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Introduction 4
Instrument Cluster 12
Warning and control lights 12
Gauges 18
Entertainment Systems 21
AM/FM stereo 21
AM/FM stereo with single CD 25
AM/FM stereo with CD 32
AM/FM stereo cassette with single CD 45
Climate Controls 68
Heater only 68
Manual heating and air conditioning 69
Lights 73
Headlamps 73
Turn signal control 75
Bulb replacement 75
Driver Controls 82
Windshield wiper/washer control 82
Steering wheel adjustment 83
Power windows 85
Speed control 89
Locks and Security 97
Keys 97
Locks 97
Anti-theft system 97
Table of Contents
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Seite 1 - Table of Contents

Introduction 4Instrument Cluster 12Warning and control lights 12Gauges 18Entertainment Systems 21AM/FM stereo 21AM/FM stereo with single CD 25AM/FM st

Seite 2


Seite 3

Sounding a panic alarmPress this control to activate thealarm.To deactivate the alarm, press thecontrol again or turn the ignition toACC or ON.Panic a

Seite 4 - Introduction

Replacing lost transmittersIf a remote transmitter has been lostand you would like to remove itfrom the vehicle’s memory, or youwould like to purchase

Seite 5

• When you have completed programming the remote transmitters, turnthe ignition to 3 (OFF). Again the doors will lock/unlock to confirmprogramming has

Seite 6

Key informationYour vehicle is supplied with two coded keys. Only a coded key willstart your vehicle. Spare coded keys can be purchased from yourautho

Seite 7

If two previously programmed coded keys are not available, you mustbring your vehicle to your dealership to have the spare coded key(s)programmed.NOTE

Seite 8

SEATINGAdjusting the front manual seatWARNING: Never adjust the driver’s seat or seatback when thevehicle is moving. Sudden braking or a collision cou

Seite 9

Pull lever up to adjust seatback.Using the manual lumbar support (if equipped)Turn the lumbar support controlclockwise to increase firmness.Turn the l

Seite 10 - Instrument Cluster

Center facing jump seat (4 door CabPlus) (if equipped)To open, pull seat assembly down,then raise seatback.To stow the seat, fold seat backdown and ra

Seite 11

WARNING: In a rollover crash, an unbelted person issignificantly more likely to die or be seriously injured than aperson wearing a seat belt.WARNING:

Seite 12

2. To unfasten, push the releasebutton and remove the tonguefrom the buckle.The front outboard safety restraints in the vehicle are combination lapand

Seite 13


Seite 14

How to use the automatic locking mode• Buckle the combination lap andshoulder belt.• Grasp the shoulder portion andpull downward until the entirebelt

Seite 15

WARNING: After any vehicle collision, the entire seat beltsystem should be checked for proper operation by a qualifiedtechnician. Verify that the (aut

Seite 16

• Regular Cab and 4–door Cab Plus• 2–door Cab PlusTo lower the shoulder belt height, push the button and slide the heightadjuster down. To raise the h

Seite 17

Lap beltsAdjusting the center lap beltThe lap belt does not adjust automatically.WARNING: The lap belts should fit snugly and as low aspossible around

Seite 18

WARNING: The lap belts should fit snugly and as low as possiblearound the hips, not around the waist. Failure to position the lapbelt correctly may ca

Seite 19

BeltMinderThe BeltMinder feature is a supplemental warning to the safety beltwarning function. This feature provides additional reminders to thedriver

Seite 20 - 0 0 0 0 0 0

The following are reasons most often given for not wearing safety belts:(All statistics based on U.S. data)Reasons given... Consider...9Crashes are ra

Seite 21 - Entertainment Systems

Reasons given... Consider...9I have an air bag9 Air bags offer greater protection whenused with safety belts. Frontal airbagsare not designed to infla

Seite 22 - Seek function in radio mode

BeltMinder activation and deactivation procedure1. Turn the ignition switch to the RUN (or ON) position. (DO NOTSTART THE ENGINE.)2. Wait until the sa

Seite 23

make sure there are no nicks, tears or cuts, replacing if necessary. Allsafety belt assemblies, including retractors, buckles, front seat beltbuckle a

