395

Black plate (454,1)Tire MaintenanceImproper or inadequate vehicle maintenanc e can cause tires to wear abnormally. Here aresome important maintenance

Seite 396

Black plate (455,1)CAUTIONRotate unidirectional tires and radial tires that have an asymmetrical tread patternor studs only from front to rear, not fr

Seite 397

Black plate (456,1)NOTETires degrade over time, even when they are not being used on the road. It is recommended that tiresgenerally be replaced when

Seite 398

Black plate (457,1)Vehicle LoadingThis section will guide you in the proper loading of your vehicle and/or trailer, to keepyour loaded vehicle weight

Seite 399

Black plate (458,1)Payload is the combination weight of cargo and passengers that the vehicle is designed tocarry. The maximum payload for your vehicl

Seite 400

Black plate (459,1)CARGOCargo Weight includes all weight added to the Base Curb Weight, including cargo andoptional equipment. When towing, trailer to

Seite 401

Black plate (46,1)WARNINGDo not seat a child in a child-restraintsystem on the front passenger seat ifthe front passenger air bagdeactivation indicato

Seite 402

Black plate (460,1)GAWR (Gross Axle Weight Rating) is the maximum allowable weight that can be carriedby a single axle (front or rear). These numbers

Seite 403

Black plate (461,1)SAMPLEWARNINGExceeding Axle Weight Rating Limits:Exceeding the Safety Certification Label axle weight rating limits is dangerous an

Seite 404

Black plate (462,1)GCW (Gross Combination Weight) is the weight of the loaded vehicle (GVW) plus theweight of the fully loaded trailer.GCWR (Gross Com

Seite 405

Black plate (463,1)Steps for Determining the Correct Load LimitSteps for Determining Correct Load Limit-(1) Locate the statement “The combined weight

Seite 406

Black plate (464,1)Declaration of ConformityqKeyless Entry System/Immobilizer System8-44Customer Information and Reporting Safety DefectsDeclaration o

Seite 407

Black plate (465,1)qBlind Spot Monitoring (BSM) SystemRadiation HazardThis BSM (blind spot monitoring) device emits intentional electromagneti c radia

Seite 408

Black plate (466,1)qHomeLink Wireless Control SystemCAUTIONHomeLink has been tested and complies with FCC and Industry Canada rules.Changes or modific

Seite 409

Black plate (467,1)qAudio SystemThis CD player is made and tested to meet exacting safety standards. It meets FCCrequirements and complies with safety

Seite 410

Black plate (468,1)NOTEThis equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device,pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC

Seite 411

Black plate (469,1)Service PublicationsFactory-authorized Mazda service publications are available for owners who wish to dosome of their own maintena

Seite 412

Black plate (47,1)qUsing LATCH Lower AnchorYour Mazda is equipped with LATCH lower anchors for attachment of specially designedLATCH child-restraint s

Seite 413

Black plate (470,1)qNAVIGATION SYSTEM OWNER'S MANUAL:This booklet contains information regarding the proper operation and use of the navigationsy

Seite 414

Black plate (471,1)9SpecificationsTechnical information about your Mazda.Identification Numbers ...

Seite 415

Black plate (472,1)Vehicle Information LabelsqVehicle Identification NumberThe vehicle identification number legallyidentifies your vehicle. The numbe

Seite 416 - Warning Sound is Activated

Black plate (473,1)qTire Pressure LabelqEngine NumberForwardIdentification Numbers9-3CX-5_8CA5-EA-11L_Edition3 Page473Friday, June 22 2012 3:48 PMForm

Seite 417

Black plate (474,1)SpecificationsqEngineItem SpecificationType DOHC-16V in-line, 4-cylinderBore × Stroke 83.5 × 91.2 mm (3.29 × 3.59 in)Displacement 1

Seite 418

Black plate (475,1)qCapacities(Approximate Quantities)Item CapacityEngine oilWith oil filter replacement 4.2 L (4.4 US qt, 3.7 Imp qt)Without oil filt

Seite 419

Black plate (476,1)qAir ConditionerThe type of refrigerant used is indicated on a label attached to the inside of the engine compartment. Check thelab

Seite 420

Black plate (477,1)qTiresNOTEThe tires have been optimally matched with the chassis of your vehicle.When replacing tires, Mazda recommends that you re

Seite 421 - Safety Defects

Black plate (478,1)qFusesRefer to Fuses on page 6-49.9-8SpecificationsCX-5_8CA5-EA-11L_Edition3 Page478Friday, June 22 2012 3:48 PMForm No.8CA5-EA-11L

Seite 422

Black plate (479,1)Personalization FeaturesFor vehicles with audio (On-screen function type), the following function settings can be changed by the cu

Seite 423

Black plate (48,1)Installation on rear outboard seats1. First, adjust the front seat to allowclearance between the child-restraintsystem and the front

Seite 424

Black plate (480,1)Item Feature Factory Setting Available SettingsAuto headlight off*2The time required for headlights to turn offafter ignition is sw

Seite 425

Black plate (481,1)10Index10-1CX-5_8CA5-EA-11L_Edition3 Page481Friday, June 22 2012 3:48 PMForm No.8CA5-EA-11L

Seite 426

Black plate (482,1)AAccessory Socket ... 5-99Adaptive Front Lighting System(AFS) ...

