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Seite 1 - Form No.8U35-EA-05F

Black plate (1,1)MX-5_8U35-EA-05F_Edition1 Page1Monday, April 18 2005 4:17 PMForm No.8U35-EA-05F

Seite 2

Black plate (10,1)The equipment and installation position varies according to grade.1-4Your Vehicle at a GlanceExterior OverviewMX-5_8U35-EA-05F_Editi

Seite 3

Black plate (100,1)5. Pull the top rearward on the frontsection of the top to release it from thewindshield header.Windshield headerNOTETo lower the c

Seite 4

Black plate (101,1)qRaising the Convertible Top1. Park the vehicle on a level surface andfirmly set the parking brake.2. Lower the side windows, then

Seite 5

Black plate (102,1)CAUTIONDriving with the convertible top notfully locked could damage the top.If the red indicator is visible on theunlock button, t

Seite 6

Black plate (103,1)Immobilizer System (withAdvanced Key)The immobilizer system allows the engineto start only with an advanced key thesystem recognize

Seite 7 - Your Vehicle at a Glance

Black plate (104,1)qOperationArmingThe system is armed when the ignitionswitch is turned from the ON position tothe ACC or LOCK position. The security

Seite 8

Black plate (105,1)qMaintenanceIf you have a problem with theimmobilizer system or the key, consult anAuthorized Mazda Dealer.NOTElThe advanced keys (

Seite 9

Black plate (106,1)Immobilizer System(without Advanced Key)The immobilizer system allows the engineto start only with a key the systemrecognizes.If so

Seite 10

Black plate (107,1)NOTEl(U.S.A.)This device complies with Part 15 ofthe FCC Rules. Operation is subjectto the following two conditions: (1)this device

Seite 11

Black plate (108,1)NOTElSince the electronic codes are resetwhen repairing the immobilizersystem, the keys are needed. Bringall the existing keys to a

Seite 12

Black plate (109,1)Theft-Deterrent SystemíThe theft-deterrent system is designed toprevent your vehicle or its conten ts frombeing stolen when both do

Seite 13 - Essential Safety Equipment

Black plate (11,1)Trunk lid ... page 3-31Rear

Seite 14

Black plate (110,1)qTo Turn off an Armed SystemAn armed system can be turned off by anyone of the following methods:lUnlock a door with the key.lPress

Seite 15

Black plate (111,1)Steering WheelWARNINGAdjusting the Steering Wheel:Adjusting the steering wheel while thevehicle is moving is dangerous.Moving it ca

Seite 16

Black plate (112,1)2. Depre ss the mirror switch in theappropriate direction.Mirror switchSelector switchOutside mirrorFolding the mirrorFold the outs

Seite 17

Black plate (113,1)WARNINGBlocked View:Cargo stacked higher than theseatbacks is dangerous. It can blockyour view in the rearview mirror,which might c

Seite 18

Black plate (114,1)3-56MX-5_8U35-EA-05F_Edition1 Page114Monday, April 18 2005 4:17 PMForm No.8U35-EA-05F

Seite 19

Black plate (115,1)4Before Driving Your MazdaImportant information about driving your Mazda.Fuel and Engine Exhaust Precautions ...

Seite 20

Black plate (116,1)Fuel RequirementsVehicles with catalytic converters or oxy gen sensors must use ONLY UNLEADED FUEL,which will reduce exhaust emissi

Seite 21

Black plate (117,1)Emission Control SystemYour vehicle is equipped with an emission control system (the catalytic converter is part ofthis system) tha

Seite 22

Black plate (118,1)NOTEWhile the engine is off, the sound of a valve opening and closing can be heard below thetrunk, however this does not indicate a

Seite 23

Black plate (119,1)Engine Exhaust (Carbon Monoxide)WARNINGCarbon Monoxide:Engine exhaust gas is dangerous. This gas contains carbon monoxide (CO), whi

Seite 24

Black plate (12,1)1-6MX-5_8U35-EA-05F_Edition1 Page12Monday, April 18 2005 4:17 PMForm No.8U35-EA-05F

Seite 25

Black plate (120,1)Before Getting InlBe sure the windows, outside mirrors,and outside lights are clean.lInspect inflation pressures andcondition of ti

Seite 26

Black plate (121,1)Break-In PeriodNo special break-in is necessary, but a fewprecautions in the first 1,000 km (600miles) may add to the performance,e

Seite 27

Black plate (122,1)Hazardous DrivingWARNINGDownshifting on Slippery Surfaces :Downshifting into lower gear whiledriving on slippery surfaces isdangero

Seite 28

Black plate (123,1)Rocking the VehicleWARNINGSpinning the Wheels:When the vehicle is stuck, spinningthe wheels at high speed is dangerous.The spinning

Seite 29

Black plate (124,1)qSnow TiresUse snow tires on all four wheelsDon't go faster than 120 km/h (75 mph)while driving with snow tires. Inflatesnow t

Seite 30

Black plate (125,1)2. Retighten the chains after driving 1/2―1 km (1/4―1/2 mile).Driving In Flooded AreaWARNINGDriving with Wet Brakes:Driving with we

Seite 31

Black plate (126,1)OverloadingWARNINGVehicle Load Weight:The gross axle weight rating (GAWR)and the gross vehicle weight rating(GVWR) of your vehicle

Seite 32

Black plate (127,1)Trailer TowingThe Mazda MX-5 is not designed fortowing. Never tow a trailer with yourMazda MX-5.Before Driving Your MazdaTowing4-13

Seite 33

Black plate (128,1)4-14MX-5_8U35-EA-05F_Edition1 Page128Monday, April 18 2005 4:17 PMForm No.8U35-EA-05F

Seite 34

Black plate (129,1)5Driving Your MazdaExplanation of instruments and controls.Starting and Driving ...

Seite 35

Black plate (13,1)2Essential Safety EquipmentUse of safety equipment, including seats, seat belt system, SRS air bags andchild-restraint systems.Seats

Seite 36

Black plate (130,1)Ignition Switch(With advanced key)NOTEWhen starting the engine using theadvanced key, refer to Starting theEngine (page 3-10).When

Seite 37

Black plate (131,1)Manual Transaxle Vehicle withoutAdvanced Key, and AutomaticTransaxle VehicleWARNINGRemoving the Key:It's dangerous to remove t

Seite 38

Black plate (132,1)Starting the EngineNOTEEngine-starting is controlled by thespark ignition system.This system meets all CanadianInterference-Causing

Seite 39

Black plate (133,1)Brake SystemqFoot BrakeYour Mazda has power-assisted brakesthat adjus t automatically through normaluse.Should power-assist fail, y

Seite 40

Black plate (134,1)Setting the parking brakeDepress the brake pedal and then firmlypull the parking brake lever fully upwardswith a greater amount of

Seite 41

Black plate (135,1)NOTEHaving to add brake fluid is sometimesan indicator of leakage. Consult anAuthorized Mazda Dealer as soon aspossible even if the

Seite 42

Black plate (136,1)If the ABS warning light stays on whileyou're driving, the ABS control unit hasdetected a system malfunction. If thisoccurs, y

Seite 43

Black plate (137,1)WARNINGDriving with Worn Disc Pads:Driving with worn disc pads isdangerous. The brakes could fail andcause a serious accident. As s

Seite 44

Black plate (138,1)(6-speed transmission)Vehicles with 6-speed transmission areequipped with a device to prevent shiftingto R (reverse) by mistake. Pu

Seite 45

Black plate (139,1)DownshiftingWhen you must slow down in heavytraffic or on a steep upgrade, downshiftbefore the engine starts to overwork. Thisreduc

