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Seite 1 - Remote Start

Remote StartSystemOWNER’SMANUALMazda CX-7

Seite 2 - Table of Contents

INS 1031674Rev. B05/06Mazda North America OperationsPRINTED IN USA

Seite 3 - Remote Control Quick Guide

IntroductionCongratulations on your purchase of a Mazda Remote Start System specifically engineered for Mazda featuringPowerCode TechnologyTM. This e

Seite 4 - Remote Control Operation

Remote Control Quick Guide22222Warning:Do not remote start a vehicle in an enclosed environment (i.e. closed garage).Prolonged operation of a motor ve

Seite 5

Although the remote start transmitter only has one button, it actually performs six functions. When thevehicle is sitting parked and not running, the

Seite 6 - Normal Vehicle Functions

Pre-Heating or Pre-cooling the Vehicle InteriorBefore exiting the vehicle, set the temperature controls to the desired setting and operation. After t

Seite 7 - Car Find Function

Normal Vehicle Functions While Using the Remote Control Start FunctionAlthough the remote control start function starts and runs the vehicle by simula

Seite 8 - System Maintenance

If Your Vehicle Stalls or Does Not StartIf the vehicle stalls or does not start, the system will pause 5 seconds, then try 4 more times to start theve

Seite 9

77777PowerCode TechnologyTM is a Registered Trademark of Code Systems, Inc.Changing the Remote Control BatteriesThe two 3-volt lithium batteries (mode

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