Seite 24

WARNING LIGHTS AND CHIMESWarning lights and gauges can alert you to a vehicle condition that maybecome serious enough to cause expensive repairs. A wa

Seite 25

Important supplemental restraint system (SRS) precautionsThe supplemental restraint systemis designed to work with the safetybelt to help protect the

Seite 26 - AM/FM select in CD mode

WARNING: Rear facing child seats should NEVER be placed inthe front seats unless the passenger airbag switch is turned off.See Passenger airbag ON/OFF

Seite 27 - Scan function in CD mode

WARNING: Modifications to the front end of the vehicle,including frame, bumper, front end body structure, tow hooksand snow plows may effect the perfo

Seite 28

WARNING: Never place a rearward facing child safety restraintin front of an airbag. Airbags have been known to kill or injurechildren in front facing

Seite 29

How does the air bag supplemental restraint system work?The air bag SRS is designed toactivate when the vehicle sustainssufficient longitudinal decele

Seite 30

WARNING: Several air bag system components get hot afterinflation. Do not touch them after inflation or you may beburned.WARNING: If the air bag has d

Seite 31

If any of these things happen, even intermittently, have the SRS servicedat your authorized Mazda dealership immediately.WARNING: Unless serviced, the

Seite 32

WARNING: If the OFF light fails to illuminate when thepassenger air bag switch is in the OFF position and the ignitionswitch is in ON, have the passen

Seite 33

WARNING: The safety belts for the driver and right frontpassenger seating positions have been specifically designed tofunction together with the air b

Seite 34 - MP3 file directory structure

• the infant has a medical condition which, according to the infant’sphysician, makes it necessary for the infant to ride in the front so thatthe driv

Seite 35

should turn off. (A driving cycle consists of a cold engine startupfollowed by mixed city/highway driving.) No additional vehicle service isrequired.I

Seite 36

Transport Canada air bag deactivation criteria (Canada Only)1. Infant: An infant (less than 1 year old) must ride in the front seatbecause:• my vehicl

Seite 37

WARNING: This vehicle has special energy management safetybelts for the driver and/or right front passenger. Theseparticular belts are specifically de

Seite 38

WARNING: An air bag can kill or injure a child in a child seat.Child seats should never be placed in the front seats, unlesspassenger air bag switch i

Seite 39 - Playing a CD

bend comfortably. Booster seats also make the shoulder belt fit betterand more comfortably for growing children.When children should use booster seats

Seite 40

• Those with a high back.If, with a backless booster seat,you cannot find a seating positionthat adequately supports yourchild’s head, a high back boo

Seite 41 - Shuffle feature in CD mode

SAFETY SEATS FOR CHILDRENChild and infant or child safety seatsUse a safety seat that is recommended for the size and weight of thechild. Carefully fo

Seite 42

• Place seat back in upright position.• Put the safety belt in the automatic locking mode. Refer to Automaticlocking mode (passenger side front seat).

Seite 43

WARNING: Rear facing child seats should NEVER be placed inthe front seats unless the passenger air bag switch is turnedoff.2. Pull down on the shoulde

Seite 44

5. To put the retractor in theautomatic locking mode, graspthe shoulder portion of the beltand pull downward until all ofthe belt is extracted and a c

Seite 45

Installing child safety seats in the center front seating positionWARNING: Use the appropriate tether anchor when mounting achild safety seat in the c

Seite 46 - AM/FM select in tape mode

level or a brake system malfunction and the brake system should beserviced immediately by a qualified technician. Refer to Brakes in theDriving chapte

Seite 47

Attaching child safety seats with tether strapsMost new forward-facing child safety seats include a tether strap whichgoes over the back of the seat a

Seite 48

WARNING: This anchor information applies to child safetyseats equipped with tether straps. For child safety seatsequipped with LATCH anchors, refer to

Seite 49

The tether anchor is located on therear lower portion of the passengerseat.4. Clip the tether strap to theanchor.WARNING: If the tether strapis clippe

Seite 50

Center seating location 60/40 seats with folding armrestWhen installing a child safety seat in the center position, route the tetherstrap over the cen

Seite 51

Center seating location 60/40 vinyl seatsWhen installing a child safety seat in the center position on a 60/40 vinylseat, route the tether strap throu

