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Seite 1 - Form No.8T12-EA-03K

Black plate (1,1)Mazda6_8T12-EA-03K_Edition1 Page1Friday, December 5 2003 8:53 AMForm No.8T12-EA-03K

Seite 2

Black plate (10,1)1-4Your Vehicle at a GlanceExterior OverviewMazda6_8T12-EA-03K_Edition1 Page10Friday, December 5 2003 8:53 AMForm No.8T12-EA-03K

Seite 3

Black plate (100,1)Theft-Deterrent SystemíThe optional theft-deterrent system isdesigned to prevent your vehicle or itscontents from being stolen when

Seite 4

Black plate (101,1)NOTEThe trunk lid can be opened with thekey or the transmitter even when thesystem is armed. The alarm will notcome on and the syst

Seite 5

Black plate (102,1)Steering WheelWARNINGAdjusting the Steering Wheel:Adjusting the steering wheel while thevehicle is moving is dangerous.Moving it ca

Seite 6

Black plate (103,1)After adjusting the mirror, lock the controlby placin g the selector switch in themiddle position.Mirror defrosteríTo turn on the m

Seite 7 - Your Vehicle at a Glance

Black plate (104,1)NOTElDo not use glass cleaner or suspendobjects on or around the light sensor.Otherwise, light sensor sensitivitywill be affected a

Seite 8

Black plate (105,1)4Before Driving Your MazdaImportant information about driving your Mazda.Fuel and Engine Exhaust Precautions ...

Seite 9

Black plate (106,1)Fuel RequirementsVehicles with catalytic converters or oxygen sensors must use ONLY UNLEADED FUEL,which will reduce exhaust emissio

Seite 10

Black plate (107,1)Emission Control SystemYour vehicle is equipped with an emission control system (the catalytic converter is part ofthis syst em) th

Seite 11

Black plate (108,1)NOTEAfter driving some distance and turning o ff the engine, the sound of a valve opening andclosing can be heard at the rear of th

Seite 12

Black plate (109,1)Engine Exhaust (Carbon Monoxide)WARNINGCarbon Monoxide:Engine exhaust gas is dangerous . This gas contains carbon monoxide (CO), wh

Seite 13

Black plate (11,1)Trunk Lid (Sedan) ... page 3-18High-mount

Seite 14

Black plate (110,1)Before Getting InlBe sure the windows, outside mirrors,and outside lights are clean.lInspect inflation pressures andcondition of ti

Seite 15 - Essential Safety Equipment

Black plate (111,1)Break-In PeriodNo special break-in is necessary, b ut a fewprecautions in the first 1,000 km (600miles) may add to the perfor mance

Seite 16

Black plate (112,1)Hazardous DrivingWARNINGDownshifting on Slippery Surfaces:Downshifting into lower gear whiledriving on slippery surfaces isdangerou

Seite 17

Black plate (113,1)Winter DrivinglCarry emergency gear, windowscraper, flares, a small shovel, jumpercables, and a small bag of sand or salt.Ask an Au

Seite 18

Black plate (114,1)Driving In Flooded AreaWARNINGDriving with Wet Br akes:Driving with wet brakes is dangerous.Increased stopping distance or thevehic

Seite 19

Black plate (115,1)Trailer TowingNever tow a trailer with your Mazda.Before Driving Your MazdaTowing4-11Mazda6_8T12-EA-03K_Edition1 Page115Friday, Dec

Seite 20

Black plate (116,1)4-12Mazda6_8T12-EA-03K_Edition1 Page116Friday, December 5 2003 8:55 AMForm No.8T12-EA-03K

Seite 21

Black plate (117,1)5Driving Your MazdaExplanation of instruments and controls.Starting and Driving ...

Seite 22

Black plate (118,1)Ignition SwitchqIgnition Switch PositionsLOCKThe steer ing wheel locks to protectagainst theft. Only in this position can thekey be

Seite 23

Black plate (119,1)NOTEIf turning the key is difficult, jiggle thesteering wheel from side to side.ACC (Accessory)The steer ing wheel unlocks and some

Seite 24

Black plate (12,1)1-6Your Vehicle at a GlanceExterior OverviewMazda6_8T12-EA-03K_Edition1 Page12Friday, December 5 2003 8:53 AMForm No.8T12-EA-03K

Seite 25

Black plate (120,1)CAUTIONDon't try the starter for more than 10seconds at a time. If the engine stalls orfails to start, wait 10 seconds beforet

Seite 26

Black plate (121,1)WARNINGDriving with Wet Br akes:Driving with wet brakes is dangerous.Increased stopping distance or thevehicle pulling to one side

Seite 27

Black plate (122,1)qBrake System Warning LightThis warning has the following functions:Parking brake warningThe light comes on when the parkingbrake i

Seite 28 - Locked position

Black plate (123,1)qAnti-Lock Brake System (ABS)íThe ABS control unit continuouslymonitors the speed of each whee l. If oneis about to lock up, the AB

Seite 29

Black plate (124,1)NOTEWhen the engine is jump-started tocharge the battery, uneven rpm occursand the ABS warning light comes on.This is due to a weak

Seite 30

Black plate (125,1)CAUTIONlKeep your foot off the clutch pedalexcept when shifting gears. Also,don't use the clutch to hold thevehicle on an upgr

Seite 31

Black plate (126,1)Automatic Transaxle ControlsIndicates that you must depress the brake pedal to shift (The ignition switch must be in the ACC or ON

Seite 32

Black plate (127,1)N (Neutral)In N, the wheels and transaxle are notlocked. The vehicle will roll freely evenon the slightest incline unless the parki

Seite 33

Black plate (128,1)qManual Shift ModeThis mode gives you the feel of driving amanual transaxle vehicle by operating theshift lever and allows you to c

Seite 34

Black plate (129,1)NOTElWhen driving slowly, the gears maynot shift up depending on vehiclespeed.lIn manua l shift mode, gears do notshift up automati

Seite 35

Black plate (13,1)Liftgate (Wagon) ... ... page 3-12High-mou

Seite 36

Black plate (130,1)At kickdown, shifting up to each gear isonly possible at the following speeds orhigher:Gear Vehicle speedM2→M3 61 km/h (37 mph)M3→M

Seite 37

Black plate (131,1)During deceleration, the gears shift downautomatically when speed is reduced tothe following:Gear Vehicle speedM5→M4Between 44 and

Seite 38

Black plate (132,1)Power SteeringPower steering is only operable when theengine is running. If the engine is off or ifthe power steering system is ino

Seite 39

Black plate (133,1)qCruise Set Indicator LightThis light comes on when a cruising speedis set.qActivation/DeactivationTo activate the system, press th

Seite 40

Black plate (134,1)NOTElThe SET function can't be activateduntil about 2 seconds after the ON/OFF switch has been engaged.lOn a steep grade, the

Seite 41

Black plate (135,1)qTo Decrease Cruising SpeedPress the SET/COAST button and hold it.The vehicl e will gradually slow.Release the button at the speed

Seite 42

Black plate (136,1)lPress the CANCEL button.The system is off when the ignition is off.NOTECruise control will cancel at about 15km/h (9 mph) below th

Seite 43

Black plate (137,1)qTCS Indicator LightThis indicator light stays on for a fewseconds when the ignition switch is turnedto the ON position. If the TCS

Seite 44

Black plate (138,1)NOTElWhen TCS is on and you attempt tofree the vehicle when it is stuck, ordrive it out of freshly fallen snow,the TCS will activat

Seite 45

Black plate (139,1)Meters and Gauges(Black-out meter)When the ignition switch is in the ON position, the dashboard gauges illuminate.Speedometer ...