Seite 46

Black plate (14,1)SeatsWARNINGModification of the Front Seats:Modifying or replacing the front seatssuch as replacing the upholstery orloosening any b

Seite 47

Black plate (140,1)Automatic Transmission ControlsIndicates that you must depress the brake pedal to shift (The ignition switch must be in the ACC or

Seite 48

Black plate (141,1)N (Neutral)In N, the wheels and transmission are notlocked. The vehicle will roll freely evenon the slightest incline unless the pa

Seite 49

Black plate (142,1)qManual Shift ModeThis mode gives you the feel of driving amanual transmission vehicle by operatingthe shift lever and allows you t

Seite 50

Black plate (143,1)Manually Shifting up(M1→M2→M3→M4→M5→M6)To shift up to a higher gear, tap the shiftlever back () once.To shift up to a higher gear w

Seite 51 - SRS Air Bags

Black plate (144,1)Manually Shifting down(M6→M5→M4→M3→M2→M1)To shift down to a lower gear, tap the shiftlever forward () once.To shift down to a lower

Seite 52

Black plate (145,1)Second gear fixed modeWhen the shift lever is tapped back ()while the vehicle is stopped, the transaxleis set in the second gear fi

Seite 53

Black plate (146,1)Recommendations for shiftingUpshiftingFor normal acceleration and cruising, werecommend these shift points.Gear Vehicle speedM1 to

Seite 54

Black plate (147,1)Power SteeringPower steering is only operable when theengine is running. If the engine is off or ifthe power steering system is ino

Seite 55

Black plate (148,1)qActivation/DeactivationTo activate the system, press the ON/OFFswitch.The cruis e main indicator lightilluminates.To deactivate th

Seite 56

Black plate (149,1)qTo Increase Cruising SpeedFollow either of these procedures.lPull up the cruise control switch andhold it. Your vehicle will accel

Seite 57

Black plate (15,1)qSeat ReclineWARNINGReclining:Sitting in a reclined position while thevehicle is moving is dangerousbecause you don't get the f

Seite 58

Black plate (150,1)qTo Resume Cruising Speed atMore Than 30 km/h (19 mph)If some other method besides the ON/OFF switch was used to cancel cruisingspe

Seite 59 - Knowing Your Mazda

Black plate (151,1)Traction Control System(TCS)íThe Traction Control System (TCS)enhances traction and safety bycontrolling engine torque. When the TC

Seite 60 - Advanced Keys

Black plate (152,1)Dynamic Stability Control(DSC)íThe Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)automatically controls braking and enginetorque in conjunctio n w

Seite 61

Black plate (153,1)qDSC OFF Indicator LightThis indicator light stays on for a fewseconds when the ignition switch is turnedto the ON position.It also

Seite 62 - Monday, April 18 2005 4:17 PM

Black plate (154,1)qDSC OFF SwitchPress the DSC OFF switch to turn off theTCS/DSC. The DSC OFF indicator lightwill illuminate.Press the switch again t

Seite 63

Black plate (155,1)Tire Pressure MonitoringSystemíThe tire pressure monitoring system(TPMS) monitors the pressure for eachtire.If tire pressure is too

Seite 64

Black plate (156,1)qTire Pressure Monitoring SystemWarning LightThis warning light illuminates for a fewseconds when the ignition switch is turnedto t

Seite 65

Black plate (157,1)NOTElPerform tire pressure adjustmentwhen the tires are cold. Tire pressurewill vary according to the tiretemperature, therefore le

Seite 66

Black plate (158,1)lWhen a metallic device such as a non-genuine navigation system is equippednear the center of the dashboard, whichmay block radio s

Seite 67

Black plate (159,1)NOTEIf the vehicle is driven within about 15minutes of changing tires, the tirepressure monitoring system warninglight will flash b

Seite 68

Black plate (16,1)qSeat WarmeríThe seats are electrically heated. Theignition switch must be in the ONposition.Press the switch to turn the seat warme

Seite 69

Black plate (160,1)Meters and GaugesSpeedometer ...

Seite 70

Black plate (161,1)qSpeedometerThe speedometer indicates the speed ofthe vehicle.qOdometer, Trip Meter and TripMeter SelectorThe display mode can be c

Seite 71

Black plate (162,1)Trip meterThe trip meter can record the totaldistance of two trips. One is recorded intrip meter A, and the other is recorded intri

Seite 72

Black plate (163,1)CAUTIONDriving with an overheated engine cancause serious engine damage (page7-19).qFuel GaugeThe fuel gauge shows approximately ho

Seite 73

Black plate (164,1)qDashboard IlluminationWhen the exterior lights are on, rotate theknob to adjust the brightness of thedashboard lights.DimBright5-3

Seite 74

Black plate (165,1)Warning/Indicator LightsWarning/Indicator lights will appear in any of the highlighted areasSignal Warning/Indicator Lights PageBra

Seite 75

Black plate (166,1)Signal Warning/Indicator Lights PageDoor-Ajar Warning Light 5-43Automatic Transmission Warning Light 5-44Tire Pressure Monitoring S

Seite 76

Black plate (167,1)qBrake System Warning LightThis warning has the following functions:Parking brake warnin gThe light comes on when the parkingbrake

Seite 77

Black plate (168,1)If the ABS warning light stays on whileyou're driving, the ABS control unit hasdetected a system malfunction. If thisoccurs, y

Seite 78

Black plate (169,1)CAUTIONDon't continue driving when thecharging system warning light isilluminated because the engine couldstop unexpectedly.qC

Seite 79

Black plate (17,1)Seat Belt PrecautionsSeat belts help to d ecrease the possibility of severe injury during accidents and suddenstops. Mazda recommend

Seite 80

Black plate (170,1)qLow Fuel Warning LightLow fuel warning lightThis warning light signals that the fueltank will soon be empty.Refuel as soon as poss

Seite 81

Black plate (171,1)Front passenger seatThe seat belt warning light/beep remindsthe front passenger to fasten the seat belt.If the front passenger seat

Seite 82

Black plate (172,1)qAutomatic Transmission WarningLightThis warning light stays on for a fewseconds when the ignition switch is turnedto the ON positi

Seite 83

Black plate (173,1)Adjust the tire pressure to the correct tirepressure at an Authorized Mazda Dealeror the nearest service station. Refer to thespeci

Seite 84

Black plate (174,1)qKEY Warning Light (Red)/KEYIndicator Light (Green) (withAdvanced Key)This indicator has two colors.KEY Warning Light (Red)When ill

Seite 85

Black plate (175,1)KEY Indicator Light (Green)When illuminatedWhen the start knob is pushed in from theLOCK position, the system confirms thatthe corr

Seite 86

Black plate (176,1)qShift Position Indicator Light(Automatic Transmission)This indicates the selected shift positionwhen the ignition switch is in the

Seite 87

Black plate (177,1)NOTEIf the battery is disconnected, the DSCwill be inoperable. In this case, the DSCOFF indicator light flashes and theTCS/DSC indi

Seite 88

Black plate (178,1)Beep SoundsqSeat Belt Warning BeepIf the driver or the front passenger's seatbelt is not fastened and the vehicle isdriven at

Seite 89

Black plate (179,1)Lighting ControlqHeadlightsTo turn on the lights, turn the headlightswitch on the end of the control lever.Switch PositionHeadlight

Seite 90

Black plate (18,1)WARNINGOne Belt, One Passenger:Using one seat belt for more than one person at a time is dangerous. A seat belt usedin this way can&

Seite 91

Black plate (180,1)qHeadlight High-Low BeamPush the lever forward for high beam.Pull back to original position for lowbeam.High beamLow beamqFlashing

Seite 92

Black plate (181,1)Turn and Lane-ChangeSignalsqTurn SignalMove the signal lever down (for a leftturn) or up (for a right turn) to the stopposition. Th

Seite 93

Black plate (182,1)Windshield Wipers andWasherThe ignition switch must be in the ONposition.WARNINGSubstitute Washer Fluid:Using radiator antifreeze a

Seite 94

Black plate (183,1)qWindshield WasherPull the lever toward you and hold it tospray washer fluid.OFFWasherNOTEWith the wiper lever in the OFF or INTpos

Seite 95

Black plate (184,1)HornTo sound the horn, press around themark on the steering wheel.Hazard Warning FlasherThe hazard warning lights should alwaysbe u

Seite 96

Black plate (185,1)6Interior ComfortUse of various features for drive comfort, including air-conditioning and audiosystem.Climate Control System ...

