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Installation Tips for your Remote Start/Keyless Entry (for Mazda Vehicles) v3.1 Updated 9/22/2012
Thank you for purchasing your remote start from - an industry leader in providing remote starts to do-
it-yourself installers since 1999. We’ve put this tip sheet together to help you with your installation. The purpose of
this sheet is to help you organize your installation - not to replace your installation manual. You will still need to refer to
If you provided us with your vehicle model/year at the time of purchase, you will have a wiring chart for your particular
vehicle. We’re going to refer to that a lot. If you do not have the wiring chart, email us at so
we can send you a copy. Be sure to include the model/year of your vehicle, your name and your sales order number.
Three very important things before you get started:
Read the entire installation manual. There are several safety tips in there that you need to know before you
Avoid using a test light to probe wires. Test lights can set off air bags if you probe the wrong wire. Your
vehicle wiring chart will identify the correct wires that you’ll be tapping on to in your car. If you must probe,
use a digital multi-meter. They’re inexpensive and won’t set off air bags.
You will need to have TWO valid ignition keys to program your bypass. If you do not have two keys, you will
need to get a coded key from your Ford dealer. ALL Ford bypasses require two keys for programming.
There are 5 basic steps to this remote start installation. We’re going to address each of these:
1. Make your wiring connections for the remote start & bypass
2. Program the bypass
3. Test the system
4. Connect the activation wire
5. Button it up!
Need to know where all the components go? See Installer’s Tip #1 on page 5
Step 1 – Wiring
When you open up your remote start, you’re going to see a whole bunch of wires. You’re not going to use all of them.
The remote starts are designed with wiring options for a variety of cars and no car is going to use all of them. We’re
going to break the wiring down into three parts – your main power connections, what we’ll call your ‘secondary’
connections for your remote start, and connections for the bypass module.
Your wiring chart will help you locate the wires that you’re going to need in your car. Don’t be intimidated by all the
different wires listed on the chart – you’re only going to be using a few of them.
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