Seite 46 - For rear right seat

Black plate (14,1)1-8Mazda6_8T12-EA-03K_Edition1 Page14Friday, December 5 2003 8:53 AMForm No.8T12-EA-03K

Seite 47

Black plate (140,1)qSpeedometerThe speedom eter indicates the speed ofthe vehicle.qOdometer, Trip Meter and TripMeter SelectorThe displ ay mode can be

Seite 48

Black plate (141,1)The trip meter records the total distancethe vehicle is driven until the meter isagain reset. Return it to “0.0” by holdingthe sele

Seite 49

Black plate (142,1)qFuel GaugeThe fuel gauge shows approximately howmuch fuel is in the tank. We recommendkeeping the tank over 1/4 full. When thelow

Seite 50

Black plate (143,1)Canceling the instrument clust erillumination dimmer (With exteriorlights on)When the exterior lights are on, theinstrument cluster

Seite 51

Black plate (144,1)Warning/Indicator LightsWarning/Indicator lights will appear in any of the highlighted areasSignal Warning/Indicator Lights PageBra

Seite 52

Black plate (145,1)Signal Warning/Indicator Lights PageSeat Belt Warning Light 5-33Door-Ajar Warning Light 5-33Low Washer Fluid Level Warning Light 5-

Seite 53

Black plate (146,1)qBrake System Warning LightThis warning has the following functions:Parking brake warningThe light comes on when the parkingbrake i

Seite 54

Black plate (147,1)qCharging System Warning LightThis warning light illuminates when theignition switch is turned to the ONposition and turns off when

Seite 55

Black plate (148,1)lThe emission control system has aproblem.lThe fuel- filler cap is missing or nottightened securely.If the check engine light remai

Seite 56

Black plate (149,1)A system malfunction is indicated whenthe warning light constantly flashes,illuminates or doesn't illuminate at allwhen the ig

Seite 57 - SRS Air Bags

Black plate (15,1)2Essential Safety EquipmentUse of safety equipment, including seats, seat belt system, SRS air bags andchild-restraint systems.Seats

Seite 58

Black plate (150,1)qAutomatic Transaxle WarningLightThis warning light stays on for a fewseconds when the ignition switch is turnedto the ON position.

Seite 59

Black plate (151,1)qShift Position Indicator Light(Automatic Transaxle)This indicates the selected shift positionwhen the ignition switch is in the ON

Seite 60

Black plate (152,1)If the light stays on when the TCS is notswitched off, take your vehicle to anAuthorized Mazda Dealer. The TCS mayhave a malfunctio

Seite 61

Black plate (153,1)Beep SoundsqSeat Belt Warning BeepIf the driver's seat belt is not fastenedwhen the ignition switch is turned to theON positio

Seite 62

Black plate (154,1)Lighting ControlOFFqHeadlightsTo turn on the lights, turn the headlightswitch on the end of the control lever.Switch Position OFFHe

Seite 63

Black plate (155,1)qDaytime Running Lights(Canada)In Canada, vehicles must be driven withthe headlights on during daytimeoperation.For that reason, th

Seite 64

Black plate (156,1)Fog LightsíUse this switch to turn on the fog lights.They help you to see as well as to be seen.To turn the front fog lights on, ro

Seite 65

Black plate (157,1)qWindshield WipersOFFINT12Turn the wipers on by pulling the leverdown.INT — Intermittent1 — Normal2 — FastVariable-speed intermitte

Seite 66

Black plate (158,1)Rear Window Wiper andWasheríThe ignition switch must be in the ONposition.qRear Window WiperWasherOFFINTONWasherTurn the wiper on b

Seite 67

Black plate (159,1)Fully Automatic Type Air-ConditioningCAUTIONDon't use sharp instruments or windowcleaners with abrasives to clean theinside of

Seite 68

Black plate (16,1)Front Seats (ManuallyOperated Seats)WARNINGModification of the Front Seats:Modifying or replacing the front seatssuch as replacing t

Seite 69 - Knowing Your Mazda

Black plate (160,1)Hazard Warning FlasherThe hazard warning lights should alwaysbe used when you stop on or near aroadway.The hazard warning lights wa

Seite 70

Black plate (161,1)WARNINGSafety Stop and Reverse Feature:Using the HomeLink system with anygarage door opener that lacks thesafety stop and reverse f

Seite 71 - Doors and Locks

Black plate (162,1)qProgramming the HomeLinkSystemCAUTIONWhen programming a garage dooropener or a gate, disconnect the powerto these devices before p

Seite 72

Black plate (163,1)7. Firmly press and release the “learn” or“smart” button. (The name and color ofthe button may vary by manufacturer.)NOTEThere are

Seite 73

Black plate (164,1)qReprogramming the HomeLinksystemTo program a device to HomeLink using aHomeLink button previously trained,follow these steps:1. Pr

Seite 74

Black plate (165,1)6Interior ComfortUse of various features for drive comfort, including air-conditioning and audiosystem.Climate Control System ...

Seite 75

Black plate (166,1)Operating TipsqOperating the Climate ControlSystemOperate the climate control system withthe engine running.NOTETo prevent the batt

Seite 76

Black plate (167,1)Vent OperationqAdjusting the VentsDirecting airflow1. Press the upper part of the air vent toopen it.2. Rotate the air vent left an

Seite 77

Black plate (168,1)qSelecting the Airflow ModeDefroster and Floor VentsDashboard VentsFloor VentsDefroster VentsDashboard and Floor Vents6-4Interior C

Seite 78

Black plate (169,1)Types of the Climate Control SystemManual type and fully automatic type climate control systems are explained separately.Check yo u

Seite 79

Black plate (17,1)Make sure the lever returns to its originalposition and the seat is locked in place byattempting to push it forward andbackward.qSea

Seite 80

Black plate (170,1)Manual TypeRear window defroster switchA/C SwitchAir intake selectorMode selector dialFan control dialTemperature control dialqCont

Seite 81

Black plate (171,1)Mode selector dialTurn the mode selector dial to selectairflow mode (page 6-4).A/C switchPush the switch to turn the air conditione

Seite 82 - Retainer bar

Black plate (172,1)WARNINGThe Recirculated Air Position:Using theposition in cold orrainy weather will cause the windowsto fog up. Your vision will be