Seite 97

Black plate (186,1)Operating TipsqOperating the Climate ControlSystemOperate the climate control system withthe engine running.NOTETo prevent the batt

Seite 98

Black plate (187,1)Vent OperationButtonqAdjusting the VentsDirecting airflowYou can direct air flow by rotating the vent.Opening/closing ventsThe two

Seite 99

Black plate (188,1)qSelecting the Airflow ModeDashboard and Floor Vents (OPEN MODE)Defroster VentsFloor VentsFloor Vents (OPEN MODE)Dashboard Vents (O

Seite 100

Black plate (189,1)Control PanelMode selector dial Temperature control dialFan control dialAir intake selector A/C switchqControl SwitchesTemperature

Seite 101

Black plate (19,1)qEmergency Locking ModeIn the emergency locking mode, the belt remains comfortable on the occupant and theretractor will lock in pos

Seite 102

Black plate (190,1)Mode selector dialTurn the mode selector dial to selectairflow mode (page 6-4).NOTEYou will be comfortable by turning themode selec

Seite 103

Black plate (191,1)WARNINGThe Recirculated Air Mode:Using the recirculated air mode incold or rainy weather will cause thewindows to fog up. Your visi

Seite 104

Black plate (192,1)CAUTIONWhen using the air conditioner whiledriving up long hills or in heavy traffic,closely monitor the temperature gauge(page 5-3

Seite 105

Black plate (193,1)qDehumidifying (With AirConditioner)íOperate the air conditioner in cool or coldweather to help defog the windshi eld andside windo

Seite 106

Black plate (194,1)AntennaqDetachable TypeTo remove the antenna, turn itcounterclockwise.To install the antenna, turn it clockwise.Make sure the anten

Seite 107

Black plate (195,1)qRadio ReceptionAM characteristicsAM signals bend around such things asbuildings or mountains and bounce off theionosphere. Therefo

Seite 108

Black plate (196,1)Flutter/Skip noiseSignals from an FM transmitter move instraight lines and become weak in valleysbetween tall buildings, mountains,

Seite 109

Black plate (197,1)qOperating Tips for CD Player/In-Dash CD ChangerCondensation phenomenonImmediately after turning on the heaterwhen the vehicle is c

Seite 110

Black plate (198,1)lA new CD may have rough edges onits inner and outer perimeters. If a discwith rough edges is used, propersetting will not be possi

Seite 111

Black plate (199,1)lCD TEXT textual information cannotbe displayed by audio units other thanthe In-dash CD changer. (Onlyplayback is possible.)lThe fo

Seite 112

Black plate (2,1)MX-5_8U35-EA-05F_Edition1 Page2Monday, April 18 2005 4:17 PMForm No.8U35-EA-05F

Seite 113

Black plate (20,1)Seat BeltsqFastening the Seat Belts1. Grasp the tongue.2. Slowly pull out the lap/shoulder belt.BeltTongue3. Insert the tongue into

Seite 114

Black plate (200,1)lThis unit can play MP3 files that havebeen recorded on CD-R/CD-RW/CD-ROMs. Discs that have been recordedusing the following format

Seite 115 - Before Driving Your Mazda

Black plate (201,1)lMP3 files not conforming to the MP3format containing both header framesand data frames will be skipped andnot played.lThis unit wi

Seite 116

Black plate (202,1)Multi-sessionA session is the complete amount of datarecorded from the beginning to the end ofa single period of CD-ROM, CD-R/CD-RW

Seite 117

Black plate (203,1)Audio SetCD PlayerIn-Dash CD Changer Illustration is of a representative audio unit.Power/Volume/Sound Controls ...

Seite 118

Black plate (204,1)qPower/Volume/Sound ControlsPower/Volume dial Audio control dialPower ON/OFFTurn the ignition switch to the ACC orON position.Press

Seite 119

Black plate (205,1)**BOSE Sound System-equipped model* Depending on the mode selec ted, theindication changes.2. Turn the audio control dial to adjust

Seite 120

Black plate (206,1)The foll owing seven modes are available.Select the desired mode according to use.Mode UseVolumechangeALC doesnot operate.No change

Seite 121

Black plate (207,1)MEMO6-23MX-5_8U35-EA-05F_Edition1 Page207Monday, April 18 2005 4:19 PMForm No.8U35-EA-05F

Seite 122

Black plate (208,1)qClockDisplayHour/Minute set switchClock/Display switch12/24-hour clock time switchSetting the timeThe clock can be set at any time

Seite 123

Black plate (209,1)NOTElWhen the clock/display switch isreleased, the seconds are reset to“00”.lIf the power supply to the unit isinterrupted (if the

Seite 124

Black plate (21,1)qUnfastening the Seat BeltsDepress the button on the buckle.ButtonNOTEIf a belt does not fully retract, inspect itfor kinks and twis

Seite 125

Black plate (210,1)qOperating the RadioBand selector buttonDisplayManual tuning dialChannel preset switchesSatellite button*Electric serial number swi

Seite 126

Black plate (211,1)Seek tun ingPulling up or pressing down the seektuning/APC switch will cause the tuner toseek a higher or low er frequencyautomatic

Seite 127

Black plate (212,1)qOperating the Compact Disc (CD) PlayeríLoad buttonCD play buttonCD slotFast-forward/Reverse switchDisplayTrack up/down switch Rep

Seite 128

Black plate (213,1)Music scanThis feature helps to find a program byplaying about the first 10 seconds of eachtrack.Pull up the scan/auto memory switc

Seite 129 - Driving Your Mazda

Black plate (214,1)qOperating the In-Dash CD ChangeríLoad buttonCD play buttonCD slotFast-forward/Reverse switchDisc down buttonDisplayTrack up/down s

Seite 130

Black plate (215,1)Inserting CDs into desired tray number1. Press and hold the load button ()for about 2 seconds until a beep soundis heard.2. Press t

Seite 131

Black plate (216,1)2. Press the CD eject button ( ) againfor less than 5 seconds after the beepsound is heard.NOTEIf the button is not pressed and abo

Seite 132

Black plate (217,1)NOTEIf the unit is left in scan, normal playwill resume wher e scan was selected.Repeat playDuring music CD playback1. Press the re

Seite 133

Black plate (218,1)MP3 CDDisc tray numberFile name (ID3 Tag) Folder name (ID3 Tag)Album name (ID3 Tag)Song name (ID3 Tag)Artist name (ID3 Tag)Folder

Seite 134

Black plate (219,1)qError IndicationsIf you see an error indication on the display, find the cause in the chart. If you cannot clearthe error indicati

Seite 135

Black plate (22,1)Seat Belt Pretensioner andLoad Limiting SystemsFor optimum protection, the driver andpassenger seat belts are equipped withpretensio

Seite 136

Black plate (220,1)Audio Control SwitchOperation (Steering Wheel)íWhen the audio unit is turned on,operation of the audio unit from thesteering wheel

