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Seite 1 - Form No.8T69-EA-04G

Black plate (1,1)RX-8_8T69-EA-04G_Edition1 Page1Wednesday, June 9 2004 2:10 PMForm No.8T69-EA-04G

Seite 2

Black plate (10,1)The equipment and installation position varies according to model and grade.1-4Your Vehicle at a GlanceExterior OverviewRX-8_8T69-EA

Seite 3

Black plate (100,1)CAUTIONDon't try the starter for more than 10seconds at a time. If the engine stalls orfails to start, wait 10 seconds beforet

Seite 4

Black plate (101,1)WARNINGDriving with Wet Brakes:Driving with wet brakes is dangerous .Increased stopping distance or thevehicle pulling to one side

Seite 5

Black plate (102,1)qBrake System Warning LightThis warning has the following functions:Parking brake warnin gThe light comes on when the parkingbrake

Seite 6

Black plate (103,1)qAnti-Lock Brake System (ABS)The ABS control unit continuouslymonitors the speed of each wheel. If oneis about to lock up, the ABS

Seite 7 - Your Vehicle at a Glance

Black plate (104,1)NOTEWhen the engine is jump-started tocharge the battery, uneven rpm occursand the ABS warning light comes on.This is due to a weak

Seite 8

Black plate (105,1)WARNINGSudden Engine-Braking:Shifting down while driving on wet,snowy, or frozen roads, or whiledriving at high speeds causes sudde

Seite 9

Black plate (106,1)Automatic Transmission ControlsIndicates that you must depress the brake pedal to shift (The ignition switch must be in the ACC or

Seite 10

Black plate (107,1)N (Neutral)In N, the wheels and transmission are notlocked. The vehicle will roll freely evenon the slightest incline unless the pa

Seite 11

Black plate (108,1)qManual Shift ModeThis mode gives you the feel of driving amanual transmission vehicle by operatingthe shift lever or steering shif

Seite 12

Black plate (109,1)Manually shifting up(M1→M2→M3→M4)NOTElWhen driving slowly, the gears maynot shift up depending on vehiclespeed.lIn manual shift mod

Seite 13 - Essential Safety Equipment

Black plate (11,1)Doors and keys ... page 3-2Power wi

Seite 14

Black plate (110,1)Manually shifting down(M4→M3→M2→M1)WARNINGSudden Engine-Braking:Shifting down while driving on wet,snowy, or frozen roads, or while

Seite 15

Black plate (111,1)WARNINGHand Position When Using SteeringShift Switches:Putting your hands inside the rim ofthe steering wheel when using thesteerin

Seite 16

Black plate (112,1)qDriving TipsPassingFor extra power when passing anothervehicle or climbing steep grades, depressthe accelerator fully. The transmi

Seite 17

Black plate (113,1)NOTEThe power steering system is inoperablewhen the power steering malfunctionindicator light illuminates. Steering ispossible, but

Seite 18

Black plate (114,1)qCruise Set Indicator LightThis light comes on when a cruising speedis set.qActivation/DeactivationTo activate the system, press th

Seite 19

Black plate (115,1)NOTElThe SET function can't be activateduntil about 2 seconds after the ON/OFF switch has been engaged.lOn a steep grade, the

Seite 20

Black plate (116,1)qTo Decrease Cruising SpeedPress the SET/COA ST button and hold it.The vehicle will gradually slow.Release the button at the speed

Seite 21

Black plate (117,1)lPress the CANCEL button.The system is off when the ignition is off.NOTECruise control will cancel at about 15km/h (9 mph) below th

Seite 22

Black plate (118,1)NOTETo turn off the TCS, press the DSCOFF switch (page 5-24).qTCS/DSC Indicator LightThis indicator light stays on for a fewseconds

Seite 23

Black plate (119,1)CAUTIONlThe DSC may not operate correctlyunless the following are observed:lUse tires of the correct sizespecified for your Mazda o

Seite 24

Black plate (12,1)1-6RX-8_8T69-EA-04G_Edition1 Page12Wednesday, June 9 2004 2:11 PMForm No.8T69-EA-04G

Seite 25

Black plate (120,1)NOTEIf the battery is disconnected, the DSCwill be inoperable. In this case, the DSCOFF indicator light flashes and theTCS/DSC indi

Seite 26

Black plate (121,1)NOTElWhen DSC is on and you attempt tofree the vehicle when it is stuck, ordrive it out of freshly fallen snow,the TCS (part of the

Seite 27

Black plate (122,1)CAUTIONlWhen the tire pressure monitoringsystem warning light is lit, one ormore of your tires is significantlyunder-inflated. You

Seite 28

Black plate (123,1)WARNINGIgnoring the Warning Light:Ignoring the warning light isdangerous, even if you know why it isilluminated. Have the problem t

Seite 29

Black plate (124,1)lWhen using the following devices inthe vehicle that may cause radiointerference with the receiver unit.lA digital device such as a

Seite 30

Black plate (125,1)Replacing tires and wheelsCAUTIONlWhen replacing/repairing the tires orwheels or both, have the work doneby an Authorized Mazda Dea

Seite 31

Black plate (126,1)Meters and GaugesWhen the ignition switch is in the ON position , the dashboard gauges illuminate.Speedometer ...

Seite 32

Black plate (127,1)qSpeedometerThe speedometer indicates the speed ofthe vehicle.qSpeed Unit SelectorIn some countries, you may have tochange the spee

Seite 33

Black plate (128,1)NOTEWhen the ignition switch is in the ACCor LOCK position, the odometer or tripmeters cannot be displayed, however,pressing the se

Seite 34

Black plate (129,1)Manual transmissionRed zoneStriped zoneCAUTIONDon't run the engine with thetachometer needle in the RED ZONE.This may cause se

Seite 35

Black plate (13,1)2Essential Safety EquipmentUse of safety equipment, including seats, seat belt system, SRS air bags andchild-restraint systems.Seats

Seite 36

Black plate (130,1)qFuel GaugeThe fuel gauge shows approximately howmuch fuel is in the tank. We recommendkeeping the tank over 1/4 full. When thelow

Seite 37

Black plate (131,1)qDashboard IlluminationRotate the thumb wheel to adjust thebrightness of the instrument cluster andother illuminations in the dashb

Seite 38

Black plate (132,1)Warning/Indicator LightsWarning/Indicator lights will appear in any of the highlighted areasSignal Warning/Indicator Lights PageBra

Seite 39

Black plate (133,1)Signal Warning/Indicator Lights PageDoor-Ajar Warning Light 5-42Low Washer Fluid Level Warning Light 5-42Automatic Transmission War

Seite 40

Black plate (134,1)qBrake System Warning LightThis warning has the following functions:Parking brake warnin gThe light comes on when the parkingbrake

Seite 41

Black plate (135,1)qCharging System Warning LightThis warning light illuminates when theignition switch is turned to the ONposition and turns off when

Seite 42

Black plate (136,1)NOTEThe Mazda RX-8 requires regularchecking of the engine oil level. Thecompact, high performance RENESISrotary engine in your vehi

Seite 43

Black plate (137,1)qABS Warning LightThe warning light stays on for a fewseconds when the ignition switch is turnedto the ON position.If the ABS warni

Seite 44

Black plate (138,1)WARNINGSelf-Servicing the Air Bag/Pretensioner Systems:Self-servicing or tampering with thesystems is dangerous. An air bag/pretens

Seite 45

Black plate (139,1)CAUTIONIf the automatic transmission warninglight illuminates, the transmission hasan electrical problem. Continuing todrive your M