Seite 427

Black plate (483,1)CCapacities ... 9-5Carbon Monoxide ... 3-23Cargo Securing Loops

Seite 428

Black plate (484,1)EExterior Care ... 6-55Aluminum WheelMaintenance ... 6-59Bright-Metal

Seite 429

Black plate (485,1)IInspecting Brake/Clutch FluidLevel ... 6-25Inspecting Coolant Level ...

Seite 430

Black plate (486,1)PParking Brake ... 4-58Personalization Features ... ... 9-9Power Steering ...

Seite 431

Black plate (487,1)SSunshade ... 3-34Sunvisors ... 5-95TTachometer ...

Seite 432

Black plate (488,1)WWarning LightsABS ... 4-18Air bag system ... 4-22Automatic transa

Seite 433

Black plate (49,1)Installation on rear center seatThe LATCH lower anchors at the centerof the rear seat are much further apart thanthe sets of LATCH l

Seite 434

Black plate (5,1)CX-5_8CA5-EA-11L_Edition3 Page5Friday, June 22 2012 3:44 PMForm No.8CA5-EA-11LTable of ContentsPictorial IndexInterior, exterior view

Seite 435 - Reporting Safety Defects

Black plate (50,1)Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) PrecautionsThe front and side supplemental restraint systems (SRS) include up to 6 air bags. Ple

Seite 436

Black plate (51,1)If your vehicle is also equipped with a driver and front passenger occupantclassification system, refer to the Driver and Front Pass

Seite 437 - Warranty

Black plate (52,1)Never use a rear-facing child-restraint system in the front seat with an air bag thatcould deploy:Rear-facing child-restraint system

Seite 438

Black plate (53,1)Do not attach objects on or around the area where a si de air bag deploys:Attaching objects to the front seat in such a way as to co

Seite 439

Black plate (54,1)To prevent false detection by the air bag sensor system, heed the following:Ø Do not use tires or wheels other than those specified

Seite 440

Black plate (55,1)Do not place luggage or other objects under the front seats:Placing luggage or other objects under the front seats is dangerous. The

Seite 441

Black plate (56,1)NOTElIf it becomes necessary to have the components or wiring system for the supplementary restraintsystem modified to accommodate a

Seite 442 - Event Data Recorder

Black plate (57,1)Supplemental Restraint System ComponentsDriver/Front passenger inflators and air bagsRoll-over sensorí, crash sensors, and diagnosti

Seite 443

Black plate (58,1)How the SRS Air Bags WorkYour Mazda is equipped with the following types of SRS air bags. SRS air bags aredesigned to work together


Black plate (59,1)qFront Passenger Air BagThe front passenger air bag is mounted in the front passenger dashboard.The infl ation mechanism for the fro

Seite 445

Black plate (6,1)CX-5_8CA5-EA-11L_Edition3 Page6Friday, June 22 2012 3:44 PMForm No.8CA5-EA-11L

Seite 446

Black plate (60,1)(With Driver and Front Passenger Occupant Classification System)In addition, the front passenger side air bag is designed to only de

Seite 447

Black plate (61,1)(With Driver and Front Passenger Occupant Classification System)In a roll-over:In response to a vehicle roll-over, both curtain air

Seite 448

Black plate (62,1)SRS Air Bag Deployment CriteriaThis chart indicates the applicable SRS equipment that will deploy depending on the typeof collision.

Seite 449

Black plate (63,1)Limitations to SRS Air BagIn severe collisions such as those described previously in “SRS Air Bag DeploymentCriteria”, the applicabl

Seite 450

Black plate (64,1)Roll-over (Without Driver and Front Passenger Occupant Classification System)(With Driver and Front Passenger Occupant Classificatio

Seite 451

Black plate (65,1)Driver and Front Passenger Occupant Classification SystemíFirst, please read “Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) Precautions” (page

Seite 452

Black plate (66,1)Front passenger air bag deactivation indicator lightThis indicator light illuminates to remind you that the front passenger front an

Seite 453

Black plate (67,1)WARNINGDo not decrease the total seated weight on the front passenger seat:When an adult or large child sits on the front passenger

Seite 454

Black plate (68,1)Ø A front passenger is seated as shown in the following figure:Ø A rear passenger pushes up on the front passenger seat with their f

Seite 455

Black plate (69,1)Do not increase the total seated weight on the front passenger seat:When an infant or small child sits on the front passenger seat,

Seite 456

Black plate (7,1)1Pictorial IndexInterior, exterior views and part identification of your Mazda.Interior Overview ...