Seite 137

Black plate (221,1)NOTECD, CD changer, and SIRIUS digitalsatellite radio modes cannot be selectedin the following cases:· SIRIUS digital satellite rad

Seite 138

Black plate (222,1)Safety CertificationThis CD player is made and tested to meet exacting safety standards. It meets FCCrequirements and complies with

Seite 139

Black plate (223,1)SunvisorsWhen you need a sunvisor, lower it foruse in front.qVanity MirrorsTo use the vanity mirror, lower thesunvisor.Interior Lig

Seite 140

Black plate (224,1)Cup HolderWARNINGUsing Cup Holder:Using a cup holder to hold hot liquidswhile the vehicle is moving isdangerous. If the contents sp

Seite 141

Black plate (225,1)Bottle HolderBottle holders are on the inside of thedoors.Bottle holderCAUTIONDon't use the bottle holders forcontainers witho

Seite 142

Black plate (226,1)qSeat Side BoxTo open, pull the release catch.Insert the key and turn it clockwise tolock, counterclockwise to unlock.LockUnlockqBa

Seite 143

Black plate (227,1)Accessory SocketThe ignition switch must be in the ACCor ON position.Only use genuine Mazda accessories orthe equivalent requiring

Seite 144

Black plate (228,1)6-44MX-5_8U35-EA-05F_Edition1 Page228Monday, April 18 2005 4:19 PMForm No.8U35-EA-05F

Seite 145

Black plate (229,1)7In Case of an EmergencyHelpful information on what to do in an emergency.Parking in an Emergency ...

Seite 146

Black plate (23,1)WARNINGPretensioner System Disposal:Improper disposal of the prete nsionersystem or a vehicle with non-deactivated pretensioners isd

Seite 147

Black plate (230,1)Parking in an EmergencyThe hazard warning lights should alwaysbe used when you stop on or near aroadway.The hazard warning lights w

Seite 148

Black plate (231,1)Flat TireEither run-flat tires or conventional tiresare equipped on your Mazda dependingon the specification, therefore theprocedur

Seite 149

Black plate (232,1)Vehicles with run-flat tires can be driveneven with a punctured tire under thefollowing conditions.Maximum vehicle speed with apunc

Seite 150

Black plate (233,1)Tool StorageTools are stored in the locations illustrated in the diagram.Towing/Tiedown eyeletInstant Mobility System (IMS) Emergen

Seite 151

Black plate (234,1)qJackTo remove the jack1. Turn the knob and remove the cover.2. Turn the wing bolt counterclockwise.Wing boltJackTo secure the jack

Seite 152 - Starting and Driving

Black plate (235,1)qAbout the IMS Emergency FlatTire Repair KitThe IMS emergency flat tir e repair kitincludes the following items.Tire sealantInjecti

Seite 153

Black plate (236,1)NOTElThe tire sealant cannot be reused.Purchase new tire sealant at anAuthorized Mazda Dealer.lThe emergency flat tire repair kitca

Seite 154

Black plate (237,1)NOTEThe tire sealant can be used at outsidetemperatures down to_30°C.In extremely cold temperatures (0°C(32°F) or below), the tire

Seite 155

Black plate (238,1)10. Hold the bottom of the bottle upright,squeeze the bottle with your hands,and inject the entire amount of tiresealant into the t

Seite 156

Black plate (239,1)14. Install the compressor hose to the tirevalve.ValveCompressor hose15. Insert the compressor plug into theinterior accessory sock

Seite 157

Black plate (24,1)Seat Belt ExtenderIf your seat belt is not long enough, evenwhen fully extended, a seat belt extendermay be available to you at no c

Seite 158

Black plate (240,1)NOTElCheck the tire inflation pressure label(driver's door frame) for the correcttire inflation pressure.lDo not use the compr

Seite 159

Black plate (241,1)CAUTIONlA tire that has been temporarilyrepaired with the tire sealant cannotbe reused . Mazda recommendsreplacing the tire with a

Seite 160

Black plate (242,1)NOTElMake sure the jack is well lubricatedbefore using it.(With Tire Pressure MonitoringSystem)lBe sure to register the tire pressu

Seite 161

Black plate (243,1)WARNINGIncorrect Jacking Position:Attempting to jack the vehicle inpositions other than thoserecommended in this manual isdangerous

Seite 162

Black plate (244,1)qLocking Lug NutsIf your vehicle has optional antitheftwheel lug nuts, one on each wheel willlock the tires and y ou must use a spe

Seite 163

Black plate (245,1)3. Install the lug nuts with the bevelededge inward; tighten them by hand.WARNINGDon't Apply Oil or Grease to LugNuts, Bolts:A

Seite 164

Black plate (246,1)WARNINGLoose Lug Nuts:Improperly or loosely tightened lugnuts are dangerous. The wheel couldwobble or come off. This could resultin

Seite 165

Black plate (247,1)OverheatingIf the temperature gauge indicatesoverheating, the vehicle loses power, oryou hear a loud knocking or pingingnoise, the

Seite 166

Black plate (248,1)5. Make sure the cooling fan is operating,then turn off the engine after thetemperature has decreased.6. When cool, check the coola

Seite 167

Black plate (249,1)Starting a Flooded EngineIf the engine fails to start, it may beflooded (excessive fuel in the engine).Follow this procedure:1. Dep

Seite 168

Black plate (25,1)Seat Belt Warning Light/BeepThe seat belt warning light illuminatesand a beep sound will be heard if thedriver's seat belt is n

Seite 169

Black plate (250,1)Jump-StartingThe battery is in the trunk.Jump-starting is dangerous if done incorrectly. So follow the procedure carefully. If youf

Seite 170

Black plate (251,1)WARNINGKeep Flames Away:Flames and sparks near open battery cells are dangerous. Hydrogen gas, producedduring normal battery operat

Seite 171

Black plate (252,1)Discharged batteryConnect cables in numerical order and disconnect in reverse order. Jumper cablesBooster battery1. Remove the rubb

Seite 172

Black plate (253,1)5. Connect the jumper cables in the exactsequence as in the illustration.lConnect one end of a cable to thepositive terminal on the

Seite 173

Black plate (254,1)Push-StartingWARNINGTowing a Vehicle to Start It:Towing a vehicle to start it isdangerous. The vehicle being towedcould surge forwa

Seite 174 - Advanced Key)

Black plate (255,1)Towing DescriptionWe recommend that towing be done onlyby an Authorized Mazda Dealer or acommercial tow-truck service.Proper liftin

Seite 175

Black plate (256,1)Tiedown HooksCAUTIONDon't use the tiedown hooks under thefront and rear for towing.They are designed ONLY for tyingdown the ve

Seite 176

Black plate (257,1)Lug wrenchRear4. Hook the tying rope to the tiedowneyelet.FrontRearCAUTIONIf the tiedown eyelet is not securelytightened, it may lo

Seite 177

Black plate (258,1)Recreational TowingAn example of “recreational towing” istowing your vehicle behind a motorhome.The trans mission is not designed f

Seite 178

Black plate (259,1)8Maintenance and CareHow to keep your Mazda in top condition.Introduction ...