Seite 46

Black plate (14,1)Front Seats (ManuallyOperated Seats)WARNINGModification of the Front Seats:Modifying or replacing the front seatssuch as replacing t

Seite 47

Black plate (140,1)Adjust the tire pressure to the correct tirepressure at an Authorized Mazda Dealeror the nearest service station. Refer to thespeci

Seite 48

Black plate (141,1)lThe turn signal lever is in the flash-to-pass position.qShift Position Indicator Light(Automatic Transmission)This indicates the s

Seite 49

Black plate (142,1)NOTEIf the battery is disconnected, the DSCwill be inoperable. In this case, the DSCOFF indicator light flashes and theTCS/DSC indi

Seite 50

Black plate (143,1)NOTEThe power steering system is inoperablewhen the power steering malfunctionindicator light illuminates. Steering ispossible, but

Seite 51

Black plate (144,1)Beep SoundsqSeat Belt Warning BeepIf the driver's seat belt is not fastenedwhen the ignition switch is turne d to theON positi

Seite 52

Black plate (145,1)Lighting ControlqHeadlightsTo turn on the lights, turn the headlightswitch on the end of the control lever.Switch PositionHeadlight

Seite 53 - Knowing Your Mazda

Black plate (146,1)qFlashing the HeadlightsTo flash the headlights, pull the lever fullytoward you. The headlight switch neednot be on, and the lever

Seite 54

Black plate (147,1)Turn and Lane-ChangeSignalsqTurn SignalMove the signal lever down (for a leftturn) or up (for a right turn) to the stopposition. Th

Seite 55

Black plate (148,1)Windshield Wipers andWasherThe ignition switch must be in the ONposition.WARNINGFrozen Washer Fluid:Using windshield washer fluid w

Seite 56

Black plate (149,1)One-touch wipersFor a single wiping cycle, push the leverup to MIST.qWindshield WasherPull the lever toward you and hold it tospray

Seite 57

Black plate (15,1)Make sure the lever returns to its originalposition and the seat is locked in place byattempting to push it forward andbackward.qSea

Seite 58

Black plate (150,1)Headlight WasheríThe ignition switch must be in the ONposition and the headlights must be turnedon.The head light washers operateau

Seite 59

Black plate (151,1)NOTEThis defroster is not designed formelting snow. If there is anaccumulation of snow on the rearwindow, remove it before using th

Seite 60

Black plate (152,1)Hazard Warning FlasherThe hazard warning lights should alwaysbe used when you stop on or near aroadway.The hazard warning lights wa

Seite 61

Black plate (153,1)WARNINGSafety Stop and Reverse Feature:Using the HomeLink system with anygarage door opener that lacks thesafety stop and reverse f

Seite 62

Black plate (154,1)qProgramming the HomeLinkSystemCAUTIONWhen programming a garage dooropener or a gate, disconnect the powerto these devices before p

Seite 63

Black plate (155,1)7. Firmly press and release the “ learn” or“smart” button. (The name and color ofthe button may vary by manufacturer.)NOTEThere are

Seite 64

Black plate (156,1)qReprogramming the HomeLinksystemTo program a device to HomeLink using aHomeLink button previously trained,follow these steps:1. Pr

Seite 65

Black plate (157,1)6Interior ComfortUse of various features for drive comfort, including air-conditioning and audiosystem.Climate Control System ...

Seite 66

Black plate (158,1)Operating TipsqOperating the Climate ControlSystemOperate the climate control system withthe engine running.NOTETo prevent the batt

Seite 67

Black plate (159,1)Vent OperationCenter ventsSide ventsqAdjusting the VentsDirecting airflowSide VentsTo adjust the direction of airflow, open thevent

Seite 68

Black plate (16,1)qHeight Adjustment (Driver'sSeat)By moving the seat lever up or down, theseat bottom height can be adjusted.UpDownqFolding the

Seite 69

Black plate (160,1)qSelecting the Airflow ModeDashboard and Floor Vents Defroster VentsFloor VentsDashboard Vents Defroster and Floor Vents6-4Interior

Seite 70

Black plate (161,1)Control PanelClimate control information is displayed on the information display.Temperature control dialFan control dialMode selec

Seite 71

Black plate (162,1)Mode selector switchPress the mode selector switch to selectairflow mode (page 6-4).NOTETo set the air vent to , press thewindshiel

Seite 72

Black plate (163,1)WARNINGThe Recirculated Air Position:Using theposition in cold orrainy weather will cause the windowsto fog up. Your vision will be

Seite 73

Black plate (164,1)CAUTIONWhen using the air conditioner whiledriving up long hills or in heavy traffic,closely monitor the temperature gauge(page 5-3

Seite 74

Black plate (165,1)qDehumidifying (With AirConditioner)Operate the air conditioner in cool or coldweather to help defog the windshi eld andside window

Seite 75

Black plate (166,1)AntennaqRear Window AntennaThe rear window antenna receives bothAM and FM signals.CAUTIONWhen washing the inside rear window,use a

Seite 76

Black plate (167,1)qRadio ReceptionAM characteristicsAM signals bend around such things asbuildings or mountains and bounce off theionosphere. Therefo

Seite 77

Black plate (168,1)Flutter/Skip noiseSignals from an FM transmitter move instraight lines and become weak in valleysbetween tall buildings, mountains,

Seite 78

Black plate (169,1)qOperating Tips for Cassette TapePlayerCleaning the cassette tape playerThe tape head, capstans, and pinch rollerswill gather oxide

Seite 79

Black plate (17,1)Front Seats (ElectricallyOperated Seats)WARNINGModification of the Front Seats:Modifying or replacing the front seatssuch as replaci

Seite 80

Black plate (170,1)qOperating Tips for Mini Disc(MD) PlayerThe foll owing precautions should beobserved.lDo not spill any liquid on the audiosystem.lD

Seite 81

Black plate (171,1)qOperating Tips for CD Player/In-Dash CD ChangerCondensation phenomenonImmediately after turning on the heaterwhen the vehicle is c

Seite 82

Black plate (172,1)lWhen driving over uneven surfaces,the sound may jump.lThe CD player/chang er has beendesigned to play CDs bearing theidentificatio

Seite 83 - Light sensor

Black plate (173,1)Audio SetType AType BRadioCD player/In-dash CD ChangerCassette Tape Player Mini Disc (MD) PlayerIllustration is of a representative

Seite 84

Black plate (174,1)qPower/Volume/Sound ControlsAudio control dialPower/Volume dialIllustration is of a representative audio unit.Power ON/OFFTurn the

Seite 85 - Before Driving Your Mazda

Black plate (175,1)**BOSE Sound System-equipped model* Depending on the mode selected, theindication changes.2. Turn the audio control dial to adjust

Seite 86

Black plate (176,1)The foll owing four modes are available.Select the desired mode.Mode Volume changeNo changeMinimumMediumMaximumTurn the audio contr

Seite 87

Black plate (177,1)Interior ComfortAudio System6-21RX-8_8T69-EA-04G_Edition1 Page177Wednesday, June 9 2004 2:12 PMForm No.8T69-EA-04G

Seite 88

Black plate (178,1)qOperating the RadioChannel preset buttonsScan buttonBand selector buttonSeek tuning buttonSatellite button**For reception of optio

Seite 89

Black plate (179,1)Radio ON(Type A)Press a band selector button ()toturn the radio on.(Type B)Press a band selector button (, )to turn the radio on.Ba

Seite 90

Black plate (18,1)qSeat Recline (Driver's Seat)WARNINGReclining:Sitting in a reclined position while thevehicle is moving is dangerousbecause you