Seite 52

Attaching safety seats with LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers forChildren) attachments for child seat anchorsSome child safety seats have two rigid or

Seite 53

WARNING: Do not put the LATCH type seat in the center seatposition — it only has one possible anchor point and the seatwill not be properly attached.W

Seite 54 - Disc adjust for CD mode

WARNING: If the tether strap is clipped incorrectly, the childsafety seat may not be retained properly in the event of acollision.Follow the child sea

Seite 55 - Seek function in CD mode

STARTINGPositions of the ignition1. ACCESSORY, allows theelectrical accessories such asthe radio to operate while theengine is not running.2. LOCK, lo

Seite 56 - Starting autostore

WARNING: Do not park, idle, or drive your vehicle in dry grassor other dry ground cover. The emission system heats up theengine compartment and exhaus

Seite 57 - Display description

Passenger Air bag Deactivation switch warning lightIlluminates to warn that thepassenger air bag is deactivated,refer to Passenger Air Bag ON/OFFSwitc

Seite 58 - Auto eject

If starting a vehicle with a manualtransmission:• Make sure the parking brake isset.• Push the clutch pedal to thefloor.3. Turn the key to 4 (ON) with

Seite 59

1. Turn the key to 5 (START)without pressing the acceleratorpedal and release as soon as theengine starts. The key willreturn to 4 (ON).2. If the temp

Seite 60

If you should experience cold weather starting problems on (Ed85)ethanol, and neither an alternative brand of (Ed85) ethanol nor anengine block heater

Seite 61

WARNING: If you ever smell exhaust fumes of any kind insideyour vehicle, have your authorized Mazda dealer inspect and fixyour vehicle immediately. Do

Seite 62 - Traffic announcements

squeal or groan noises when the brakes are applied. Such noises areusually heard during the first few brake applications in the morning;however, they

Seite 63 - Program type

Using four wheel ABS• In an emergency or when maximum efficiency from the ABS isrequired, apply continuous force on the brake. The ABS will beactivate

Seite 64

The BRAKE warning lamp in theinstrument cluster illuminates andremains illuminated (when theignition is turned ON) until theparking brake is released.

Seite 65

If the steering wanders or pulls, the condition could be caused by any ofthe following:• Underinflated tire(s) on any wheel(s)• Uneven vehicle loading

Seite 66

WARNING: Vehicles with a higher center of gravity such asutility and four-wheel drive vehicles handle differently thanvehicles with a lower center of

Seite 67

3. Start the vehicle.If it is necessary to use the above procedure to move the gearshift lever,it is possible that a fuse has blown or the vehicle’s b

Seite 68 - Climate Controls

O/D offIlluminates when the overdrivefunction has been turned OFF usingthe transmission control switch(TCS).If the light does not come on or the light

Seite 69

When the battery is disconnected or a new battery installed, thetransmission must learn its adaptive strategy. As a result of this, thetransmission ma

Seite 70

(Overdrive)The normal driving position for thebest fuel economy. Transmissionoperates in gears one through five.(Overdrive) can be deactivatedby press

Seite 71

1 (First)Use 1 (First) to provide maximumengine braking on steepdowngrades. Upshifts can be madeby shifting to 2 (Second) or to(Overdrive). Selecting

Seite 72

PARKING1. Apply the brake, depress theclutch and shift into N(Neutral).2. Engage the parking brake.3. Shift into 1 (First).4. Turn the ignition to Off

Seite 73

RECOMMENDED SHIFT SPEEDSUpshifts when accelerating (for best fuel economy)Shift from:Transfer case position (if equipped)4H 4L1 - 2 14 km/h (10 mph) 5

Seite 74

FOUR-WHEEL DRIVE (4WD) OPERATION (IF EQUIPPED)WARNING: For important information regarding safe operationof this type of vehicle, see Preparing to dri

Seite 75

Shifting from 2WD (2WD high) to 4X4 HIGH (4WD high)Move the 4WD control to the 4X4HIGH position.Do not shift into 4X4 HIGH withthe rear wheels slippin

Seite 76

Shifting from 4X4 LOW (4WD low) to 2WD (2WD high)1. Bring the vehicle to a stop.2. Depress the brake.3. Place the gearshift in N (Neutral) (automatic