Seite 179

Black plate (26,1)Front passenger seatThe seat belt warning light/beep remindsthe front passenger to fasten the seat belt.If the front passenger seat

Seite 180

Black plate (260,1)IntroductionBe extremely careful and prevent injury to yourself and others or damage to your vehiclewhen using this manual for insp

Seite 181

Black plate (261,1)Scheduled Maintenance (North America)Follow Schedule 1 if the vehicle is operat ed mainly where none of the following conditionsapp

Seite 182

Black plate (262,1)qSchedule 1Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers (miles), whichever comes firstMonths 6 12 18 24 30 36 42 48×1000 km 1

Seite 183

Black plate (263,1)Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers (miles), whichever comes firstMonths 6 12 18 24 30 36 42 48×1000 km 12 24 36 48

Seite 184

Black plate (264,1)qSchedule 2Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers (miles), whichever comes firstMonths 4 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 44 4

Seite 185 - Interior Comfort

Black plate (265,1)Maintenance IntervalNumber of months or kilometers (miles), whichever comes firstMonths 4 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 44 48×1000 km 8

Seite 186

Black plate (266,1)Scheduled Maintenance (Except North America)NOTElAfter the prescribed period, continue to follow the described maintenance at there

Seite 187

Black plate (267,1)qScheduleMaintenanceIntervalNumber of months or kilometers (miles), whichever comes firstMonths 6 12 18 24 30 36 42 48 54 60 66 72

Seite 188 - Climate Control System

Black plate (268,1)MaintenanceIntervalNumber of months or kilometers (miles), whichever comes firstMonths 6 12 18 24 30 36 42 48 54 60 66 72 78 84 90

Seite 189

Black plate (269,1)Owner Maintenance ScheduleThe owner or a qualified service technician should make these vehicle inspections at theindicated interva

Seite 190

Black plate (27,1)Child Restraint PrecautionsMazda strongly urges the use of child-restraint systems for children small enough to usethem.You are requ

Seite 191

Black plate (270,1)Owner Maintenance PrecautionsImproper or incomplete service may result in problems. This section gives instructions onlyfor items t

Seite 192

Black plate (271,1)NOTEOnce the engine coolant exceeds a preset temperature, an electrical cooling fan turns on.It will continue running for about 10

Seite 193

Black plate (272,1)Engine Compartment OverviewEngine oil dipstickEngine oil filler capBrake fluid reservoir / Clutch fluid reservoir (only for manual

Seite 194

Black plate (273,1)Engine OilqRecommended OilUse SAE 5W-20 engine oil.Oil container label s provide importantinformation.A chief contribution this typ

Seite 195

Black plate (274,1)4. Pull out the dipstick, wipe it clean, andreinsert it fully.FullOKLow5. Pull it out again and examine the level.It's OK betw

Seite 196

Black plate (275,1)5. Securely reinstall the oil-filler cap.Drain plugForwardTightenLoosen6. Start the engine and inspect around thedrain plug for lea

Seite 197

Black plate (276,1)Engine CoolantqInspecting Coolant LevelWARNINGHot Engine:A hot engine is dangerous. If theengine has been running, parts of theengi

Seite 198

Black plate (277,1)CAUTIONRadiator coolant will damage paint.Rinse it off quickly if spilled.If the coolant reservoir is empt y or newcoolant is requi

Seite 199

Black plate (278,1)To change coolantWARNINGRemoving the Cooling System Cap:Removing the cooling system capwhile the engine is running or hot isdangero

Seite 200 - Audio System

Black plate (279,1)Brake/Clutch FluidqInspecting Brake/Clutch Fluid LevelThe brakes and clutch draw fluid from thesame reservoir.Inspect the fluid lev

Seite 201

Black plate (28,1)To reduce the chance of injuries caused by the deployment of the passenger air bag, thereare two methods to deactivate the passenger

Seite 202

Black plate (280,1)Power Steering FluidqInspecting Power Steering FluidLevelCAUTIONTo avoid damage to the power steeringpump, don't operate the v

Seite 203

Black plate (281,1)Inspect fluid level in the washer fluidreservoir; add fluid if necessary.Use plai n water if washer fluid isunavailable.But use onl

Seite 204

Black plate (282,1)Air FilterCAUTIONDon't drive without an air filter. Thiscould result in excessive engine wear.This air filter may be cleaned w

Seite 205

Black plate (283,1)Wiper BladesCAUTIONlHot waxes applied by automatic carwashers have been known to affectthe wiper's ability to clean windows.lT

Seite 206

Black plate (284,1)3. Remove the metal stiffeners from theblade rubber and install them in newblades.CAUTIONlDon't bend or discard the stiffeners

Seite 207

Black plate (285,1)BatteryWARNINGBattery-Related Lead Materials:Battery posts, terminals and related access ories contain lead and lead compounds,chem

Seite 208

Black plate (286,1)WARNINGKeep Flames Away:Flames and sparks near open battery cells are dangerous. Hydrogen gas, producedduring normal battery operat

Seite 209

Black plate (287,1)qBattery MaintenanceTo get the best service from a battery:lKeep it securely mounted.lKeep the top clean and dry.lKeep terminals an

Seite 210

Black plate (288,1)The Tire Pressure Monitoring Systemídoes not alleviate the need to check thetire condition every day, includingwhether the tires al

Seite 211

Black plate (289,1)CAUTIONRotate unidirectional tires and radialtires that have an asymmetrical treadpattern or studs only from front to rear,not from

Seite 212

Black plate (29,1)WARNINGProper Size of Child-Restraint System:For effective protection in vehicle accidents and sudden stops , a child must beproperl

Seite 213

Black plate (290,1)You should replace it before the band isacross the entire tread.qReplacing a WheelWARNINGUsing a Wrong-Sized Wheel:Using a wrong-si

Seite 214

Black plate (291,1)Proper tire balancing provides the bestriding comfort and helps reduce treadwear. Out-of-balance tires can causevibration and uneve

Seite 215

Black plate (292,1)Light BulbsHigh-mount brake light License plate lightsTrunk light Reverse lightsRear turn signal lightsBrake lights / TaillightsSid

Seite 216

Black plate (293,1)WARNINGXenon Fusion Bulb Replacement:Replacing the xenon fusion bulbsyourself is dangerous. Because thexenon fusio n bulbs require

Seite 217

Black plate (294,1)Low-beam bulbs(Xenon fusion bulbs)You cannot replace the low beam bulbs byyourself.The bulbs must be replaced at anAuthorized Mazda

Seite 218

Black plate (295,1)9. Remove the headlight bulb from thesocket.10. Install the new socket and bulbassembly in the reverse order ofremoval.NOTElUse the

Seite 219

Black plate (296,1)5. Disconnect the socket and bulbassembly from the electrical connectorby pressing the tab on the connectorwith your finger and pul

Seite 220

Black plate (297,1)2. Disconnect the bulb from the socket.3. Install the new bulb in the reverse orderof removal.Front side-marker lights1. Slide the

Seite 221

Black plate (298,1)2. On the side the bulb is to be replaced,pull the center section of the plasticretainers and remove them, thenremove the trunk sid

Seite 222

Black plate (299,1)Trunk light1. Wrap a flathead screwdriver with a softcloth to prevent damage to the trim andgently insert it in the luggagecompartm

Seite 223

Black plate (3,1)Thank you for choosing a Mazda. We at Mazda design and build vehicles with completecustomer satisfaction in mind.To help ensure enjoy

Seite 224

Black plate (30,1)WARNINGSeating Children in a Child-Restraint System on the Passenger Seat:This vehicle is equipped with both a passenger seat weight

Seite 225

Black plate (300,1)3. Pull the fuse straight out with the fusepuller provided on the inside of theengine compartment fuse block cover.Fuse pullerFuse

Seite 226 - Without the lid

Black plate (301,1)qFuse Panel DescriptionFuse block (Engine compartment)DESCRIPTIONFUSERATINGPROTECTED COMPONENT1 FAN 30 A Cooling fan2 FAN 7.5 A Coo

Seite 227

Black plate (302,1)DESCRIPTIONFUSERATINGPROTECTED COMPONENT17 BTN 30 A For protection of various circuits18 MAIN 120 A For protection of all circuits1