Seite 91

Black plate (180,1)3. Repeat this operation for the otherstations and bands you want to store.To tune one in the memory, select AM,FM1, or FM2 and the

Seite 92

Black plate (181,1)Interior ComfortAudio System6-25RX-8_8T69-EA-04G_Edition1 Page181Wednesday, June 9 2004 2:12 PMForm No.8T69-EA-04G

Seite 93

Black plate (182,1)qOperating the Cassette Tape PlayeríFast-forward buttonCassette tape eject buttonProgram buttonDolby NR buttonRepeat buttonCassette

Seite 94

Black plate (183,1)NOTEThe cassette tape can be ejected whenthe ignition switch is in the OFFposition.Fast-forward/RewindPress the fast-forward button

Seite 95

Black plate (184,1)qOperating the Mini Disc (MD) PlayeríMD play buttonMD slotDisplay buttonReverse buttonMD eject buttonRandom buttonRepeat buttonScan

Seite 96

Black plate (185,1)Press the scan button ( , ) duringplay to start scan play operation (the tracknumber will flash).Press the scan button (, ) once ag

Seite 97 - Driving Your Mazda

Black plate (186,1)qOperating the Compact Disc (CD) PlayeríScan buttonDisplay buttonReverse buttonRandom buttonRepeat buttonCD slotCD play button CD e

Seite 98

Black plate (187,1)Music scanThis feature helps to find a program byplaying about the first 10 seconds of eachtrack.Press the scan button (, ) duringp

Seite 99

Black plate (188,1)qOperating the In-Dash CD ChangeríScan buttonDisplay buttonReverse buttonRandom buttonRepeat buttonCD slot CD play button CD eject

Seite 100

Black plate (189,1)Multiple insertion1. Press and hold the load button ()for about 2 seconds until a beep isheard.2. Wait 3 seconds or press the load

Seite 101

Black plate (19,1)qLumbar Support Adjustment(Driver's Seat)The amount of lumbar support can beadjusted by pressing the switch.To increase the sea

Seite 102

Black plate (190,1)Fast-forward/ReversePress and hold the fast-forward button() to advance through a track at highspeed.Press and hold the reverse but

Seite 103

Black plate (191,1)qError IndicationsIf you see an error indication on the display, find the cause in the cha rt. If you cannot clearthe error indicat

Seite 104

Black plate (192,1)Audio Control SwitchOperationNOTEMazda installed this system to help youavoid being too distracted using audiocontrols on the dashb

Seite 105

Black plate (193,1)qSeek SwitchWhen lis tening to the radioPress the seek switch (, ), the radioswitches to the next/previous storedstation in the ord

Seite 106

Black plate (194,1)Safety CertificationThis CD player is made and tested to meet exacting safety standards. It meets FCCrequirements and complies with

Seite 107

Black plate (195,1)SunvisorsWhen you need a sunvisor, lower it foruse in front or swing it to the side.SunvisorqVanity MirrorsTo use the vanity mirror

Seite 108

Black plate (196,1)qOverhead LightsFrontWith moonroofWithout moonroofSwitchPositionFront Overhead LightsLight offlLight on when any door is openlLight

Seite 109

Black plate (197,1)Without moonroofqCourtesy LightsTurns on when any door is open or theilluminated entry system is on.Courtesy LightInterior ComfortI

Seite 110

Black plate (198,1)Information DisplayqInformation Display FunctionsThe infor mation display has the following functions:lClocklAmbient Temperature Di

Seite 111

Black plate (199,1)qClockWhen the ignition switch is in the ACC orON position, the time is displayed.Time setting1. Press the CLK button until a beeps

Seite 112

Black plate (2,1)RX-8_8T69-EA-04G_Edition1 Page2Wednesday, June 9 2004 2:10 PMForm No.8T69-EA-04G

Seite 113

Black plate (20,1)NOTEThe thermostat regulates seattemperature by turning the current onand off.Rear SeatWARNINGStacking Cargo:Stacking luggage or oth

Seite 114

Black plate (200,1)qClimate Control DisplayThe climate control system status isdisplayed. To operate the climate controlsystem, refer to “Climate Cont

Seite 115

Black plate (201,1)CAUTIONlDon't touch the metal part of thelighter, you may burn yourself.lDon't hold the lighter in because itwill overhea

Seite 116

Black plate (202,1)Cup HolderWARNINGUsing Cup Holder:Using a cup holder to hold hot liquidswhile the vehicle is moving isdangerous. If the contents sp

Seite 117

Black plate (203,1)Storage CompartmentsWARNINGOpen Storage Boxes:Driving with the storage boxes open isdangerous. To reduce the possibility ofinjury i

Seite 118

Black plate (204,1)qCenter ConsoleFront1. Slide the lid while pushing the buttonuntil you hear a click sound.2. Open the lid.RearTo open, pull the rel

Seite 119

Black plate (205,1)To open, squeeze the latch and pull the liddown.When closing the storage box, put thestorage box back in its original positionuntil

Seite 120

Black plate (206,1)Accessory SocketThe ignition switch must be in the ACCor ON position.Only use genuine Mazda accessories orthe equivalent requiring

Seite 121

Black plate (207,1)7In Case of an EmergencyHelpful information on what to do in an emergency.Parking in an Emergency ...

Seite 122

Black plate (208,1)Parking in an EmergencyThe hazard warning lights should alwaysbe used when you stop on or near aroadway.The hazard warning lights w

Seite 123

Black plate (209,1)Spare Tire and Tool StorageTools are stored in the locations illustrated in the diagram.Lug wrenchTiedown eyeletJack handleJackInst

Seite 124

Black plate (21,1)WARNINGDo Not Sit on the Rear CenterConsole:Allowing someone to sit on the rearcenter console between the rear seatsis dangerous. Th

Seite 125

Black plate (210,1)qJackTo remove the jack1. Open the tool box.2. Turn the jack screw counterclockwise.To secure the jackPerform the removal procedure

Seite 126

Black plate (211,1)CAUTIONTo avoid damage to the temporaryspare or to the vehicle, observe thefollowing precautions:lDon't exceed 80 km/h (50 mph

Seite 127

Black plate (212,1)qAbout the IMS Emergency FlatTire Repair KitThe IMS emergency flat tir e repair kitincludes the following items.Tire sealantInjecti

Seite 128

Black plate (213,1)NOTElThe tire sealant cannot be reused.Purchase new tire sealant at anAuthorized Mazda Dealer.lThe emergency flat tire repair kitca

Seite 129

Black plate (214,1)NOTEThe tire sealant can be used at outsidetemperatures down to –30°C.In extremely cold temperatures (0°C(32°F) or below), the tire

Seite 130

Black plate (215,1)10. Hold the bottom of the bottle upright,squeeze the bottle with your hands,and inject the entire amount of tiresealant into the t

Seite 131

Black plate (216,1)14. Install the compressor hose to the tirevalve.ValveCompressor hose15. Insert the compressor plug into theinterior accessory sock

Seite 132

Black plate (217,1)NOTElCheck the tire inflation pressure label(driver's door) for the correct tireinflation pressure.lDo not use the compressor

Seite 133

Black plate (218,1)21. If the tire inflation pressure remainsstable, the tire repair is complete.Drive the vehicle with care to anAuthorized Mazda Dea

Seite 134

Black plate (219,1)NOTElMake sure the jack is well lubricatedbefore using it.(With Tire Pressure MonitoringSystem)lBe sure to register the tire pressu

Seite 135

Black plate (22,1)Seat Belt PrecautionsSeat belts help to d ecrease the possibility of severe injury during accidents and suddenstops. Mazda recommend