Seite 77

Drive cautiously to avoid vehicle damage from concealed objects such asrocks and stumps.You should either know the terrain or examine maps of the area

Seite 78

Driving through deep water may damage the transmission.Replace rear axle lubricant any time the axle has been submerged inwater. The rear axle does no

Seite 79

Four wheel drive low (if equipped)Illuminates when four-wheel drivelow is engaged. If the light continuesto flash have the system serviced.Safety belt

Seite 80 - Replacing fog lamp bulbs

DRIVING THROUGH WATERDo not drive quickly through standing water, especially if the depth isunknown. Traction or brake capability may be limited and i

Seite 81

• Maximum Trailer Weight Rating: Maximum weight of a trailer thevehicle is permitted to tow. The maximum trailer weight rating isdetermined by subtrac

Seite 82 - Driver Controls

Special loading instructions for owners of pickup trucks andutility-type vehiclesWARNING: For important information regarding safe operationof this ty

Seite 83 - Changing the wiper blades

4x2 w/manual transmissionEngine Rear axleratioMaximumGCWR - kg(lbs.)Maximumtrailer weight- kg (lbs.)Maximumfrontal areaof trailer -m2(ft2)Regular Cab2

Seite 84

4x4 w/manual transmissionFor definition of terms used in this table, see Vehicle loading earlier inthis chapter.To determine maximum trailer weight de

Seite 85

4x4 w/automatic transmissionEngine Rear axleratioMaximumGCWR - kg(lbs.)Maximumtrailerweight - kg(lbs.)Maximumfrontal areaof trailer -m2(ft2)Regular Ca

Seite 86

Do not install a single or multi-clamp type bumper hitch, or a hitchwhich attaches to the axle. Underbody mounted hitches are acceptable ifthey are in

Seite 87

The rated capacities (as shown in this guide) for trailer towing with thefactory bumper are only valid when the trailer hitch ball is installeddirectl

Seite 88

Driving while you towWhen towing a trailer:• Turn off the speed control. The speed control may shut offautomatically when you are towing on long, stee

Seite 89

Launching or retrieving a boatDisconnect the wiring to the trailer before backing the trailerinto the water. Reconnect the wiring to the trailer after

Seite 90

GAUGESEngine coolant temperature gaugeIndicates the temperature of theengine coolant. At normal operatingtemperature, the needle remainswithin the nor

Seite 91

4x2 and 4x4 vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions:4x2 vehicles with automatic transmissions or 4x4 vehicles with manualtransfer cases and aut

Seite 92

GETTING ROADSIDE ASSISTANCETo fully assist you should you have a vehicle concern, Mazda MotorCorporation offers a complimentary roadside assistance pr

Seite 93

If you need to arrange roadside assistance for yourself, MazdaCorporation will reimburse a reasonable amount. To obtainreimbursement information, U.S.

Seite 94

The fuel pump shut-off switch islocated in the passenger’s foot well,by the kick panel.Use the following procedure to reset the fuel pump shut-off swi

Seite 95

Note: Always replace a fuse with one that has the specified amperagerating. Using a fuse with a higher amperage rating can cause severe wiredamage and

Seite 96

Passenger compartment fuse panelThe fuse panel is located on theleft-hand side of the instrumentpanel facing the driver’s side door.Pull the panel cov

Seite 97

The fuses are coded as follows:Fuse/RelayLocationFuse AmpRatingPassenger Compartment FusePanel Description1 5A Power mirror switch2 10A Daytime Runnin

Seite 98

Fuse/RelayLocationFuse AmpRatingPassenger Compartment FusePanel Description18 — Not used19 25A Powertrain Control Module (PCM)power diode, Ignition, P

Seite 99

Power distribution boxThe power distribution box islocated in the engine compartment.The power distribution box containshigh-current fuses that protec

Seite 100 - Locks and Security

2.3L engine (if equipped)The high-current fuses are coded as follows:Fuse/RelayLocationFuse AmpRatingPower Distribution BoxDescription1 50A** I/P fuse

Seite 101

Engine oil pressure gaugeIndicates engine oil pressure. Atnormal operating temperature, theneedle will be in the normal range(the area between the “L”