Seite 228

Black plate (303,1)Fuse block (Driver's side)DESCRIPTIONFUSERATINGPROTECTED COMPONENT1 ACC 7.5 A Audio system, Power control mirror2 AUX PWR 15 A

Seite 229 - In Case of an Emergency

Black plate (304,1)How to MinimizeEnvironmental Paint DamageThe paint work on your Mazda representsthe latest technical developments incomposition and

Seite 230

Black plate (305,1)qWater MarksOccurrenceRain, fog, dew, and even tap water cancontain harmful minerals such as salt andlime. If moisture containing t

Seite 231

Black plate (306,1)Exterior CareFollow all label and container directionswhen using a chemical cleaner or polish.Read all warnings and cautions.qMaint

Seite 232

Black plate (307,1)Insects, tar, tree sap, bird droppings,industrial fallout, and similar deposits candamage the finish if not removedimmediately. Whe

Seite 233

Black plate (308,1)CAUTIONDon't use steel wool, abrasive cleaners,or strong detergents containing highlyalkaline or caustic agents on chrome-plat

Seite 234

Black plate (309,1)qConvertible Top MaintenanceThe conv ertible top is made of a specialhigh-grade material, but if it's not takengood care of, h

Seite 235

Black plate (31,1)WARNINGChild-Restraint Tether:Using a child-restraint system that requires a tether is dangerous. Your Mazda doesn'thave a chil

Seite 236 - Flat Tire

Black plate (310,1)CAUTIONlDon't use an automatic car wash.lDon't use strong soap, chemicaldetergents, or hot water, and don'twash the

Seite 237

Black plate (311,1)FabricRemove dust and loose dirt from fabricwith a whisk broom or vacuum cleaner.Clean it with a mild soap solution goodfor upholst

Seite 238

Black plate (312,1)8-54MX-5_8U35-EA-05F_Edition1 Page312Monday, April 18 2005 4:20 PMForm No.8U35-EA-05F

Seite 239

Black plate (313,1)9Customer Information and ReportingSafety DefectsImportant consumer information including warranties and add-on equipment.Customer

Seite 240

Black plate (314,1)Customer Assistance (U.S.A.)Your complete and permanent satisfaction is our business. We are here to serve you. AllAuthorized Mazda

Seite 241

Black plate (315,1)In order to serve you efficiently and effectively, please help us by providing the followinginformation:1. Your name, address, and

Seite 242

Black plate (316,1)Customer Assistance (Canada)qSatisfaction Review ProcessYour complete and permanent satisfaction is of primary concern to Mazda. Al

Seite 243

Black plate (317,1)Please recognize that the resolution of service problems in most cases requires the use ofyour Mazda dealer's service faciliti

Seite 244

Black plate (318,1)CAMVAP is fully implemented in all provinces and territories.Consumers wishing to obtain further information about the Program shou

Seite 245

Black plate (319,1)Customer Assistance (Puerto Rico)Your complete and permanent satisfaction is our business. That is why all AuthorizedMazda Dealers

Seite 246

Black plate (32,1)Installing a Child-Restraint SystemThe passenger lap/shoulder belt can easilybe converted into the automatic lockingmode, which must

Seite 247

Black plate (320,1)Importer/DistributorqU.S.A.Mazda North American Operations7755 Irvine Center DriveIrvine, CA 92618-2922 U.S.A.P.O. Box 19734Irvine,

Seite 248

Black plate (321,1)Warranties for Your MazdalNew Vehicle Limited WarrantylDistributor Major Component Limited Warranty (Canada only)lSafety Restraint

Seite 249

Black plate (322,1)Outside the United States and CanadaGovernment regulations in the United States and Canada require that automobiles meetspecific em

Seite 250

Black plate (323,1)Outside the United StatesGovernment regulations in the United States require that automobiles meet specificemission regulations and

Seite 251

Black plate (324,1)Outside CanadaGovernment regulations in Canada require that automobiles meet specific emissionregulations and safety regulations. T

Seite 252

Black plate (325,1)Registering Your Vehicle in A Foreign Country (ExceptUnited States and Canada)Government regulations in your country could require

Seite 253

Black plate (326,1)Add-On Non-Genuine Parts and AccessoriesNon-genuine parts and accessories for Mazda vehicles can be found in stores.These may fit y

Seite 254

Black plate (327,1)Cell Phones WarningWARNINGUse of Cell Phones and Other Devices by Driver:Use of any electrical devices such as cell phones, compute

Seite 255

Black plate (328,1)Uniform Tire Quality Grading System (UTQGS)This information relates to the tire grading system developed by the U.S. NationalHighwa

Seite 256

Black plate (329,1)WARNINGThe temperature grade for this tire is established for a tire that is properly inflated andnot overloaded. Excessive speed,

Seite 257

Black plate (33,1)4. Push the child-restraint system firmlyinto the vehicle seat. Be sure the beltretracts as snugly as possible. Clickingfrom the ret

Seite 258

Black plate (330,1)Tire LabelingFederal law requires tire manufacturers to place standardized information on the sidewall ofall tir es. This informati

Seite 259 - Maintenance and Care

Black plate (331,1)11. Tread wear, traction and temperature grades12. Max. permissible inflation pressure13. SAFETY WARNINGP215/65R15 95H is an exampl

Seite 260

Black plate (332,1)H“H” is the speed rating. The speed rating de notes the maximum speed for which the use ofthe tire is rated.Letter Rating Speed Rat

Seite 261

Black plate (333,1)Tread Wear, Traction and Temperature GradesTread wear: The tread wear grade is a comparative rating based on the wear rate of the t

Seite 262

Black plate (334,1)qInformation on Temporary TiresPlease refer to the diagram below.1. Temporary tires2. Nominal width of tire in millimeters3. Ratio

Seite 263

Black plate (335,1)D“D” is the tire construction symbol. D indicates “diagonal ply construction”.15“15” is the wheel rim diameter in inches.Customer I

Seite 264

Black plate (336,1)Location of the Tire Label (Placard)You will find the tire label containing tire inflation pressure by tire size and other importan

Seite 265

Black plate (337,1)WARNINGTire Under-Inflation:Driving your vehicl e with under-inflated tires is dangerous.Under-inflation is the most common cause o

Seite 266

Black plate (338,1)NOTEWarm tires normally exceed recommended pressures. Don't release air from warm tiresto adjust the pressure.Under-inflation

Seite 267

Black plate (339,1)Tire MaintenanceImproper or inadequate vehicle maintenanc e can cause tires to wear abnormally. Here aresome important maintenance

Seite 268

Black plate (34,1)NOTElInspect this function before each useof the child-restraint system. Youshould not be able to pull theshoulder belt out of the r

Seite 269

Black plate (340,1)CAUTIONRotate unidirectional tires and radial tires that have an asymmetrical tread pattern orstuds only from front to rear, not fr

Seite 270

Black plate (341,1)qSafety PracticesThe way you drive has a great deal to do with your tire mileage and safety. So cultivat egood driving habits for y

Seite 271

Black plate (342,1)Vehicle LoadingThis section will guide you in the proper loading of your vehicle and/or trailer, to keepyour loaded vehicle weight

Seite 272

Black plate (343,1)Vehicle Curb Weight is the weight of your new vehicle when you picked it up from yourdealer plus any aftermarket equipment.PAYLOADP

Seite 273 - Owner Maintenance

Black plate (344,1)SAMPLECARGOCargo Weight includes all weight added to the Base Curb Weight, including cargo andoptional equipment. When towing, trai

Seite 274

Black plate (345,1)Examples: Based on a single occupant weight of 68 kg, and a value of 385 kg for the“combined weight of occupants and cargo should n