Seite 83

Black plate (173,1)NOTElWhen maximum cooling is desired,set the temperature control dial to theextreme cold position and set the airintake selector to

Seite 84

Black plate (174,1)3. Set the temperature control dial to thedesired position.4. Set the fan control dial to the desiredspeed.5. Turn on the air condi

Seite 85

Black plate (175,1)Fully Automatic TypeRear window defroster switchWindshield defroster switchA/C SwitchAuto switchOFF switchMode selector switchFan c

Seite 86

Black plate (176,1)OFF switchPressing the OFF switch shuts off theclimate control system.Temperature control dialHotColdThis dial controls temperature

Seite 87

Black plate (177,1)NOTEThe air conditioner may not functionwhen the outside temperatureapproaches 0 °C (32 °F). (Indicatorremains on even when system

Seite 88

Black plate (178,1)To turn off the system, press the OFFswitch.NOTElFor an optimal cabin temperature, setthe temperature close to 25.0°C(77.0°F). Adju

Seite 89

Black plate (179,1)Interior temperature sensorInterior ComfortClimate Control System6-15Mazda6_8T12-EA-03K_Edition1 Page179Friday, December 5 2003 8:5

Seite 90

Black plate (18,1)qHeight Adjustment (Driver'sSeat)By moving the seat lever up or down, theseat bottom height can be adjusted.LeverDownUpqHead Re

Seite 91

Black plate (180,1)AntennaqDetachable TypeTo remove the antenna, turn itcounterclockwise.To install the antenna, turn it clockwise.Make sure the anten

Seite 92

Black plate (181,1)qRadio ReceptionAM characteristicsAM signals bend around such thin gs asbuildings or mountains and bounce off theionosphere. Theref

Seite 93

Black plate (182,1)Flutter/Skip noiseSignals from an FM transmitter move instraight lines and become weak in valleysbetween tall buildings, mountains,

Seite 94

Black plate (183,1)qOperating Tips for Cassette TapePlayerCleaning the cassette tape playerThe tape head, capstans, and pinch rollerswill gather oxide

Seite 95

Black plate (184,1)qOperating Tips for Mini Disc(MD) PlayerThe following precautions should beobserved.lDo not spill any liquid on the audiosystem.lDo

Seite 96

Black plate (185,1)qOperating Tips for CD Player/In-Dash CD ChangerCondensation phenomenonImmediately after turning on the heaterwhen the vehicle is c

Seite 97 - Immobilizer System

Black plate (186,1)lWhen driving over uneven surfaces,the sound may jump.lThe CD player/changer has beendesigned to play CDs bearing theidentification

Seite 98

Black plate (187,1)Audio SetIllustration is of a representative audio unit.Mini Disc (MD) Player (Some models.)Cassette Tape Player (Some models.)In-d

Seite 99

Black plate (188,1)qPower/Volume/Sound ControlsPower/Volume dialAudio control dialPower ON/OFFTurn the ignition switch to the ACC orON position.Press

Seite 100 - Security System

Black plate (189,1)BOSE Sound System-equipped model** Depending on the mode selected, theindication changes.2. Turn the audio control dial to adjust t

Seite 101

Black plate (19,1)NOTEThe thermostat regulates seattemperature by turning the current onand off.Front Seats (ElectricallyOperated Seats)WARNINGModific

Seite 102

Black plate (190,1)The following four modes are available.Select the desired mode.Mode Volume changeNo changeMinimumMediumMaximumTurn the audio contro

Seite 103 - ON button

Black plate (191,1)Interior ComfortAudio System6-27Mazda6_8T12-EA-03K_Edition1 Page191Friday, December 5 2003 8:57 AMForm No.8T12-EA-03K

Seite 104 - Light sensor

Black plate (192,1)qOperating the RadioBand selector buttonsSeek tuning buttonAutomemorybuttonScan buttonChannel preset buttonsManual tuning dialRadio

Seite 105 - Before Driving Your Mazda

Black plate (193,1)Seek tuningPressing the seek tuning button (, )will cause the tuner to seek a higher orlower frequency automatically.NOTEIf you con

Seite 106 - Fuel Requirements

Black plate (194,1)qOperating the Cassette Tape Playerí(one being played)APC button: (next program)Rewind buttonRepeat buttonDolby NR buttonProgram bu

Seite 107 - Emission Control System

Black plate (195,1)NOTEThe cassette tape can be eject ed whenthe ignition switch is in the OFFposition.Fast-forward/RewindPress the fast-forward butto

Seite 108

Black plate (196,1)qOperating the Mini Disc (MD) PlayeríTrack up buttonTrack down buttonScanbuttonDisplaybuttonReverse buttonDisplay feed dialRepeat b

Seite 109

Black plate (197,1)Press the scan button ( ) during playto start scan play operation (the tracknumber will flash).Press the scan button () once again

Seite 110 - Before Starting the Engine

Black plate (198,1)qOperating the Compact Disc (CD) PlayeríCD eject buttonScanbuttonTrack down buttonTrack up buttonReverse buttonRepeat buttonRandom

Seite 111 - Driving Tips

Black plate (199,1)Press the scan button ( ) during playto start scan play operation (the tracknumber will flash).Press the scan button () once again

Seite 112 - Rocking the Vehicle

Black plate (2,1)Mazda6_8T12-EA-03K_Edition1 Page2Friday, December 5 2003 8:53 AMForm No.8T12-EA-03K

Seite 113 - Winter Driving

Black plate (20,1)CAUTIONlThe seat-bottom power adjustment isoperated by motors. Avoid extendedoperation because excessive use candamage the motors.lT

Seite 114

Black plate (200,1)qOperating the In-Dash CD ChangeríCD play buttonFast-forward buttonDisc down buttonTrack down buttonTrack up buttonScanbuttonChanne

Seite 115

Black plate (201,1)Multiple insertion1. Press and hold the load button ()for about 2 seconds until a beep isheard.2. Wait 3 seconds or press the load

Seite 116

Black plate (202,1)Press the track down button ( ) once toskip back to the beginning of the curren ttrack.Disc searchPress the disc up button () to sk

Seite 117 - Driving Your Mazda

Black plate (203,1)qError IndicationsIf you see an error indication on the display, find the cause in the chart. If you cannot clearthe error indicati

Seite 118

Black plate (204,1)Audio Control SwitchOperation (SteeringWheel)íNOTEMazda installed this system to help youavoid being too distracted using audiocont

Seite 119

Black plate (205,1)qSeek SwitchWhen lis tening to the radioPress the seek switch (, ), the radioswitches to the next/previous storedstation in the ord

Seite 120

Black plate (206,1)Safety CertificationThis CD player is made and tested to meet exacting safety standards. It meets FCCrequirements and complies with

Seite 121

Black plate (207,1)SunvisorsWhen you need a sunvisor, lower it foruse in front or swing it to the side.SunvisorqVanity MirrorsTo use the vanity mirror

Seite 122

Black plate (208,1)qOverhead LightsFrontWith moonroofDOOROFFWithout moonroofOFFDOORSwitchPositionFront Overhead LightsOFF Light offDOORlLight on when