Seite 102

Fuse/RelayLocationFuse AmpRatingPower Distribution BoxDescription13 — Not used14 — Not used15 — Not used16 40A** Blower motor17 20A** Auxiliary coolin

Seite 103

Fuse/RelayLocationFuse AmpRatingPower Distribution BoxDescription42 10A* Right headlamp low beam43 — (Resistor)44 — Not used45A — Wiper HI/LO relay45B

Seite 104

3.0L and 4.0L engines (if equipped)The high-current fuses are coded as follows:Fuse/RelayLocationFuse AmpRatingPower Distribution BoxDescription1 50A*

Seite 105 - Seating and Safety Restraints

Fuse/RelayLocationFuse AmpRatingPower Distribution BoxDescription14 — Not used15 — Not used16 40A** Blower motor17 — Not used18 — Not used19 — Not use

Seite 106

Fuse/RelayLocationFuse AmpRatingPower Distribution BoxDescription44 — Not used45A — Wiper HI/LO45B — Wiper park/run46A — Fuel pump46B — Trailer tow47A

Seite 107

Temporary spare tire informationYour vehicle may have a temporary or conventional spare tire. Thetemporary spare tire for your vehicle is labeled as s

Seite 108

Location of the spare tire and toolsThe spare tire and tools for your vehicle are stowed in the followinglocations:Tool LocationSpare tire Under the v

Seite 109

2. If equipped, unlock and removethe spare tire carrier lock fromthe rear access hole located justabove the rear bumper andbelow the tailgate.3. Inser

Seite 110

4. If your vehicle is equipped with P265/75 R15 AT tires, do not stow aflat or inflated full size spare tire in the spare tire carrier. The flatfull s

Seite 111

3. Block the diagonally oppositewheel.4. Insert tapered end of the lugwrench behind hub caps andtwist them off.5. Loosen each wheel lug nutone-half tu

Seite 112

Seating and Safety Restraints 105Seating 105Safety restraints 107Air bags 119Child restraints 131Driving 148Starting 148Brakes 153Transmission operati

Seite 113 - Adjusting the center lap belt

SpeedometerIndicates the current vehicle speed.OdometerRegisters the total kilometers(miles) of the vehicle.Trip odometerRegisters the kilometers (mil

Seite 114 - Conditions of operation

• RearWARNING: To lessen the riskof personal injury, do not putany part of your body underthe vehicle while changing atire. Do not start the enginewhe

Seite 115

10. Remove the jack and fullytighten the lug nuts in the ordershown.11. Stow the flat tire. Refer toStowing the spare tire.12. Stow the jack and lug w

Seite 116

4. Check all battery terminals and remove any excessive corrosionbefore you attach the battery cables. Ensure that vent caps are tightand level.5. Tur

Seite 117 - One time disable

3. Connect the negative (-) cable to the negative (-) terminal of theassisting battery.4. Make the final connection of the negative (-) cable to an ex

Seite 118

Jump starting1. Start the engine of the booster vehicle and run the engine atmoderately increased speed.2. Start the engine of the disabled vehicle.3.

Seite 119

3. Remove the jumper cable from the positive (+) terminal of thebooster vehicle’s battery.4. Remove the jumper cable from the positive (+) terminal of

Seite 120

WRECKER TOWINGIf you need to have your vehicle towed, contact a professional towingservice or, if you are a member, your roadside assistance center.It

Seite 121

CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE (U.S.A.)Your complete and permanent satisfaction is our business. We are here toserve you. All Authorized Mazda Dealers have the k

Seite 122

CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE (CANADA)Your complete and permanent satisfaction is our business. We are here toserve you. All Authorized Mazda Dealers have the k

Seite 123

Please recognize that the resolution of service problems in most casesrequires the use of your Mazda dealer’s service facilities. personnel andequipme

Seite 124

AM/FM STEREOVolume/power controlPress the control to turn the audiosystem on or off.Turn the control to raise or lowervolume.If the volume is set abov

Seite 125

Provincial Administrators may be reached locally as listed below:Province/Territory CAMVAP NumberBritish Columbia & YukonTerritories(604) 681–0312