Seite 136

Black plate (220,1)WARNINGIncorrect Jacking Position:Attempting to jack the vehicle inpositions other than thoserecommended in this manual isdangerous

Seite 137

Black plate (221,1)qLocking Lug NutsIf your vehicle has optional antitheftwheel lug nuts, one on each wheel willlock the tires and y ou must use a spe

Seite 138

Black plate (222,1)3. Install the lug nuts with the bevelededge inward; tighten them by hand.WARNINGDon't Apply Oil or Grease to LugNuts, Bolts:A

Seite 139

Black plate (223,1)WARNINGMetric Studs and Lug Nuts:Because the wheel studs and lug nutson your Mazda have metric threads,using a non-metric nut is da

Seite 140

Black plate (224,1)OverheatingIf the temperature gauge indicatesoverheating, the vehicle loses power, oryou hear a loud knocking or pingingnoise, the

Seite 141

Black plate (225,1)5. Make sure the cooling fan is operating,then turn off the engine after thetemperature has decreased.6. When cool, check the coola

Seite 142

Black plate (226,1)Starting a Flooded EngineIf the engine fails to start, it may beflooded (excessive fuel in the engine).Follow this procedure:1. Dep

Seite 143

Black plate (227,1)Jump-StartingJump-starting is dangerous if done incorrectly. So follow the procedure carefully. If youfeel unsure about jump-starti

Seite 144

Black plate (228,1)WARNINGKeep Flames Away:Flames and sparks near open battery cells are dangerous. Hydrogen gas, producedduring normal battery operat

Seite 145

Black plate (229,1)1. Remove the engine cover.2. Remove the rubber hose from thebattery cover.3. Remove the battery cover from its rearside.4. Make su

Seite 146

Black plate (23,1)WARNINGOne Belt, One Passenger:Using one seat belt for more than one person at a time is dangerous. A seat belt usedin this way can&

Seite 147

Black plate (230,1)8. When finished, carefully disconnect thecables in the reverse order described inStep 6.NOTEVerify that the engine cover is secure

Seite 148

Black plate (231,1)Towing DescriptionWe recommend that towing be done onlyby an Authorized Mazda Dealer or acommercial tow-truck service.Proper liftin

Seite 149

Black plate (232,1)Tiedown HooksCAUTIONDon't use the tiedown hooks under thefront and rear for towing.They are designed ONLY for tyingdown the ve

Seite 150

Black plate (233,1)4. Hook the tying rope to the tiedowneyelet.FrontRearCAUTIONIf the tiedown eyelet is not securelytightened, it may loosen or diseng

Seite 151

Black plate (234,1)7-28RX-8_8T69-EA-04G_Edition1 Page234Wednesday, June 9 2004 2:12 PMForm No.8T69-EA-04G

Seite 152 - HomeLink button

Black plate (235,1)8Maintenance and CareHow to keep your Mazda in top condition.Introduction ...

Seite 153

Black plate (236,1)IntroductionBe extremely careful and prevent injury to yourself and others or damage to your vehiclewhen using this manual for insp

Seite 154

Black plate (237,1)Scheduled MaintenanceFollow Schedule 1 if the vehicle is operat ed mainly where none of the following conditionsapply.If any do app

Seite 155

Black plate (238,1)qSchedule 1Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers (miles), whichever comes firstMonths 6 12 18 24 30 36 42 48×1000 km 1

Seite 156

Black plate (239,1)Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers (miles), whichever comes firstMonths 6 12 18 24 30 36 42 48×1000 km 12 24 36 48

Seite 157 - Interior Comfort

Black plate (24,1)qPregnant Women and Persons with Serious Medical ConditionsPregnant women shoul d wear seat belts. Ask your doctor for specific reco

Seite 158

Black plate (240,1)qSchedule 2Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers (miles), whichever comes firstMonths 4 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 44 4

Seite 159

Black plate (241,1)Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers (miles), whichever comes firstMonths 4 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 44 48×1000 km 8

Seite 160 - Floor Vents

Black plate (242,1)Owner Maintenance ScheduleThe owner or a qualified service technician should make these vehicle inspections at theindicated interva

Seite 161

Black plate (243,1)Owner Maintenance PrecautionsImproper or incomplete service may result in problems. This section gives instructions onlyfor items t

Seite 162

Black plate (244,1)NOTEOnce the engine coolant exceeds a preset temperature, an electrical cooling fan turns on.It will continue running for about 10

Seite 163

Black plate (245,1)Engine Compartment OverviewBatteryEngine oil dipstickEngine oil-filler capAir filterEngine coolant reservoirCooling system capBrake

Seite 164

Black plate (246,1)Engine OilNOTEThe Mazda RX-8 requires regularchecking of the engine oil level. Thecompact, high performance RENESISrotary engine in

Seite 165

Black plate (247,1)Except U .S.A. and CANADA(ILSAC)The quali ty designation SL, or ILSACmust be on the label.5W-20120100806040200–2050403020100–10–20–

Seite 166

Black plate (248,1)NOTEVerify that the engine cover is securelyinstalled.qChanging Engine Oil and FilterChange engine oil and filter according toSched

Seite 167

Black plate (249,1)Check the oil level and fill to the F markif necessary.Oil capacity (General reference only,refer to Specifications section forcapa

Seite 168

Black plate (25,1)Location of Seat BeltFor rear seatFor front seatEssential Safety EquipmentSeat Belt Systems2-13RX-8_8T69-EA-04G_Edition1 Page25Wedne

Seite 169

Black plate (250,1)NOTEOnce the engine coolant exceeds apreset temperature, an electrical coolingfan turns on. It will continue runningfor about 10 mi

Seite 170

Black plate (251,1)For mixture percentage:ProtectionVolumeAntifreezesolutionDemineralizedwaterAbove –16°C(3°F)35% 65%Above –26°C(–15°F)45% 55%Above –4

Seite 171

Black plate (252,1)NOTEBecause this procedure requirestechnical expertise, we recommend thatit be done by an Authorized MazdaDealer.Brake/Clutch Fluid

Seite 172

Black plate (253,1)qAdding Brake/Clutch FluidWARNINGSpilled Brake Fluid:Spilled brake fluid is dangerous. If itgets in your eyes, they could beserious

Seite 173

Black plate (254,1)WARNINGSudden Vehicle Movement:Shifting the shift lever without firstdepressing the brake pedal isdangerous. The vehicle could move

Seite 174

Black plate (255,1)Washer FluidqInspecting Washer Fluid LevelWARNINGSubstitute Washer Fluid:Using radiator antifreeze as washerfluid is dangerous. If

Seite 175

Black plate (256,1)Body LubricationAll moving points of the body, such asdoor and hood hinges and locks, shouldbe lubricated each time the engine oil

Seite 176

Black plate (257,1)3. Unfasten the clamps.4. Lift off the air filter cover and removethe filter.Air filter coverAir filter5. Wipe inside the air clean

Seite 177

Black plate (258,1)NOTETo prevent damage to the wiper armblades when raising both the driver andpassenger side wiper arms, raise thedriver side wiper

Seite 178

Black plate (259,1)CAUTIONlDon't bend or discard the stiffeners.You need to use them again.lIf the metal stiffeners are switched,the blade's

Seite 179

Black plate (26,1)3-Point Type Seat BeltqFastening the Seat Belts1. Grasp the buckle and tongue.2. Slowly pull out the lap/shoulder belt.BeltTongue3.