Seite 275 - Drain plug

Black plate (346,1)SAMPLEWARNINGExceeding Axle Weight Rating Limits:Exceeding the Safety Certification Label axle weight rating limits is dangerous an

Seite 276

Black plate (347,1)GCWGCW (Gross Combined Weight) is the weight of the loaded vehicle (GVW) plus theweight of the fully loaded trailer.GCWR (Gross Com

Seite 277

Black plate (348,1)WARNINGExceeding GVWR or GAWR Specifications:Exceeding the GVWR or the GAWR specified on the certification label is dangerous.Excee

Seite 278

Black plate (349,1)Steps for Determining the Correct Load Limit:Steps for Determining Correct Load Limit:(1) Locate the statement “The combined weight

Seite 279

Black plate (35,1)LATCH Child-Restraint SystemYour Mazda is equipped with LATCH lower anchors for attachment of specially designedLATCH child-restrain

Seite 280

Black plate (350,1)Reporting Safety Defects (U.S.A.)If you believe that your vehicle has a defect which could cause a crash or couldcause injury or de

Seite 281

Black plate (351,1)Reporting Safety Defects (Canada)Canadian customers who wish to report a safety-related defect to Transport Canada, DefectInvestiga

Seite 282

Black plate (352,1)Service PublicationsFactory-authorized Mazda service publications are available for owners who wish to dosome of their own maintena

Seite 283

Black plate (353,1)10SpecificationsTechnical information about your Mazda.Identification Numbers ...

Seite 284

Black plate (354,1)Vehicle Information LabelsqVehicle Identification NumberThe vehicle identification number legallyidentifies your vehicle. The numbe

Seite 285

Black plate (355,1)qEngine NumberForwardIdentification Numbers10-3MX-5_8U35-EA-05F_Edition1 Page355Monday, April 18 2005 4:20 PMForm No.8U35-EA-05F

Seite 286

Black plate (356,1)SpecificationsqEngineItem SpecificationType DOHC-16V in-line, 4-cylinderBore×Stroke 87.5 × 83.1 mm (3.44 × 3.27 in)Displacement 1,9

Seite 287

Black plate (357,1)qCapacities(Approximate Quantities)Item CapacityEngine oilWith oil filterreplacement4.3 L (4.5 US qt, 3.7 Imp qt)Without oil filter

Seite 288

Black plate (358,1)qLight BulbsExterior lightLight bulbCategoryWattage ECE R (SAE)HeadlightsHigh beam 65 H9 (H9)Low beamHalogen 55 H7 (H7)Xenon fusion

Seite 289

Black plate (359,1)qFusesRefer to the fuse rating on page 8-41.Specifications10-7MX-5_8U35-EA-05F_Edition1 Page359Monday, April 18 2005 4:20 PMForm No

Seite 290

Black plate (36,1)qLATCH Child-Restraint SystemInstallation ProcedureBefore installing a child-restraint system,make sure the passenger air bagdeactiv

Seite 291

Black plate (360,1)10-8MX-5_8U35-EA-05F_Edition1 Page360Monday, April 18 2005 4:20 PMForm No.8U35-EA-05F

Seite 292

Black plate (361,1)11Index11-1MX-5_8U35-EA-05F_Edition1 Page361Monday, April 18 2005 4:20 PMForm No.8U35-EA-05F

Seite 293

Black plate (362,1)AAccessory Socket ... 6-43Add-On Non-Genuine Parts andAccessories ...

Seite 294

Black plate (363,1)CClock ... 6-24Convertible Top ... 3-40Cruise Control ..

Seite 295

Black plate (364,1)FFuses ... 8-41Panel description ... 8-43Replacement ...

Seite 296

Black plate (365,1)OOdometer and Trip Meter ... 5-33Outside Mirrors ... 3-53Overhead Lights ...

Seite 297

Black plate (366,1)TTiedownHook ... 7-28Tire Infor mation ... ... 9-18Tire Pressure M

Seite 298

Black plate (37,1)WARNINGRear-Facing Child-Restraint System:Seating a child in a rear-facing child-restraint system that is installed on thepassenger

Seite 299

Black plate (38,1)Supplemental Restraint Systems (SRS) PrecautionsThe front and side supplemental restraint systems (SRS) include up to 4 air bags (ve

Seite 300

Black plate (39,1)WARNINGAir Bags without Seat Belts:Depending only on the air bags for protection during an accident is dangerous. Alone,air bags may

Seite 301

Black plate (4,1)We want to help you get the most drivingpleasure from your vehicle. Your owner'smanual, when read from cover to cover,can do tha

Seite 302

Black plate (40,1)WARNINGSeating Position with Side Air Bags:Sitting too close to the side air bag modules or placing hands on them is extremelydanger

Seite 303

Black plate (41,1)WARNINGSuspension Adjustment:Adjusting the vehicle suspension is dangerous. If the vehicle's height or thesuspension is changed

Seite 304

Black plate (42,1)Passenger Air BagDeactivation SwitchWARNINGUnnecessary Deactivation ofPassenger Air Bag:Unnecessary deactivation of thepassenger air

Seite 305

Black plate (43,1)In addition to using the key to deactivatethe passenger air bag, the passenger airbag is also deactivated and the passengerair bag d

Seite 306

Black plate (44,1)The passenger front and side air bag willremain deactivated until the passenger airbag deactivation switch is turned to theON positi

Seite 307

Black plate (45,1)Supplemental Restraint System ComponentsThe supplemental restraint systems (SRS) have two basic subsystems:lThe air bag system with

Seite 308

Black plate (46,1)qFront Air Bag System Components(4)(8)(7)(5)(2)(9)(3)(1)(6)(5)(1) Front inflators and air bags(2) Front crash sensor(3) Passenger ai

Seite 309

Black plate (47,1)qSide Air Bag System Componentsí(2)(1)(3)(4)(1) Crash sensor and diagnostic module (SAS unit)(2) Side crash sensors(3) Side inflator

Seite 310

Black plate (48,1)How the Air Bags WorkqHow the Front Air Bags WorkWhen air bag crash sensors detect a frontal impact of greater than moderate force,

Seite 311

Black plate (49,1)To reduce the chance of injuries caused by deployment of the passenger air bag, the systemdeactivates the passenger front and side a

Seite 312

Black plate (5,1)MX-5_8U35-EA-05F_Edition1 Page5Monday, April 18 2005 4:17 PMForm No.8U35-EA-05FTable of ContentsYour Vehicle at a GlanceInterior, ext

Seite 313 - Safety Defects

Black plate (50,1)The passenger air bag deactivation indicator light illuminates or is off under the following conditions:Total seated weight on thepa

Seite 314

Black plate (51,1)WARNINGIncreasing the Total Seated Weight on the Passenger Seat:When an infant or small child sits on the passenger seat, increasing

Seite 315

Black plate (52,1)NOTElThe system requires about 10 seconds to alternate between turning the passenger frontand side air bags and seat belt pretension

Seite 316

Black plate (53,1)WARNINGDamaged Side and Curtain Air Bag Wiring under the Seats:Placing luggage or other objects under the seats is dangerous. The si

Seite 317

Black plate (54,1)lDriving into a big hole or hitting the farside of a hole.Limitations to front air bag activationDepending on the severity of impact

Seite 318

Black plate (55,1)Side air bag activationíGreater than moderate impact to one sideof the vehicle (driver or passenger sideareas) will cause a side air

Seite 319

Black plate (56,1)qConstant MonitoringThe foll owing components of the air bagsystems are monitor ed by a diagno sticsystem:lSAS unitlCrash sensorlAir