Seite 126

CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE (PUERTO RICO)Your complete and permanent satisfaction is our business. That is why allAuthorized Mazda Dealers have the knowledge

Seite 127

MAZDA IMPORTERS/DISTRIBUTORSU.S.A (Importer/Distributor)Mazda North American Operations7755 Irvine Center DriveIrvine, CA 92618–2922P.O. Box 19734Irvi

Seite 128

ADD-ON NON-GENUINE PARTS AND ACCESSORIESNon-genuine parts and accessories for Mazda vehicles can be found instores. These may fit your vehicle, but th

Seite 129

OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES AND CANADAGovernment regulations in the United States require that automobilesmeet specific emission regulations and safety

Seite 130

(Note)If you live in the U.S.A., all correspondence to Mazda Motor Corporationshould be forwarded to:Mazda North American Operations7755, Irvine Cente

Seite 131

IN CALIFORNIA (U.S. ONLY)California Civil Code Section 1793.2(d) requires that, if a manufactureror its representative is unable to repair a motor veh

Seite 132 - Child booster seats

REPORTING SAFETY DEFECTS (U.S. ONLY)If you believe that your vehicle has a defect that could cause a crash, orcould cause injury or death, you should

Seite 133

WASHING THE EXTERIORWash your vehicle regularly with cool or lukewarm water and a neutralPh shampoo, such as Detail Wash (ZC-3–A), which is available

Seite 134

PAINT CHIPSYour dealer has touch-up paint to match your vehicle’s color. Touch-uppaint can be used to repair minor scratches to painted surfaces.• Rem

Seite 135

AM/FM selectThe AM/FM select control works inradio mode.AM/FM select in radio modeThis control allows you to select AM or FM frequency bands. Press th

Seite 136

• 2.3L Engine• 3.0L EngineCleaning220

Seite 137

• 4.0L Engine• Never wash or rinse the engine while it is running; water in therunning engine may cause internal damage.PLASTIC (NON-PAINTED) EXTERIOR

Seite 138

• Do not use fuel, kerosene, or paint thinner to clean any parts.• Wiper blades can be cleaned with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol orwindshield washer so

Seite 139

WARNING: Do not use chemical solvents or strong detergentswhen cleaning the seat where the side air bag is mounted. Suchproducts may contaminate the s

Seite 140

INTRODUCTIONBe extremely careful to prevent injury to yourself and others anddamage to your vehicle when using this manual for inspection andmaintenan

Seite 141

Chart symbolsI: Inspect, and if necessary correct, clean or replaceA: AdjustR: ReplaceL: LubricateNormal driving service intervals – perform at the mo

Seite 142

Maintenance ItemMaintenance Interval (Number of months or km (miles),whichever comes first)Months 4 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 44 48x 1000 Miles 5 10 1

Seite 143

5. The California Air Resources Board has determined that the failureto perform this maintenance item will not nullify the emissionwarranty nor limit

Seite 144

Maintenance ItemMaintenance Interval (Number of months or Miles (km),whichever comes first)Months 52 56 60 64 68 72 76 80 84 88 92 96x 1000 Miles 65 7

Seite 145

5. The California Air Resources Board has determined that the failureto perform this maintenance item will not nullify the emissionwarranty nor limit

Seite 146

Radio station memory presetThe radio is equipped with four station memory preset controls. Thesecontrols can be used to select up to four preset AM st

Seite 147

Special OperatingConditionsReplace Engine Oil and FilterInspect Brake SystemReplace Fuel FilterChange Automatic Transmission FluidReplace Spark PlugsR

Seite 148

• Note any changes in the sound of the exhaust or any smell or exhaustfumes in the vehicle.• Check for vibrations in the steering wheel. Notice any in

Seite 149

• Check battery water level (non-maintenance free).• Check battery connections and clean if necessary.SERVICE RECOMMENDATIONSTo help you service your

Seite 150 - RN D 2 1

• Manual transmission:1. Set the parking brake.2. Depress the clutch and place the gearshift in 1 (First).3. Turn off the engine and remove the key.4.

Seite 151

IDENTIFYING COMPONENTS IN THE ENGINE COMPARTMENT2.3L I4 engine1. Windshield washer fluid reservoir2. Engine coolant reservoir3. Engine oil dipstick4.