Seite 180

Black plate (260,1)BatteryWARNINGBattery-Related Lead Materials:Battery posts, terminals and related access ories contain lead and lead compounds,chem

Seite 181

Black plate (261,1)WARNINGKeep Flames Away:Flames and sparks near open battery cells are dangerous. Hydrogen gas, producedduring normal battery operat

Seite 182

Black plate (262,1)lRinse off spilled electrolyteimmediately with a solution of waterand baking soda.lIf the vehicle will not be used for anextended t

Seite 183

Black plate (263,1)The Tire Pressure Monitoring Systemídoes not alleviate the need to check thetire condition every day, includingwhether the tires al

Seite 184

Black plate (264,1)ForwardAlso, inspect them for uneven wear anddamage. Abnormal wear is usually causedby one or a combinati on of the following:lInco

Seite 185

Black plate (265,1)NOTE(With Tire Pressure MonitoringSystem)lWhen tires with steel wirereinforcement in the sidewalls areused, the system may not func

Seite 186

Black plate (266,1)qReplacing a WheelWARNINGUsing a Wrong-Sized Wheel:Using a wrong-sized wheel isdangerous. Braking and handlingcould be affected, le

Seite 187

Black plate (267,1)Light BulbsHeadlights (High-beam)Front side-marker lightsFront turn signal lightsHeadlights (Low-beam)Fog lightsParking lightsOverh

Seite 188

Black plate (268,1)Your Mazda's headlights and fog lightshave replaceable halogen bulbs.WARNINGXenon Fusion Bulb Replacement:Replacing the xenon

Seite 189

Black plate (269,1)High-beam bulb1. Turn the socket and bulb assemblycounterclockwise and remove it.Carefully remove the headlight bulbfrom its socket

Seite 190

Black plate (27,1)qUnfastening the Seat BeltsDepress the button on the buckle.NOTEIf a belt does not fully retract, inspect itfor kinks and twists. If

Seite 191

Black plate (270,1)NOTEUse the protective cover and carton ofthe replacement bulb to dispose of theold bulb promptly out of the reach ofchildren.qRepl

Seite 192

Black plate (271,1)qReplacing a Bulb (Interior)Overhead light/Map lights (Front)1. Remove the screws with a Phillipsscrewdriver.2. Wrap a flathead scr

Seite 193

Black plate (272,1)Vanity mirror lightsEdge3. Install the new bulb in the reverse orderof removal.Trunk light1. Press both sides of the lens cap torem

Seite 194

Black plate (273,1)High-mount brake light1. Turn the center section of the plasticretainer counterclockwise and removethe retainers and trunk rear tri

Seite 195

Black plate (274,1)FusesYour vehicle's electrical system isprotected by fuses.If any lights, accessories, or controls don'twork, inspect the

Seite 196

Black plate (275,1)Replacing the fuses under the hoodIf the headlights or other electricalcomponents don't work and the fuses inthe cabin are OK,

Seite 197

Black plate (276,1)qFuse Panel DescriptionFuse block (Engine compartment)(Next to air filter)(Near battery)DESCRIPTIONFUSERATINGPROTECTED COMPONENT1 M

Seite 198

Black plate (277,1)DESCRIPTIONFUSERATINGPROTECTED COMPONENT17 FOG 15A Fog lightsí18 A/C MAG 10A Air conditioner19 IG 30A For protection of various cir

Seite 199

Black plate (278,1)Fuse panel (Driver's side)DESCRIPTIONFUSERATINGPROTECTED COMPONENT1 CIGAR 15A Lighter2 ACC 7.5A Audio system, Power control mi

Seite 200

Black plate (279,1)How to MinimizeEnvironmental PaintDamageThe paint work on your Mazda representsthe latest technical developments incomposition and

Seite 201

Black plate (28,1)WARNINGExpended Seat Belt Pretensioners:Use of front seat belts with thepretensioner system expended isdangerous.The seat belt prete

Seite 202

Black plate (280,1)qWater MarksOccurrenceRain, fog, dew, and even tap water cancontain harmful minerals such as salt andlime. If moisture containing t

Seite 203

Black plate (281,1)Exterior CareFollow all label and container directionswhen using a chemical cleaner or polish.Read all warnings and cautions.qMaint

Seite 204

Black plate (282,1)After washing the vehicle, dry it with aclean chamois to prevent water spots fromforming.WARNINGDriving with Wet Brakes:Driving wit

Seite 205

Black plate (283,1)qUnderbody MaintenanceRoad chemicals and salt used for ice andsnow remo val and solvents used for dustcontrol may collec t on the u

Seite 206

Black plate (284,1)Interior CareqDashboard PrecautionsPrevent caustic solutions such as perfumeand cosm etic oils from contacting thedashboard. They&a

Seite 207 - In Case of an Emergency

Black plate (285,1)CAUTIONSharp or pointed metal objects candamage the suede beyond repair.Piano black panelThe center panel and door switch panelshav

Seite 208

Black plate (286,1)8-52RX-8_8T69-EA-04G_Edition1 Page286Wednesday, June 9 2004 2:13 PMForm No.8T69-EA-04G

Seite 209

Black plate (287,1)9Customer Information and ReportingSafety DefectsImportant consumer information including warranties and add-on equipment.Customer

Seite 210

Black plate (288,1)Customer Assistance (U.S.A.)Your complete and permanent satisfaction is our business. We are here to serve you. AllAuthorized Mazda

Seite 211

Black plate (289,1)4. Purchase date and current mileage5. Your dealer's name and location6. Your quest ion(s)If you live outside the U.S.A., plea

Seite 212

Black plate (29,1)qAir Bag/Front Seat BeltPretensioner System WarningLightIf the air bag/front seat belt pretensionersystem is normal, the warning lig

Seite 213

Black plate (290,1)Customer Assistance (Canada)qSatisfaction Review ProcessYour complete and permanent satisfaction is of primary concern to Mazda. Al

Seite 214

Black plate (291,1)Please recognize that the resolution of service problems in most cases requires the use ofyour Mazda dealer's service faciliti

Seite 215

Black plate (292,1)CAMVAP is fully implemented in all provinces and territories.Consumers wishing to obtain further information about the Program shou

Seite 216

Black plate (293,1)Customer Assistance (Puerto Rico)Your complete and permanent satisfaction is our business. That is why all AuthorizedMazda Dealers

Seite 217

Black plate (294,1)Importer/DistributorqU.S.A.Mazda North American Operations7755 Irvine Center DriveIrvine, CA 92618-2922 U.S.A.P.O. Box 19734Irvine,

Seite 218

Black plate (295,1)Warranties for Your MazdalNew Vehicle Limited WarrantylDistributor Major Component Limited Warranty (Canada only)lSafety Restraint

Seite 219

Black plate (296,1)Outside the United StatesGovernment regulations in the United States require that automobiles meet specificemission regulations and

Seite 220

Black plate (297,1)Outside CanadaGovernment regulations in Canada require that automobiles meet specific emissionregulations and safety regulations. T

Seite 221

Black plate (298,1)Registering Your Vehicle in A Foreign Country (ExceptUnited States and Canada)Government regulations in your country could require

Seite 222

Black plate (299,1)Add-On Non-Genuine Parts and AccessoriesNon-genuine parts and accessories for Mazda vehicles can be found in stores.These may fit y

Seite 223

Black plate (3,1)Thank you for choosing a Mazda. We at Mazda design and build vehicles with completecustomer satisfaction in mind.To help ensure enjoy

Seite 224

Black plate (30,1)WARNINGUsing an Extender That is Too Long:Using an extender that is too long isdangerous. The seat belt will not fitproperly. In an

Seite 225

Black plate (300,1)Cell Phones WarningWARNINGUse of Cell Phones and Other Devices by Driver:Use of any electrical devices such as cell phones, compute

Seite 226

Black plate (301,1)Type Approval of EquipmentImmobilizer systemCustomer Information and Reporting Safety DefectsType Approval of Equipment9-15RX-8_8T6

Seite 227

Black plate (302,1)Uniform Tire Quality Grading System (UTQGS)This information relates to the tire grading system developed by the U.S. NationalHighwa

Seite 228

Black plate (303,1)WARNINGThe temperature grade for this tire is established for a tire that is properly inflated andnot overloaded. Excessive speed,

Seite 229 - Emergency Starting

Black plate (304,1)Reporting Safety DefectsIf you believe that your vehicle has a defect which could cause a crash or couldcause injury or death, you

Seite 230

Black plate (305,1)Service PublicationsFactory-authorized Mazda service publications are available for owners who wish to dosome of their own maintena

Seite 231

Black plate (306,1)9-20RX-8_8T69-EA-04G_Edition1 Page306Wednesday, June 9 2004 2:13 PMForm No.8T69-EA-04G

Seite 232

Black plate (307,1)10SpecificationsTechnical information about your Mazda.Identification Numbers ...