Seite 123

Black plate (209,1)Without moonroofRearqLuggage Compartment LightHatchbackONOFFSwitchPositionLuggage Compartment LightOFF Light offON Light on when th

Seite 124

Black plate (21,1)qHeight Adjustment (Driver'sSeat)Front height adjustmentTo adjust the front height of the seat-bottom, raise or lower the front

Seite 125

Black plate (210,1)Information DisplaySET buttonAMB buttonDIMMER buttonCLOCK buttonqInformation Display FunctionsThe information display has the follo

Seite 126

Black plate (211,1)qClockWhen the ignition switch is in the ACC orON position, the time is displayed.Time setting1. Press the CLOCK button until a bee

Seite 127

Black plate (212,1)qClimate Control DisplayThe climate control system status isdisplayed. To operate the climate controlsystem, refer to “Climate Cont

Seite 128 - Shift position

Black plate (213,1)CAUTIONlDon't touch the metal part of thelighter, you may burn yourself.lDon't hold the lighter in because itwill overhea

Seite 129 - Starting and Driving

Black plate (214,1)Cup HolderWARNINGUsing Cup Holder:Using a cup holder to hold hot liquidswhile the vehicle is moving isdangerous. If the contents sp

Seite 130

Black plate (215,1)Bottle HolderBottle holders are on the inside of thefront doors.Bottle holderCAUTIONDon't use the bottle holders forcontainers

Seite 131

Black plate (216,1)qStorage PocketTo open, push the release catch down andpull the lid downward.qCenter Box with LidTo use, pull the knob, and the lid

Seite 132 - Cruise Control

Black plate (217,1)Small items can be placed in the tray ofthe center console lid.To open it, pull the upper release catch.qStorage Box (Hatchback/Wag

Seite 133

Black plate (218,1)HatchbackWagonqCargo Sub-Compartment(Wagon)To use the cargo sub-compartment,remove trunk board A and open trunkboard B.Cargo sub-co

Seite 134

Black plate (219,1)Accessory SocketThe ignition switch must be in the ACCor ON position.Only use genuine Mazda accessories orthe equivalent requiring

Seite 135

Black plate (22,1)qHead RestraintWARNINGHead Restraints Adjustment:Driving with the head restraintsadjusted too low or removed isdangerous. With no su

Seite 136

Black plate (220,1)5. Pass the plug cord through the hole ofthe tray and insert the plug in thesocket.Plug6. Make sure the plug cord is runningthrough

Seite 137

Black plate (221,1)7In Case of an EmergencyHelpful information on what to do in an emergency.Parking in an Emergency ...

Seite 138

Black plate (222,1)Parking in an EmergencyThe hazard warning lights should alwaysbe used when you stop on or near aroadway.The hazard warning lights w

Seite 139

Black plate (223,1)Spare Tire and Tool StorageSpare tire and tools are stored in the locations illustrated in the diagram.Sedan/HatchbackSpare tireTir

Seite 140

Black plate (224,1)qJackTo remove the jack(Sedan)1. Remove the jack container lid.2. Turn the wing bolt counterclockwise.JackWing bolt(Hatchback/Wagon

Seite 141

Black plate (225,1)qSpare TireYour Mazda has a temporary spare tire.The temporary spare is lighter and smallerthan a conventional tire, and is designe

Seite 142

Black plate (226,1)2. Turn the tire wing boltcounterclockwise.Lug wrench(Hatchback)1. For vehicles equipped with a sub-woofer, uncouple the connector.

Seite 143

Black plate (227,1)(Wagon)1. Remove trunk board A and open trunkboard B.Trunk board BTrunk board A2. For vehicles equipped with a cargosub-compartment

Seite 144

Black plate (228,1)Changing a Flat TireNOTEIf the following occurs while driving, itcould indicate a flat tire.lSteering becomes difficult.lThe vehicl

Seite 145

Black plate (229,1)qRemoving a Flat Tire1. If your vehicle is equipped with awheel cover, pry off the wheel coverwith the beveled end of the lug wrenc

Seite 146

Black plate (23,1)Rear SeatWARNINGStacking Cargo:Stacking luggage or other cargohigher than the seatbacks, and placingarticles on the rear package tra

Seite 147

Black plate (230,1)WARNINGIncorrect Jacking Position:Attempting to jack the vehicle inpositions other than thoserecommended in this manual isdangerous

Seite 148

Black plate (231,1)qLocking Lug NutsíIf your vehicle has optional antitheftwheel lug nuts, one on each wheel willlock the tires and you must use a spe

Seite 149

Black plate (232,1)3. Install the lug nuts with the bevelededge inward; tighten them by hand.WARNINGDon't Apply Oil or Grease to LugNuts, Bolts:A

Seite 150

Black plate (233,1)WARNINGMetric Studs and Lug Nuts:Because the wheel studs and lug nutson your Mazda have metric threads,using a non-metric nut is da

Seite 151

Black plate (234,1)OverheatingIf the temperature gauge indicatesoverheating, the vehicle loses power, oryou hear a loud knocking or pingingnoise, the

Seite 152

Black plate (235,1)If you find a leak or other damage, or ifcoolant is still leaking:Stop the engine and call an AuthorizedMazda Dealer.2.3-liter engi

Seite 153

Black plate (236,1)Starting a Flooded EngineIf the engine fails to start, it may beflooded (excessive fuel in the engine).Follow this procedure:1. Dep

Seite 154

Black plate (237,1)Jump-StartingJump-starting is dangerous if done incor rectly. So follow the procedure carefully. If youfeel unsure about jump-start

Seite 155

Black plate (238,1)WARNINGLow Fluid Level or Frozen Battery:Jump-starting a frozen battery or one with a low fluid level is dangerous. It mayrupture o

Seite 156

Black plate (239,1)lConnect the other end to a solid,stationary, exposed metallic point(for example, the strut mountingbolt) away from the dischargedb

Seite 157

Black plate (24,1)WARNINGChildren and the Folding Rear Seats:Playing with the folding rear seats isdangerous. Once the seats are backup, a child in th

Seite 158

Black plate (240,1)Towing DescriptionWe recommend that towing be done onlyby an Authorized Mazda Dealer or acommercial tow-truck service.Proper liftin

Seite 159

Black plate (241,1)CAUTIONDo not use the hooks under the rearbumper for towing and tying down, asthey cannot hold the load and it willdamage the bumpe

Seite 160 - Switches and Controls

Black plate (242,1)7-22Mazda6_8T12-EA-03K_Edition1 Page242Friday, December 5 2003 8:58 AMForm No.8T12-EA-03K

Seite 161

Black plate (243,1)8Maintenance and CareHow to keep your Mazda in top condition.Introduction ...