Seite 457

Black plate (70,1)NOTElThe system requires about 10 seconds to alternate between turning the front passenger front andside air bags and seat belt pret

Seite 458

Black plate (71,1)Constant MonitoringThe foll owing components of the air bag systems are monitored by a diagnostic system:lCrash sensors, and diagnos

Seite 459

Black plate (72,1)2-60CX-5_8CA5-EA-11L_Edition3 Page72Friday, June 22 2012 3:44 PMForm No.8CA5-EA-11L

Seite 460

Black plate (73,1)3Before DrivingUse of various features, including keys, doors, mirrors and windows.Keys ...

Seite 461

Black plate (74,1)KeysWARNINGDo not leave the key in your vehiclewith children and keep them in a placewhere your children will not find orplay with t

Seite 462

Black plate (75,1)A code number is stamped on the plateattached to the key set; detach this plateand store it in a safe place (not in thevehicle) for

Seite 463 - Tire Information (U.S.A.)

Black plate (76,1)CAUTIONRadio equipment like this is governedby laws.Changes or modifications notexpressly approved by the partyresponsible for compl

Seite 464

Black plate (77,1)The operat ion indicator light flashes whenthe buttons are pressed.Lock buttonTo lock the doors and the liftgate, pressthe lock butt

Seite 465

Black plate (78,1)NOTElThe system can be set to unlock all doors byperforming a single operation.Refer to Personalization Features on page9-9.Use the

Seite 466

Black plate (79,1)qOperational RangeThe system operates only when the driveris in the vehicle or within operationalrange while the key is being carrie

Seite 467

Black plate (8,1)Interior Equipment (View A)Door-lock knob ...

Seite 468

Black plate (80,1)lFor vehicles with a type A meter,messages are displ ayed in theinstrument cluster.(Manual transaxle)When carrying another key, depr

Seite 469

Black plate (81,1)Advanced Keyless EntrySystemWARNINGRadio waves from the key may affectmedical devices such as pacemakers:Before using the key near p

Seite 470

Black plate (82,1)Operational RangeThe system operates only when the driveris in the vehicle or within operationalrange while the key is being carried

Seite 471 - Specifications

Black plate (83,1)Door LocksWARNINGAlways take all children and pets withyou or leave a responsible person withthem:Leaving a child or a pet unattende

Seite 472

Black plate (84,1)qLocking, Unlocking with KeyAll doors and the liftgate lockautomatically when the driver's door islocked with the key.All doors

Seite 473

Black plate (85,1)Front passenger door request switchTo unlock all doors and the liftgate, pressthe request switch. A beep sound will beheard twice an

Seite 474

Black plate (86,1)lThe setting can be changed so that thedoors and the liftgate are lockedautomatically without pressing the requestswitch.Refer to Pe

Seite 475

Black plate (87,1)qAuto Lock/Unlock FunctionWARNINGDo not pull the inner handle on a frontdoor:Pulling an inner handle on a frontdoor while the vehicl

Seite 476

Black plate (88,1)1. Safely park the vehicle. All doors mustremain closed.2. Switch the ignitio n ON.3. Press and hold the lock side of thedriver&apos

Seite 477

Black plate (89,1)(Automatic transaxle vehicles)Press unlock side of lock switch oncePress 2 timesPress 3 timesCurrent Function NumberFunction Number

Seite 478

Black plate (9,1)Interior Equipment (View B)Audio control switches ...

Seite 479

Black plate (90,1)NOTEWhen locking the door this way:lBe careful not to leave the key inside thevehicle.lThe driver's door lock knob cannot be us

Seite 480

Black plate (91,1)LiftgateWARNINGNever allow a person to ride in theluggage compar tment:Allowing a person to ride in theluggage compartment is danger

Seite 481

Black plate (92,1)While the ignition is switched ON, theliftgate can be opened only when thevehicle is stopped with the parki ng brakeapplied (manual

Seite 482

Black plate (93,1)Fuel and Engine Exhaust PrecautionsqFuel RequirementsVehicles with catalytic converters or oxy gen sensors must use ONLY UNLEADED FU

Seite 483

Black plate (94,1)qEmission Control SystemYour vehicle is equipped with an emission control system (the catalytic converter is part ofthis system) tha

Seite 484

Black plate (95,1)qEngine Exhaust (Carbon monoxide)WARNINGDo not drive your vehicle if you smell exhaust gas in side the vehicle:Engine exhaust gas is

Seite 485

Black plate (96,1)Fuel-Filler Lid and CapWARNINGWhen removing the fuel-filler cap,loosen the cap slightly and wait for anyhissing to stop. Then remove

Seite 486

Black plate (97,1)CAUTION(U.S.A. and Canada)If the check fuel cap warning lightilluminates, the fuel-filler cap maynot be properly installed. If thewa

Seite 487

Black plate (98,1)Steering WheelWARNINGNever adjust the steering wheel whilethe vehicle is moving:Adjusting the steering wheel whilethe vehicle is mov

Seite 488

Black plate (99,1)MirrorsBefore driving, adjust the inside andoutside mirrors.qOutside MirrorsWARNINGBe sure to look over your shoulderbefore changing

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