Seite 233

Black plate (308,1)Vehicle Information LabelsqVehicle Identification NumberThe vehicle identification number legallyidentifies your vehicle. The numbe

Seite 234

Black plate (309,1)qEngine NumberForwardIdentification Numbers10-3RX-8_8T69-EA-04G_Edition1 Page309Wednesday, June 9 2004 2:13 PMForm No.8T69-EA-04G

Seite 235 - Maintenance and Care

Black plate (31,1)Seat Belt Warning BeepIf the driver's seat belt is not fastenedwhen the ignition switch is turne d to theON position, a beep so

Seite 236

Black plate (310,1)SpecificationsqEngineItem ModelType Rotary engineDisplacement 654 ml × 2 (654 cc × 2, 40.0 cu in × 2)Compression ratio 10.0qElectri

Seite 237

Black plate (311,1)qCapacities(Approximate Quantities)ItemUnitL US qt Imp qtEngine oilWith oil filter replacement 3.5 3.7 3.1Without oil filter replac

Seite 238

Black plate (312,1)qLight BulbsExterior lightLight bulbCategoryWattage ECE R SAEHeadlightsHigh beam 65 H9 ―Low beamHalogen 55 H7 ―Xenon fusion 35 D2S

Seite 239

Black plate (313,1)Check the tire pressure label for tire size and inflation pressure. Refer to Tire InflationPressure on page 8-28.Tire sizeInflation

Seite 240

Black plate (314,1)10-8RX-8_8T69-EA-04G_Edition1 Page314Wednesday, June 9 2004 2:13 PMForm No.8T69-EA-04G

Seite 241

Black plate (315,1)11Index11-1RX-8_8T69-EA-04G_Edition1 Page315Wednesday, June 9 2004 2:13 PMForm No.8T69-EA-04G

Seite 242

Black plate (316,1)AAccessory Socket ... 6-50Add-On Non-Genuine Parts andAccessories ...

Seite 243

Black plate (317,1)DDashboard Illumination ... 5-35Daytime Running Lights ... 5-50DefrosterRear window ...

Seite 244

Black plate (318,1)HHazard Warning Flasher ... 5-56Hazardous Driving ... 4-8Headlight Washer ...

Seite 245

Black plate (319,1)MManual Transmission Operation ... 5-8Recommendations for shifting ... 5-9Map Lights ...

Seite 246 - Owner Maintenance

Black plate (32,1)Child Restraint PrecautionsMazda strongly urges the use of child-restraint systems for children small enough to usethem.You are requ

Seite 247

Black plate (320,1)SSteering Wheel ... 3-29Horn ... 5-55Storage Box ...

Seite 248

Black plate (321,1)WWarranty ... ... 9-9Washer Fluid ... 8-21Weight s ...

Seite 249

Black plate (322,1)11-8RX-8_8T69-EA-04G_Edition1 Page322Wednesday, June 9 2004 2:13 PMForm No.8T69-EA-04G

Seite 250


Seite 251

Contents, Accessories, and Laser Before UseAccessoriesPlease contact an Authorized Mazda Dealer if you are missing any of the following accessories

Seite 252

Laser Prepa-rationImme-diateuseAdvanceduseIfnecessary●Activation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Seite 253

4Safety Information Read this owner's manual for your Navigation System carefully before using the system.They contain instructions about how to

Seite 254

m.e instructions ou to potentialgraphs areons in order tostemhe timedriving.and cang brakesed due toroute.oreigndiately andditionplay with ve the keys

Seite 255

6Before UseCautionThe presence of this Caution symbol in the text is intended to alert you to the importance of heeding the operation instructions. Fa

Seite 256

tended to nstructions. erial damage.dust.e to the unit.days.while driving.biles.all it in aed from t.the discot open.7PLEASE READ THIS AGREEMENT CAREF

Seite 257

Black plate (33,1)WARNINGHolding a Child While the Vehicle is Moving:Holding a child in your arms while the vehicle is moving is extremely dangerous.

Seite 258

8IntroductionNavigation SystemThis navigation system utilizes GPS* satellite signals, Speed sensor andGyrosensor to track and display your vehicle&apo

Seite 259

fromsatellitesendedgationigation stem does operationaused by TECH has roduct.Map Related IssuesCustomer ServiceIf you need help with the operation yo

Seite 260

Names and FunctionsBefore Use10MENU keyDisplays menu.MENUVOICE keyInitiates vocal guidance for route maneuvers.VOICEAdjusts screen quality.( pa

Seite 261

Before Use11ENTER keyExecutes a selected item.ENTERRET keyReturns to the previous screen.POS (Position) keyDisplays your current position.( pag

Seite 262

12OPENOPENTILTTILT●Always close the sliding front cover. If it is left open, foreign objects could enter the unit and cause damage.

Seite 263

TILTTILTft open, foreign age.

Seite 264

14Before UsePop Up MenuPop Up menu appears when pressing . This function is mainly used during route searches.Route change ( pa

Seite 265

e 28)19) page 21) page 24)uto reroutes inactivated.●Start the driving after closing the opening screen as much as possible. The system is ready

Seite 266

16Screen qualityadjustmentOpen [DisplayMenu]SelectSelectScreen offDay / Nightmode selectorBefore UseSelect /1Press and holdScreen Qual

Seite 267

entn display turns off.any button to to screen display. ts OFF - DAY MODEts ON - NIGHT MODEe headlights are on,mode can also be(if extra screenighttim

Seite 268

Black plate (34,1)WARNINGChildren and Seating Position with Side and Curtain Air Bags:Allowing anyone to lean over or against the front or rear doors

Seite 269

ChangDo nDo nothe mdistravehicWarningMaporientatMap sca

Seite 270

Changing the Map Orientation/ScaleDo not keep your eyes fixed on the monitor screen or operate the system while drivingDo not change the settings and

Seite 271

Select●Refer to page 28 for information aboutmarked points.Destination byintersection Destination by POIDestination byhistoryDestination bya marked po

Seite 272

nformation about[Selecton.earchENTERER213Character entry or selection( page 22)Search method4Select thehousenumber.Enter the name ofthe city wh

Seite 273

22Select your targetin the list, and press12●If a desired name is not in thelist, go back to the step 1,and try fewer characters.Names of which spelli

Seite 274

snot in theep 1, startscters N, s positionENTERENTERENTERENTER23POI Icons on Maps / Zipcode Entry POI (Point of Interest) IconsThe following ar