Seite 162

Black plate (244,1)IntroductionBe extremely careful and prevent injury to yourself and others or damage to your vehiclewhen using this manual for insp

Seite 163

Black plate (245,1)Scheduled MaintenanceFollow Schedule 1 if the vehicle is operated mainly where none of the following conditionsapply.If any do appl

Seite 164

Black plate (246,1)qSchedule 1Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers (miles), whichever comes firstMonths 6 12 18 24 30 36 42 48×1000 km 1

Seite 165 - Interior Comfort

Black plate (247,1)qSchedule 2Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers (miles), whichever comes firstMonths 4 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 44 4

Seite 166

Black plate (248,1)Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers (miles), whichever comes firstMonths 4 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 44 48×1000 km 8

Seite 167

Black plate (249,1)Owner Maintenance ScheduleThe owner or a qualified service technician should make these vehicle inspections at theindicated interva

Seite 168 - Dashboard and Floor Vents

Black plate (25,1)CAUTIONBe careful of the following when usingthe remote handle levers:lOn a downward slope, the seatbackcould flip forward faster th

Seite 169

Black plate (250,1)Owner Maintenance PrecautionsImproper or incomplete service may result in problems. This section gives instructions onlyfor items t

Seite 170

Black plate (251,1)Engine Compartment OverviewPower steering fluid reservoirWindshield washer fluid reservoirFuse blockAir filterBrake/Clutch fluid re

Seite 171

Black plate (252,1)Engine OilqRecommended OilOil container labels provide importantinformation.ENGINESGASOLINE(ILSAC)FORThe quality designation SL or

Seite 172

Black plate (253,1)CAUTIONDon't add engine oil over MAX. Thismay cause engine damage.6. Make sure the O-ring on the dipstick ispositioned properl

Seite 173 - Climate Control System

Black plate (254,1)Drain plugFrontLoosenTighten3.0-liter engine7. Start the engine and inspect around thedrain plug for leaks.8. Turn it off and wait

Seite 174

Black plate (255,1)Inspect the antifreeze protection andcoolant level in the coolant reservoir atleast once a year—at the beginning of thewinter seaso

Seite 175 - Fully Automatic Type

Black plate (256,1)To change coolantWARNINGRemoving the Cooling System Cap:Removing the cooling system capwhile the engine is running or hot isdangero

Seite 176

Black plate (257,1)Brake/Clutch FluidqInspecting Brake/Clutch FluidLevelThe brakes and clutch draw fluid from thesame reservoir.Inspect the fluid leve

Seite 177

Black plate (258,1)Power Steering FluidqInspecting Power Steering FluidLevelCAUTIONTo avoid damage to the power steeringpump, don't operate the v

Seite 178

Black plate (259,1)Automatic Transaxle Fluid(ATF)qInspecting Automatic TransaxleFluid LevelThe autom atic transaxle fluid level shouldbe inspected reg

Seite 179

Black plate (26,1)qEasy Fold Down Rear Seatbacksand Seat Bottom for AddedLuggage Space (Hatchback/Wagon)The seatback and seat bottom can befolded down

Seite 180

Black plate (260,1)CAUTIONlUse the cold scale only as areference.lIf outside temperature is lower thanabout 20°C (70°F), start the engineand inspect t

Seite 181

Black plate (261,1)Inspect fluid level in the washer fluidreservoir; add fluid if necessary.Use plain water if washer fluid isunavailable.But use only

Seite 182

Black plate (262,1)Air FilterCAUTIONDon't drive without an air filter. Thiscould result in excessive engine wear.This air filter may be cleane d

Seite 183 - Audio System

Black plate (263,1)Replace the filter according to ScheduledMaintenance (page 8-3).Wiper BladesCAUTIONlHot waxes applied by automatic carwashers have

Seite 184

Black plate (264,1)NOTETo prevent damage to the wiper armblades when raising both the driver andpassenger side wiper arms, raise thedriver side wiper

Seite 185

Black plate (265,1)CAUTIONlDon't bend or discard the stiffeners.You need to use them again.lIf the metal stiffeners are switched,the blade's

Seite 186

Black plate (266,1)2. Hold the end of the blade rubber andpull until the tabs are free of the metalsupport.Metal supportPull outTab3. Remove the metal

Seite 187

Black plate (267,1)2. Pull down the blade rubber and slide itout of the blade holder.Pull out3. Remove the metal stiffeners from theblade rubber and i

Seite 188

Black plate (268,1)BatteryWARNINGBattery-Related Lead Materials:Battery posts, terminals and related accessories contain lead and lead compounds,chemi

Seite 189

Black plate (269,1)qBattery MaintenanceTo get the best service from a battery:lKeep it securely mounted.lKeep the top clean and dry.lKeep terminals an

Seite 190

Black plate (27,1)CAUTIONAlways unfasten the lap portion of thebelt before folding the rear-leftseatback. Leaving the lap portion of thebelt fastened

Seite 191

Black plate (270,1)qTire Inflation PressureWARNINGIncorrect Tire Inflation:Overinflation or underinflation of tiresis dangerous. Adverse handling orun

Seite 192

Black plate (271,1)Also, inspect them for uneven wear anddamage. Abnormal wear is usually causedby one or a combination of the following:lIncorrect ti

Seite 193

Black plate (272,1)CAUTIONlDon't use your temporary spare tirerim with a snow tire or aconventional tire. Neither willproperly fit and could dama

Seite 194

Black plate (273,1)Light BulbsLuggage compartment light (Hatchback)High-mount brake light (Sedan)Headlights(High beam)Headlights(Low beam)Overhead lig

Seite 195

Black plate (274,1)Your Mazda's headlights and fog lightshave replaceable halogen bulbs.WARNINGHandling Halogen Bulbs:When a halogen bulb breaks,

Seite 196

Black plate (275,1)3. Disconnect the bulb from the socket.SocketBrake lights/Taillights, Rear turn signallights(Sedan)1. Pull the center section of th

Seite 197

Black plate (276,1)3. Disconnect the bulb from the socket.SocketRear turn signal lightsBrake lights/Taillights4. Install the new bulb in the reverse o

Seite 198

Black plate (277,1)2. Detach the electrical connector fromthe socket.3. Turn the socket and bulb assemblycounterclockwise and remove it.4. Disconnect

Seite 199

Black plate (278,1)2. Disconnect the bulb by pulling it out.3. Install the new bulb in the reverse orderof removal.qReplacing Interior Light BulbsOver

Seite 200

Black plate (279,1)3. Disconnect the bulb from the socket.Socket4. Install the new bulb in the reverse orderof removal.Courtesy lights, Vanity mirror

Seite 201

Black plate (28,1)WARNINGSeat Belts Caught Under Seatbacks:A seat belt caught under a seatbackafter the seatback is returned to itsupright position is

Seite 202

Black plate (280,1)Trunk light (Sedan)1. Press both sides of the lens cap toremove it.2. Disconnect the bulb by pulling it out.3. Install the new bulb

Seite 203

Black plate (281,1)3. Pull the fuse straight out with the fusepuller provided on the fuse blocklocated in the engine compartment.Fuse pullerEngine com