Seite 320

Black plate (57,1)lPassenger air bag deactivationindicator light does not illuminatewhen the ignition switch is turne d tothe ON position or does not

Seite 321

Black plate (58,1)2-46MX-5_8U35-EA-05F_Edition1 Page58Monday, April 18 2005 4:17 PMForm No.8U35-EA-05F

Seite 322

Black plate (59,1)3Knowing Your MazdaExplanation of basic operations and controls; opening/closing and adjustmentof various parts.Advanced Keyless Ent

Seite 323

Black plate (6,1)MX-5_8U35-EA-05F_Edition1 Page6Monday, April 18 2005 4:17 PMForm No.8U35-EA-05F

Seite 324

Black plate (60,1)Advanced KeysíThe adva nced keyless functions (advanced keyless entry and start system) enables thefollowing operations while the ad

Seite 325

Black plate (61,1)Panic button Trunk buttonKey code number plateOperation indicator lightUnlock buttonLock buttonAuxiliary keyA code number is stamped

Seite 326

Black plate (62,1)CAUTIONlBecause the advanced key uses low-intensity radio waves, it may not functioncorrectly under the following conditions:lThe ad

Seite 327

Black plate (63,1)qAdvanced Key MaintenanceCAUTIONlMake sure the battery is installedwith the correct pole facing upward.Battery leakage could occur i

Seite 328

Black plate (64,1)3. Insert a flathead screwdriver into thecrack and press the battery out.4. Insert the new battery (CR2025 orequivalent) with the po


Black plate (65,1)Operation Using AdvancedKeyless FunctionsqOperational RangeThe system operates only when the driveris in the vehicle or within opera

Seite 330

Black plate (66,1)NOTElThe trunk is out of the operationalrange, however, starting the enginemay be possible.lThe engine may not start if theadvanced

Seite 331

Black plate (67,1)NOTE(Without theft-deterrent system)The hazard warning lights will flashtwice to indicate that the doors areunlocked.(With theft-det

Seite 332

Black plate (68,1)qOpening the Trunk Lid withRequest SwitchThe trunk lid can be opened by pressingthe request switch on the under side of thetrunk lid

Seite 333

Black plate (69,1)NOTEThe Advanced Keyless Entry Systemdoes not function in the ACC position,and the doors will not lock/unlock evenif they have been

Seite 334

Black plate (7,1)1Your Vehicle at a GlanceInterior, exterior views and part identification of your Mazda.Dashboard and Interior Overview ...

Seite 335

Black plate (70,1)5. (Manual transmission)Depress the clutch pedal all the wayand shift into neutral.Keep the clutch pedal depressed whilecranking the

Seite 336

Black plate (71,1)8. Turn the ignition switch to the ACCposition while pushi ng the start knobin.9. Turn the ignition switch from the ACCposition to t

Seite 337

Black plate (72,1)NOTElWhen turning the ignition switch tothe LOCK position, the ignitionswitch has to be pushed in from theACC position and turned. W

Seite 338

Black plate (73,1)TransmitterPanic buttonUnlock buttonLock buttonTrunk buttonNOTEl(U.S.A.)This device complies with Part 15 ofthe FCC Rules. Operation

Seite 339

Black plate (74,1)NOTE(Without theft-deterrent system)The hazard warning lights will flashtwice to indicate that both doors areunlocked.(With theft-de

Seite 340

Black plate (75,1)Starting the engineThe engine can be started with theauxiliary key, refer to Starting the Engine(page 5-4).Advanced Key SuspendFunct

Seite 341

Black plate (76,1)Warning and Beep SoundsqSystem Malfunction Warning BeepIf any malfunction occurs in the advancedkeyless function, the KEY warning li

Seite 342

Black plate (77,1)qRequest Switch InoperableWarning BeepUnder the following conditions, if therequest switch for a front door is pressedwhile the adva

Seite 343

Black plate (78,1)Setting Change (Function Customization)Your vehicle comes with certain Advanced Keyless Entry System settings which can beactivated

Seite 344

Black plate (79,1)User Mis-Operation Warning IndicatorsUnder the following conditions, warning beeps are heard and a warning/indicator light inthe ins

Seite 345

Black plate (8,1)The equipment and installation position varies according to grade.1-2Your Vehicle at a GlanceDashboard and Interior OverviewMX-5_8U35

Seite 346

Black plate (80,1)Keys (without Advanced Key)WARNINGKeys and Children:Leaving children in a vehicle with thekey is dangerous. This could result insome

Seite 347

Black plate (81,1)Key extend/retract method (Retractabletype key)To extend the key, press the releasebutton.To retract the key, press the release butt

Seite 348

Black plate (82,1)NOTElThe keyless entry system is designedto operate up to about 2.5 m (8 ft)from the center of the vehicle, butthis may vary due to

Seite 349

Black plate (83,1)To confirm that both doors have beenlocked, press the lock button again within5 seconds. If they are closed and locked,the horn will

Seite 350 - Reporting Safety Defects

Black plate (84,1)NOTEThe panic button will work whether anydoor or the trunk lid is open or closed.Turning on the alarmPressing the panic button for

Seite 351

Black plate (85,1)2. Insert a screwdriver into the slot andpush the tab to remo ve the key fromthe transmitter.Tab3. Insert a screwdriver into the slo

Seite 352

Black plate (86,1)Door LocksWARNINGUnattended Children and Pets:Leaving a child or an animalunattended in a parked vehicle isdangerous. In hot weather

Seite 353 - Specifications

Black plate (87,1)qLocking, Unlocking withTransmitter (with Advanced Key)The doors can be locked /unlocked byoperating the keyless entry systemtransmi

Seite 354

Black plate (88,1)Locking, unlocking with keyBoth doors lock automatically when thedriver's door is locked with the key. Bothdoors unlock when th

Seite 355

Black plate (89,1)Trunk LidWARNINGOpen Trunk and Exhaust Gas:Exhaust gas in the cabin of a vehicleis dangerous. This gas contains CO(carbon monoxide),

Seite 356

Black plate (9,1)Power door lock switch ... ... page 3-29Outside mirror

Seite 357

Black plate (90,1)Opening the trunk lid with the keyInsert the key into the slot and turn itclockwise.OpenOpening the trunk lid with the requestswitch

Seite 358

Black plate (91,1)The switch is mounted inside the trunk.OFF positionON positionWith advanced keyWith the switch in the ON position, theremote trunk l

Seite 359

Black plate (92,1)Inside Trunk Release LeverYour vehicle is equipped with an insidetrunk release lever that provides a meansof escape for children and

Seite 360

Black plate (93,1)qOpening the Trunk Lid from theInsideSlide the inside trunk release lever in thedirection of the arrow. The lever is madeof material

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Black plate (94,1)qOperating the Driver's SidePower WindowManual opening/closingTo open the window to the desiredposition, lightly hold down the

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Black plate (95,1)Fuel-Filler Lid and CapWARNINGFuel Spray:Fuel spray is dangerous. Fuel canburn skin and eyes and cause illness ifingested. Fuel spra

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Black plate (96,1)qFuel-Filler CapTo remove the filler cap, turn itcounterclockwise.To close the filler cap, turn it clockwiseuntil it clicks.CloseOpe

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Black plate (97,1)2. Slide the hood latch to the right and liftthe hood.3. Grasp the support rod in the paddedarea and secure it in the stay holeindic

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Black plate (98,1)Convertible TopWindshield headerTop latch assemblyTop storage areaThe convertible top's handlesqConvertible Top PrecautionsWARN

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Black plate (99,1)lBefore lowering or raising the top, stopin a safe place off the right-of-way andpark on a level surface.lMake sure nothing is on th

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