Seite 275

(while ocurrent positionmap)Wholeroutedisplay(while ocurrent positionmap)RoutesearchcancellatAfteDelete destinati24Direct destination inputPosition th

Seite 276 - (Near battery)

(while on current position map)Wholeroutedisplay(while on current position map)RoutesearchcancellationAfter route searchDuring route searchSelectSelec

Seite 277

Select a r●Maximum 3Select str●Streets to aSelect a point t●Refer to pag●The detour ●You can setopens. It wi●If you add amay not be Notes Select the s

Seite 278

27Select a route●Maximum 3 routes (including the current one) appear.Select streets to avoid●Streets to avoid become grayWhen adding a new point betwe

Seite 279

Black plate (35,1)Installing Child-RestraintSystemsAccident statistics reveal that a child issafer in the rear seat. The front passenger'sseat is

Seite 280

3Select a mpoint from●Information the marked appears.ENTE28Marked PointMarkingyourcurrentpositionPress to displaythe current positionSelec

Seite 281

2933Select a markedpoint from the listSelect an iconEnter a name●Information aboutthe marked pointappears.If the same point is stored in “Marking Your

Seite 282

Setu1Open thscreen How to: D2MEENTENT30Setup2 RestoringdefaultsMap setting ( page 31)●On : Icons on a map.●Off : No icon on a map.●The setting

Seite 283

Setup131Open the [Map]screenMap How to exit Color (daytime) Map Direction●North Up : Geographic north is always up on the map.●Head Up : The direct

Seite 284

Open th[Systemscreen: D How toSetu12MEENTEEN32Open the [Route]screen Detour (mile/km) The detouring distance is specified.●1 : 1 mile/km●2 : 2 m

Seite 285

33Open the[System Setup]screen Volume control (5 levels) Beep●On : Beep activated when pressing buttons in theremote control.●Off : Beep inactivated

Seite 286

●If you are utakes aboutposition.●The GPS salower positi●There may turning on t GPS signIn tunnelsThis functiodisc, appliesand displays●Intelligent m

Seite 287 - Safety Defects

35●If you are using the system for the first time, or if you have not used it for some time, ittakes about 5 minutes (or about 2 minutes in open areas

Seite 288

Although yowrong with t?The roreachyour ddestindirectthe roTheshopasin wreasWarningThe nattendestinwhen36Route GuideAlthough you may encounter the fol

Seite 289

37Route SearchAlthough you may encounter the following problems in a route search, there is nothingwrong with the system.????????It may also show road

Seite 290

Black plate (36,1)3. Push the child-restraint system firmlyinto the vehicle seat. Be sure the beltretracts as snugly as possible. Clickingfrom the ret

Seite 291

SymptoNo GPS syare displayThe vehicleposition isdisplayedNo voice guButtons in remote condo not beeNo map disp(blank scre38There may be some problems

Seite 292

39● GPS signals may not be received because of obstructions.After moving the vehicle away from obstructions, the GPS signals can be received.● Check i

Seite 293

MainUse a dry, CleaningNever use so CautionsIf you requireplease refer Map disc●Do not to●Do not m●Do not be●When not How to h●●Near car Direct su●

Seite 294

41MaintenanceCare of the ProductUse a dry, soft cloth to wipe it. Cleaning this productNever use solvents such as benzene and thinners they may mar th

Seite 296

Black plate (37,1)qIf You Must Use the Front Seatfor ChildrenIf you cannot put all children in the rearseat, at least put the smallest children inthe

Seite 297

Black plate (38,1)WARNINGChildren and Seating Position withSide and Curtain Air Bags:Allowing anyone to lean over oragainst the front door, the area o

Seite 298

Black plate (39,1)LATCH Child-Restraint SystemsYour Mazda is equipped with LATCH lower anchors for attachment of specially designedLATCH child-restrai

Seite 299

Black plate (4,1)We want to help you get the most drivingpleasure from your vehicle. Your owner'smanual, when read from cover to cover,can do tha

Seite 300

Black plate (40,1)qLATCH Child-Restraint SystemInstallation Procedure (RearSeats)1. Expand the open seams on the rear ofthe seat bottom slightly to ve

Seite 301

Black plate (41,1)Supplemental Restraint Systems (SRS) PrecautionsThe front and side supplemental restraint systems (SRS) include up to 6 air bags (ve

Seite 302

Black plate (42,1)WARNINGAir Bags without Seat Belts:Depending only on the air bags for protection during an accident is dangerous. Alone,air bags may


Black plate (43,1)WARNINGSeating Position with Side and Curtain Air Bags:Sitting too close to the side air bag modules or placing hands on them is ext

Seite 304 - Reporting Safety Defects

Black plate (44,1)WARNINGHot Air Bag Inflators:Hot air bag inflators are dangerous . Immediately after inflation, the inflators in thesteering wheel,

Seite 305

Black plate (45,1)NOTElWhen an air bag deploys, a loud inflation noise can be heard and some smoke will bereleased. Neither is likely to cause injury,

Seite 306

Black plate (46,1)Air Bag System DescriptionThe supplemental restraint systems (SRS) have two basic subsystems:lThe air bag system with inflators and

Seite 307 - Specifications

Black plate (47,1)qHow the Air Bags WorkWhen air bag crash sensors detect a frontal or side impact of greater than moderate force,an electrical curren

Seite 308

Black plate (48,1)qAir Bag Activation/DeactivationFront air bag activationA greater than moderate impact will causethe front air bags to inflate in th

Seite 309

Black plate (49,1)lRear-ending or running under a truck'stail gate may not provide the stoppingforce necessary for air bag deployment.Non-activat

Seite 310

Black plate (5,1)RX-8_8T69-EA-04G_Edition1 Page5Wednesday, June 9 2004 2:10 PMForm No.8T69-EA-04GTable of ContentsYour Vehicle at a GlanceInterior, ex

Seite 311

Black plate (50,1)lVehicle roll-over may not provideenough side force to deploy the sideand curtain air bags.lSide impacts with two-wheeledvehicles ma

Seite 312

Black plate (51,1)A system malfunction is indicated whenthe warning light constantly flashes,illuminates or doesn't illuminate at allwhen the ign

Seite 313

Black plate (52,1)2-40RX-8_8T69-EA-04G_Edition1 Page52Wednesday, June 9 2004 2:11 PMForm No.8T69-EA-04G

Seite 314

Black plate (53,1)3Knowing Your MazdaExplanation of basic operations and controls; opening/closing and adjustmentof various parts.Doors an d Locks ...