Seite 204

Black plate (282,1)qFuse Panel DescriptionFuse block (Engine compartment)DESCRIP-TIONFUSERAT-INGPROTECTEDCOMPONENT1 SPARE 20A —2 SPARE 15A —3 SPARE 10

Seite 205

Black plate (283,1)DESCRIP-TIONFUSERAT-INGPROTECTEDCOMPONENT23IGKEY230AReverse lights, Heater controlunit24 BLOWER40A Blower motor25BTN 40AOverhead li

Seite 206

Black plate (284,1)Fuse block (Driver's side kick-panel)DESCRIPTIONFUSERATINGPROTECTEDCOMPONENT1ENGINEIG15A Engine control system2METERIG15A Inst

Seite 207 - Interior Equipment

Black plate (285,1)How to MinimizeEnvironmental PaintDamageThe paintwork on your Mazda representsthe latest technical developments incomposition and m

Seite 208

Black plate (286,1)qWater MarksOccurrenceRain, fog, dew, and even tap water cancontain harmful minerals such as salt andlime. If moisture containing t

Seite 209

Black plate (287,1)Exterior CareFollow all label and container directionswhen using a chemical cleaner or polish.Read all warnings and cautions.qMaint

Seite 210 - Information Display

Black plate (288,1)Insects, tar, tree sap, bird droppings,industrial fallout, and similar deposits candamage the finish if not removedimmediately. Whe

Seite 211

Black plate (289,1)CAUTIONDon't use steel wool, abrasive cleaners,or stro ng detergents containing highlyalkaline or caustic agents on chrome-pla

Seite 212

Black plate (29,1)qArmrestThe armr est can be used or placed upright.ArmrestWARNINGPositioning the Shoulder Belt Over theArmrest:Positioning the shoul

Seite 213

Black plate (290,1)Interior CareqDashboard PrecautionsPrevent caustic solutions such as perfumeand cosmetic oils from contacting thedashboard. They&ap

Seite 214

Black plate (291,1)qCleaning the Window InteriorsIf the windows become covered with anoily, greasy, or waxy film, clean themwith glass cleaner. Follow

Seite 215

Black plate (292,1)8-50Mazda6_8T12-EA-03K_Edition1 Page292Friday, December 5 2003 8:59 AMForm No.8T12-EA-03K

Seite 216

Black plate (293,1)9Customer Information and ReportingSafety DefectsImportant consumer information including warranties and add-on equipment.Customer

Seite 217

Black plate (294,1)Customer Assistance (U.S.A.)Your complete and permanent satisfaction is our business. We are here to serve you. AllAuthorized Mazda

Seite 218

Black plate (295,1)4. Purchase date and current mileage5. Your dealer's name and location6. Your question(s)If you live outside the U.S.A., pleas

Seite 219

Black plate (296,1)Customer Assistance (Canada)qSatisfaction Review ProcessYour complete and permanent satisfaction is of primary concern to Mazda. Al

Seite 220

Black plate (297,1)Please recognize that the resolution of service problems in most cases requires the use ofyour Mazda dealer's service faciliti

Seite 221 - In Case of an Emergency

Black plate (298,1)Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Office235 Yorkland Boulevard, suite 300North York, OntarioM2J 4Y81 (800) 207-0685Provincial Admi

Seite 222

Black plate (299,1)Customer Assistance (Puerto Rico)Your complete and permanent satisfaction is our business. That is why all AuthorizedMazda Dealers

Seite 223

Black plate (3,1)Thank you for choosing a Mazda. We at Mazda design and build vehicles with completecustomer satisfaction in mind.To help ensure enjoy

Seite 224

Black plate (30,1)Seat Belt PrecautionsSeat belts help to decrease the possibility of severe injury during accidents and suddenstops. Mazda recommends

Seite 225 - Flat Tire

Black plate (300,1)Importer/DistributorqU.S.A.Mazda North American Operations7755 Irvi ne Center DriveIrvine, CA 92618-2922 U.S.A.P.O. Box 19734Irvine

Seite 226

Black plate (301,1)Warranties for Your MazdalNew Vehicle Limited WarrantylDistributor Major Component Limited Warranty (Canada only)lSafety Restraint

Seite 227

Black plate (302,1)Outside the United StatesGovernment regulations in the United States require that automobiles meet specificemission regulations and

Seite 228

Black plate (303,1)Outside CanadaGovernment regulations in Canada require that automobiles meet specific emissionregulations and safety regulations. T

Seite 229

Black plate (304,1)Registering Your Vehicle in A Foreign Country (ExceptUnited States and Canada)Government regulations in your country could require

Seite 230

Black plate (305,1)Add-On Non-Genuine Parts and AccessoriesNon-genuine parts and accessories for Mazda vehicles can be found in stores.These may fit y

Seite 231

Black plate (306,1)Cell Phones WarningWARNINGUse of Cell Phones and Other Devices by Driver:Use of any electrical devices such as cell phones, compute

Seite 232

Black plate (307,1)Type Approval of EquipmentImmobilizer systemCustomer Information and Reporting Safety DefectsType Approval of Equipment9-15Mazda6_8

Seite 233

Black plate (308,1)Uniform Tire Quality Grading System (UTQGS)This information relates to the tire grading system developed by the U.S. NationalHighwa

Seite 234

Black plate (309,1)WARNINGThe temperature grade for this tire is established for a tire that is properly inflated andnot overloaded. Excessive speed,

Seite 235

Black plate (31,1)WARNINGNot Wearing Seat Belts:Not wearing a seat belt is extremely dangerous. During a collision, occupants notwearing seat belts co

Seite 236

Black plate (310,1)Reporting Safety DefectsNOTEIf you live in the U.S.A., all correspondence to Mazda Motor Corporation should beforwarded to:Mazda No

Seite 237

Black plate (311,1)Service PublicationsFactory-authorized Mazda service publications are available for owners who wish to dosome of their own maintena

Seite 238

Black plate (312,1)9-20Mazda6_8T12-EA-03K_Edition1 Page312Friday, December 5 2003 9:0 AMForm No.8T12-EA-03K

Seite 239 - Emergency Starting

Black plate (313,1)10SpecificationsTechnical information about your Mazda.Identification Numbers ...

Seite 240

Black plate (314,1)Vehicle Information LabelsqVehicle Identification NumberThe vehicl e identification number legallyidentifies your vehicle. The numb

Seite 241

Black plate (315,1)SpecificationsqEngineItemSpecification2.3-liter engine 3.0-liter engineType DOHC-16V in-line, 4-cylinder DOHC-24V 60°V, 6-cylinderB

Seite 242

Black plate (316,1)qCapacities(Approximate Quantities)ItemUnitL US qt Imp qtEngine oil2.3-literengineWith oil filter replacement 4.3 4.5 3.8Without oi

Seite 243 - Maintenance and Care

Black plate (317,1)qWeightsItem WeightGVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating)Sedan 1,958 kg (4,317 lb)Hatchback/Wagon 2,032 kg (4,480 lb)GAWR (Gross Axle W

Seite 244

Black plate (318,1)Interior lightLight bulbCategoryWattage ECE RTrunk light (Sedan) 3 —Overhead light/Map lights 5 W5WCourtesy lights 5 W5WVanity mirr

Seite 245 - Scheduled Maintenance

Black plate (319,1)11Index11-1Mazda6_8T12-EA-03K_Edition1 Page319Friday, December 5 2003 9:0 AMForm No.8T12-EA-03K

Seite 246

Black plate (32,1)qPregnant Women and Persons with Serious Medical ConditionsPregnant women should wear seat belts. Ask your doctor for specific recom

Seite 247

Black plate (320,1)AAccessory Socket ... 6-55Add-On Non-Genuine Parts andAccessories ...

Seite 248

Black plate (321,1)DDashboard Illumination ... 5-26Daytime Running Lights ... 5-39DefrosterRear window ...

Seite 249 - Owner Maintenance

Black plate (322,1)HHeadlightsControl ... 5-38Flashing ... ... 5-38High-low beam .

Seite 250

Black plate (323,1)MMirrorsOutside mirrors ... 3-34Rearview mirror ... 3-35Money-Saving Suggestions ...

Seite 251

Black plate (324,1)SStorage Compartments ... 6-51Cargo securing loops ... 6-53Cargo sub-compartment ... 6-

Seite 252 - Engine Oil

Black plate (325,1)WWindshield Wipers ... 5-41Blades replacement ... 8-21Winter Driving ...

Seite 253

Black plate (326,1)11-8Mazda6_8T12-EA-03K_Edition1 Page326Friday, December 5 2003 9:0 AMForm No.8T12-EA-03K

Seite 254

Black plate (33,1)3-Point Type Seat BeltNOTEWhen using the rear center seat belt,refer to “Rear Center Position SeatBelt” (page 2-23).qFastening the S

Seite 255

Black plate (34,1)qUnfastening the Seat BeltsDepress the button on the buckle .NOTEIf a belt does not fully retract, inspect itfor kinks and twists. I

Seite 256

Black plate (35,1)Front Seat BeltPretensioner and LoadLimiting SystemsFor optimum protection, the driver andfront passen ger seat belts are equippedwi

Seite 257

Black plate (36,1)WARNINGPretensioner System Disposal:Improper disposal of the pretensionersystem or a vehicle with non-deactivated pretensioners isda

Seite 258

Black plate (37,1)Rear Center Position SeatBeltBefore using the rear-center lap/shoulderbelt make sure tongue (A) and anchorbuckle (B) are fastened.(A

Seite 259

Black plate (38,1)qUnfastening the Seat BeltDepress the button on the buckle .qUnfastening the Lap Portion ofthe Seat BeltInsert a small object such a

Seite 260

Black plate (39,1)To pull out the seat belt, slide tongue (A)with your finger while moving itdownward, and slowly pull out the seatbelt from the ceili

Seite 261

Black plate (4,1)We want to help you get the most drivingpleasure from your vehicle. Your owne r'smanual, when read from cover to cover,can do th

Seite 262

Black plate (40,1)WARNINGUsing an Extender That is Too Long:Using an extender that is too long isdangerous. The seat belt will not fitproperly. In an

Seite 263

Black plate (41,1)Seat Belt Warning BeepIf the driver's seat belt is not fastenedwhen the ignition switch is turned to theON position, a beep sou

Seite 264

Black plate (42,1)Child Restraint PrecautionsMazda strongly urges the use of child-restraint systems for children small enough to usethem.You are requ

Seite 265

Black plate (43,1)WARNINGHolding a Child While the Vehicle is Moving:Holding a child in your arms while the vehicle is moving is extremely dangerous.

Seite 266

Black plate (44,1)WARNINGOperating the Remot e Handle Levers While a Rear-Facing Child-Restraint System isin the Rear Seat:Operating the remote handle

Seite 267

Black plate (45,1)Installing Child-RestraintSystemsAccident statistics reveal that a child issafer in the rear seat. The front passenger'sseat is

Seite 268

Black plate (46,1)3. To get the retractor into the automaticlocking mode, pull the shoulder beltportion of the seat belt until the entirelength of the

Seite 269

Black plate (47,1)Hatchback/Wagon Anchor bracket locationFor rear right seatFor rear left seatHatchback/Wagon Tether strap positionTether strap(routed

Seite 270

Black plate (48,1)qRear Center Seat Child-RestraintSystem Installation1. Secure the child-restraint system withthe seat belt, according to themanufact

Seite 271

Black plate (49,1)WARNINGIncorrect Attachment of theTetherStrap for the Rear Center SeatPosition (Hatchback):Attaching the tether strap for the rearce

Seite 272

Black plate (5,1)Mazda6_8T12-EA-03K_Edition1 Page5Friday, December 5 2003 8:53 AMForm No.8T12-EA-03KTable of ContentsYour Vehicle at a GlanceInterior,

Seite 273 - Rear turn signal lights

Black plate (50,1)WARNINGFront Passenger's Seat Position:As your vehicle has front air bags anddoubly so if your vehicle has side airbags, a fron

Seite 274

Black plate (51,1)2. Secure the child-restraint system withthe lap portion of the lap/shoulder belt.See the manufacturer's instructions onthe chi

Seite 275

Black plate (52,1)LATCH Child-Restraint SystemsYour Mazda is equipped with LATCH lower anchors for attachment of specially designedLATCH child-restrai

Seite 276

Black plate (53,1)qLATCH Child-Restraint SystemInstallation Procedure (RearOutboard Seats)1. Make sure the seatback is securelylatched by pushing it b

Seite 277

Black plate (54,1)Hatchback/Wagon Tether strap positionTether strap(routed between head restraint upright)WARNINGChild-Restraint Tether Usage:Using th

Seite 278

Black plate (55,1)2. Expand the area between the seatbottom and the seatback slightly toverify the locations of the LATCHlower anchors.LATCH lower anc

Seite 279

Black plate (56,1)Wagon Tether strap positionTether strapAnchorbracketWARNINGChild-Restraint Tether Usage:Using the tether or tether anchor tosecure a

Seite 280

Black plate (57,1)Supplemental Restraint Systems (SRS) PrecautionsThe front and side supplemental restraint systems (SRS) include up to 6 air bags (ve

Seite 281

Black plate (58,1)WARNINGAir Bags without Seat Belts:Depending only on the air bags for protection during an accident is dangerous. Alone,air bags may

Seite 282

Black plate (59,1)WARNINGSeating Position with Side and Curtain Air Bags:Sitting too close to the side air bag modules or placing hands on them is ext

Seite 283

Black plate (6,1)Mazda6_8T12-EA-03K_Edition1 Page6Friday, December 5 2003 8:53 AMForm No.8T12-EA-03K

Seite 284

Black plate (60,1)WARNINGHot Air Bag Inflators:Hot air bag inflators are dangerous. Immediately after inflation, the inflators in thesteering wheel, d