Seite 315

Black plate (54,1)KeysWARNINGKeys and Children:Leaving children in a vehicle with thekey is dangerous. This could result insomeone being badly injured

Seite 316

Black plate (55,1)Key unfold/fold method (Retractablekey type)To unfold the key, press the releasebutton.To fold the key, press the release buttonand

Seite 317

Black plate (56,1)NOTElThe keyless entry system is designedto operate up to about 2.5 m (8 ft)from the center of the vehicle, butthis may vary because

Seite 318

Black plate (57,1)Lock buttonTo lock the doors, press the lock buttonand the hazard warning lights will flashonce.To confirm that all the doors have b

Seite 319

Black plate (58,1)qTransmitter MaintenanceCAUTIONlMake sure the battery is installedwith the correct pole facing upward.Battery leakage could occur if

Seite 320

Black plate (59,1)3. Press the portion of the batteryindicated by A and remove the battery.A4. Put in the new battery (CR1620 orequivalent) with the p

Seite 321

Black plate (6,1)RX-8_8T69-EA-04G_Edition1 Page6Wednesday, June 9 2004 2:10 PMForm No.8T69-EA-04G

Seite 322

Black plate (60,1)Door LocksWARNINGUnattended Children and Pets:Leaving a child or an animalunattended in a parked vehicle isdangerous. In hot weather


Black plate (61,1)To lock either front door with the door-lock knob from the outside, push thedoor-lock knob to the lock position andclose the door.Do

Seite 324 - Accessories

Black plate (62,1)Driver's doorUnlockLockPassenger's doorUnlockLockqFreestyle DoorsThe pillarless freestyle doors are front andrear-hinged f

Seite 325 - Product

Black plate (63,1)CAUTIONBefore closing a front door make sureother passengers are not operating arear door and a rear passenger's head orhands a

Seite 326 - Safety Information

Black plate (64,1)WARNINGDriving with Doors Not Secured:Driving with the doors not securelyclosed is dangerous. If the rear door isnot completely clos

Seite 327 - Before Use

Black plate (65,1)qOpening and Closing the TrunkWARNINGOpen Trunk Lid and Children:Leaving the trunk lid open or leavingchildren in the vehicle with t

Seite 328

Black plate (66,1)Closing the trunk lidGrasp the inner handle and pull the trunklid down, then push the trunk lid downuntil it locks securely. Be care

Seite 329

Black plate (67,1)Inside Trunk Release SlideLeverYour vehicle is equipped with an insidetrunk release slide lever that provides ameans of escape for c

Seite 330 - Introduction

Black plate (68,1)qOpening the Trunk Lid from theInsideSlide the illuminated inside trunk releaseslide lever in the direction of the arrow.The lever i

Seite 331

Black plate (69,1)qOperating the Driver's SidePower WindowManual opening/closingTo open the window to the desiredposition, lightly hold down the

Seite 332 - Names and Functions

Black plate (7,1)1Your Vehicle at a GlanceInterior, exterior views and part identification of your Mazda.Dashboard and Interior Overview ...

Seite 333

Black plate (70,1)qPower Window Lock SwitchWith the lock switch in the unlockedposition, all power windows on each doorcan be operated.With the lock s

Seite 334

Black plate (71,1)qClosing a WindowPull the latch inward and then push itbackward until it snaps shut. Make surethe window is securely closed.Fuel-Fil

Seite 335

Black plate (72,1)qFuel-Filler LidTo open, pull up the remote fuel-filler lidrelease.Remote fuel-filler lid releaseqFuel-Filler CapTo remove the fille

Seite 336 - Pop Up Menu

Black plate (73,1)HoodWARNINGClosed and Securely Locked Hood:A hood that is not closed and securelylocked is dangerous as it could flyopen while the v

Seite 337

Black plate (74,1)MoonroofíThe moonroof can be opened or closedelectrically only when the ignition switchis in the ON position .Tilt switchSlide switc

Seite 338

Black plate (75,1)To close to the desired position, push thefront of the tilt or slide switch.CloseCloseOpenqSunshadeThe sunshade can be opened and cl

Seite 339 - ENTER ENTER

Black plate (76,1)Immobilizer SystemThe immobilizer system allows the engineto start only with a key the systemrecognizes.If someone attempts to start

Seite 340

Black plate (77,1)NOTEl(U.S.A.)This device complies with part 15 ofthe FCC Rules. Operation is subjectto the following two conditions: (1)This device

Seite 341

Black plate (78,1)NOTElIf the security indicator light comeson and stays on when the ignitionswitch is turned to the ON position,the engine will not s

Seite 342 - ENTERENTER

Black plate (79,1)Theft-Deterrent SystemíThe optional theft-deterrent system isdesigned to prevent your vehicle or itscontents from being stolen when

Seite 343 - Search method

Black plate (8,1)The equipment and installation position varies according to model and grade.1-2Your Vehicle at a GlanceDashboard and Interior Overvie

Seite 344 - Character Entry

Black plate (80,1)qTo Stop an AlarmA triggered alarm can be turne d off byany one of the following methods:lUnlock a door or the trunk lid with thekey

Seite 345 - POI (Point of Interest) Icons

Black plate (81,1)Steering WheelWARNINGAdjusting the Steering Wheel:Adjusting the steering wheel while thevehicle is moving is dangerous.Moving it can

Seite 346 - Direct destination input

Black plate (82,1)After adjusting the mirror, lock the controlby placing the selector switch in themiddle position.Folding the mirrorFold the outside

Seite 347 - After routing

Black plate (83,1)Auto-dimming mirrorThe auto-dimming mirror automaticallyreduces glare of headlights from cars atthe rear when the ignition switch is

Seite 348 - Route Changes

Black plate (84,1)3-32RX-8_8T69-EA-04G_Edition1 Page84Wednesday, June 9 2004 2:11 PMForm No.8T69-EA-04G

Seite 349 - Select streets to avoid

Black plate (85,1)4Before Driving Your MazdaImportant information about driving your Mazda.Fuel and Engine Exhaust Precautions ...

Seite 350 - Marked Point

Black plate (86,1)Fuel RequirementsVehicles with catalytic converters or oxy gen sensors must use ONLY UNLEADED FUEL,which will reduce exhaust emissio

Seite 351 - Enter a name

Black plate (87,1)Emission Control SystemYour vehicle is equipped with an emission control system (the catalytic converter is part ofthis system) that

Seite 352 - ■ How to

Black plate (88,1)NOTEAfter driving some distance and turning off the engine, the sound of a valve opening andclosing can be heard from inside and out

Seite 353 - Open the [Map]

Black plate (89,1)Engine Exhaust (Carbon Monoxide)WARNINGCarbon Monoxide:Engine exhaust gas is dangerous. This gas contains carbon monoxide (CO), whic

Seite 354 - User setting

Black plate (9,1)Rear seat ... ... page 2-8Fro

Seite 355 - [System Setup]

Black plate (90,1)Before Getting InlBe sure the windows, outside mirrors,and outside lights are clean.lInspect inflation pressures andcondition of tir

Seite 356 - Automatic Distance Correction

Black plate (91,1)Break-In PeriodNo special break-in is necessary, but a fewprecautions in the first 1,000 km (600miles) may add to the performance,ec

Seite 357 - Map Matching

Black plate (92,1)Hazardous DrivingWARNINGDownshifting on Slippery Surfaces :Downshifting into lower gear whiledriving on slippery surfaces isdangerou

Seite 358 - Positioning Accuracy

Black plate (93,1)Winter DrivinglCarry emergency gear, including tirechains, window scraper, flares, a smallshovel, jumper cables, and a small bagof s

Seite 359 - Route Search

Black plate (94,1)qTire ChainsCheck local regulations before using tirechains.CAUTIONlChains may scrat ch or chipaluminum wheels. Install tire chainso

Seite 360 - Troubleshooting

Black plate (95,1)Driving In Flooded AreaWARNINGDriving with Wet Brakes:Driving with wet brakes is dangerous .Increased stopping distance or thevehicl

Seite 361 - Symptom Check point

Black plate (96,1)Trailer TowingNever tow a trailer with your Mazda.4-12Before Driving Your MazdaTowingRX-8_8T69-EA-04G_Edition1 Page96Wednesday, June

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Black plate (97,1)5Driving Your MazdaExplanation of instruments and controls.Starting and Driving ...

Seite 363 - Maintenance

Black plate (98,1)Ignition SwitchqIgnition Switch PositionsLOCKThe steering wheel locks to protectagainst theft. Only in this position can thekey be r

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Black plate (99,1)NOTEIf turning the key is difficult, jiggle thesteering wheel from side to side.ACC (Accessory)The steering wheel unlocks and someel

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