Seite 285

Black plate (61,1)NOTElWhen an air bag deploys, a loud inflation noise can be heard and some smoke will bereleased. Neither is likely to cause injury,

Seite 286

Black plate (62,1)Air Bag System DescriptionThe supplemental restraint systems (SRS) have two basic subsystems:lThe air bag system with inflators and

Seite 287 - Appearance Care

Black plate (63,1)qHow the Air Bags WorkWhen air bag crash sensors detect a frontal or side impact of greater than moderate force,an electrical curren

Seite 288

Black plate (64,1)qAir Bag Activation/DeactivationFront air bag activationA greater than moderate impact will cause the front air bags to inflate in t

Seite 289

Black plate (65,1)Limitations to front air bag activationDepending on the severity of impact, the front air bags may not inflate in the followingcases

Seite 290

Black plate (66,1)Side and curtain air bag activationíGreater than moderate impact to one side of the vehicle (driver or passenger side areas) willcau

Seite 291

Black plate (67,1)Non-activation of side and curtain air bagsíThe side and curtain air bags will not normally inflate in the following cases:Collision

Seite 292

Black plate (68,1)WARNINGSelf-Servicing the Air Bag/Pretensioner Systems:Self-servicing or tampering with thesystems is dangerous. An air bag/pretensi

Seite 293 - Safety Defects

Black plate (69,1)3Knowing Your MazdaExplanation of basic operations and controls; opening/closing and adjustmentof various parts.Doors and Locks ...

Seite 294

Black plate (7,1)1Your Vehicle at a GlanceInterior, exterior views and part identification of your Mazda.Dashboard and Interior Overview ...

Seite 295

Black plate (70,1)KeysWARNINGKeys and Children:Leaving children in a vehicle with thekey is dangerous. This could result insomeone being badly injured

Seite 296

Black plate (71,1)Keyless Entry SystemThis system locks and unlocks the doorsand the hatch/liftgate, and opens thetrunk.It can also help you signal fo

Seite 297

Black plate (72,1)NOTEl(U.S.A.)This device complies with part 15 ofthe FCC Rules. Operation is subjectto the following two conditions: (1)This device

Seite 298

Black plate (73,1)Panic buttonYou can use thebutton to turn on thealarm, which allows you to signal forattention in an emergency.NOTEThe alarm will wo

Seite 299

Black plate (74,1)Replacing the transmitter battery1. Insert a small screwdriver into the slotand gently pry open the transmitter.Back coverSlot2. Pre

Seite 300

Black plate (75,1)Door LocksWARNINGUnattended Children and Pets:Leaving a child or an animalunattended in a parked vehicle isdangerous. In hot weather

Seite 301 - Warranty

Black plate (76,1)qLocking, Unlocking with Door-Lock KnobTo lock any door from the inside, push thedoor-lock knob.To unlock, pull it out.This does not

Seite 302

Black plate (77,1)NOTEHolding the key in the unlockedposition in the driver's door lock forabout a second unlocks all doors andthe hatch/liftgate

Seite 303

Black plate (78,1)Hatch (Hatchback)WARNINGOpen Hatch and Exhaust Gas:Exhaust gas in the cabin of a vehicleis dangerous. This gas contains CO(carbon mo

Seite 304

Black plate (79,1)NOTEIf the vehicle battery is dead or there isa malfunction in the electrical systemand the hatch cannot be unlocked,perform the fol

Seite 305

Black plate (8,1)1-2Your Vehicle at a GlanceDashboard and Interior OverviewMazda6_8T12-EA-03K_Edition1 Page8Friday, December 5 2003 8:53 AMForm No.8T1

Seite 306

Black plate (80,1)This cover can be removed for moreroom. To do this, just unfasten the straps;then lift and pull it out.Liftgate (Wagon)WARNINGOpen L

Seite 307

Black plate (81,1)qOpening and Closing the LiftgateOpening the liftgatePull up on the handle.NOTEIf the vehicle battery is dead or there isa malfuncti

Seite 308

Black plate (82,1)qLuggage Compartment CoverUse the luggage compartment cover toconceal cargo or luggage.WARNINGPlacing Cargo on the Cover:Placing lug


Black plate (83,1)NOTETo fully retract and protect the cover,guide the cover all the way into theretainer.Tab2. Press and hold the button on the right

Seite 310

Black plate (84,1)Dividing the luggage compartmentform the rear seatWARNINGUsing the Luggage Compartment Netto Secure Cargo:Using the luggage compartm

Seite 311

Black plate (85,1)Dividing the luggage compartmentfrom the front seatsWARNINGUsing the Luggage Compartment Netto Secure Cargo:Using the luggage compar

Seite 312

Black plate (86,1)5. Slowly pull out the net in the upwarddirection, insert the left and right netanchors into the ceiling retainers, andslide them to

Seite 313 - Specifications

Black plate (87,1)qOpening and Closing the TrunkWARNINGOpen Trunk Lid and Children:Leaving the trunk lid open or leavingchildren in the vehicle with t

Seite 314

Black plate (88,1)Closing the trunk lidUse both hands to push the trunk lid downuntil the lock snaps shut. Do not slam it.Pull up on the trunk lid to

Seite 315

Black plate (89,1)Inside Trunk Release SlideLever (Sedan)Your vehicle is equipped with an insidetrunk release slide lever that provides ameans of esca

Seite 316

Black plate (9,1)Lighting Control/Turn Signals ... page 5-38Instrument Cluster

Seite 317

Black plate (90,1)qOpening the Trunk Lid from theInsideSlide the illuminated inside trunk releaseslide lever in the direction of the arrow.The lever i

Seite 318

Black plate (91,1)qOperating the Driver's SidePower WindowManual opening/closingTo open the window to the desiredposition, lightly hold down the

Seite 319

Black plate (92,1)Engine-off power window operationThe power window can be operated about40 seconds after the ignition switch isturned from the ON pos

Seite 320

Black plate (93,1)qFuel-Filler LidTo open, pull up the remote fuel-filler lidrelease.Remote fuel-filler lid releaseqFuel-Filler CapTo remove the fille

Seite 321

Black plate (94,1)HoodWARNINGClosed and Securely Locked Hood:A hood that is not closed and securelylocked is dangerous as it could flyopen while the v

Seite 322

Black plate (95,1)MoonroofíThe moonroof can be opened or closedelectrically only when the ignition switchis in the ON position.Tilt switchSlide switch

Seite 323

Black plate (96,1)qSlide OperationTo open to any position, press the rear ofthe slide switch.To close, press the front of the slideswitch.OpenCloseqSu

Seite 324

Black plate (97,1)Immobilizer SystemThe immobilizer system allows the engineto start only with a key the systemrecognizes.If someone attempts to start

Seite 325

Black plate (98,1)NOTEl(U.S.A.)This device complies with part 15 ofthe FCC Rules. Operation is subjectto the following two conditions: (1)This device

Seite 326

Black plate (99,1)NOTElIf the security indicator light comeson and stays on when the ignitionswitch is turned to the ON position,the engine will not s

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