Seite 152

3.0L V6 engine1. Engine coolant reservoir2. Windshield washer fluid reservoir3. Engine oil filler cap4. Transmission fluid dipstick (automatic transmi

Seite 153

4.0L SOHC V6 engine1. Windshield washer fluid reservoir2. Transmission fluid dipstick (automatic transmission)3. Engine oil filler cap4. Engine oil di

Seite 154

WINDSHIELD WASHER FLUIDWindshield washer fluidCheck the washer fluid wheneveryou stop for fuel. The reservoir ishighlighted with asymbol.Add fluid to

Seite 155

ENGINE OILChecking the engine oilRefer to the service maintenance section for the appropriate intervals forchecking the engine oil.1. Make sure the ve

Seite 156

• 3.0L V6 engine• 4.0L SOHC V6 engineMAXMINMaintenance and Specifications239

Seite 157

Speaker balance adjustSpeaker sound distribution can beadjusted between the right and leftspeakers.Press the TONE control three times,then use the vol

Seite 158

6. Wipe the indicator clean. Insert the indicator fully, then remove itagain.• If the oil level is between the MIN and MAX marks, the oil level isacce

Seite 159

• 4.0L SOHC V6 engine• Oil levels above the MAX mark may cause engine damage. Some oilmust be removed from the engine by a service technician.7. Put t

Seite 160 - N (Neutral)

Engine Oil Recommendations2.3L & 3.0L EnginesLook for this certificationtrademark.SAE 5W-20 engine oil is recommended.Only use oils “Certified For

Seite 161 - 2 (Second)

SAE 5W-30 engine oil is recommended.Only use oils “Certified For Gasoline Engines” by the AmericanPetroleum Institute (API). Use an equivalent Mazda S

Seite 162 - Forced Downshifts

If possible, try to only fill the battery cells with distilled water. If thebattery needs water often, have the charging system checked.If your batter

Seite 163

1. With the vehicle at a complete stop, set the parking brake.2. Put the gearshift lever in P (Park), turn off all accessories and startthe engine.3.

Seite 164

A 50/50 mixture of distilled water and Mazda Genuine Engine Coolantprovides:• maximum cooling system efficiency.• freeze protection down to -36° C (-3

Seite 165

• The engine coolant should be at the “cold fill level” or within the “coldfill range” as listed on the engine coolant reservoir (depending uponapplic

Seite 166

When the engine is cool, add a 50/50 mixture of engine coolant anddistilled water to the engine coolant reservoir, until the coolant is at the“cold fi

Seite 167

Always dispose of used automotive fluids in a responsible manner.Follow your community’s regulations and standards for recycling anddisposing of autom

Seite 168 - Mud and water

when the radio is turned on, and then revert to clock information. Anytime that the media is changed, (new radio station, etc.), the mediainformation

Seite 169 - Driving on snow and ice

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT AUTOMOTIVE FUELSImportant safety precautionsWARNING: Do not overfill the fuel tank. The pressure in anoverfilled tank may c

Seite 170

• Avoid getting fuel liquid in your eyes. If fuel is splashed in the eyes,remove contact lenses (if worn), flush with water for 15 minutes andseek med

Seite 171

WARNING: Flexible fuel components and standard unleadedgasoline fuel components are not interchangeable. If yourvehicle is not serviced in accordance

Seite 172

5. Turn the filler cap clockwise 1/8 of a turn until it stops.“Check Fuel Cap” illuminates when the ignition is turned to the ONposition to ensure you

Seite 173

Octane recommendationsDo not be concerned if your enginesometimes knocks lightly. However,if it knocks heavily under mostdriving conditions while you

Seite 174

Unleaded Gasoline enginesIf you are experiencing starting, rough idle or hesitation driveabilityproblems during a cold start, try a different brand of

Seite 175

Replace the fuel filter with an authorized Mazda part. Thecustomer warranty may be void for any damage to the fuel systemif an authorized Mazda fuel f

Seite 176 - Using a step bumper

• Have the vehicle loading and distribution the same every time.Your results will be most accurate if your filling method is consistent.Calculating fu

Seite 177 - Trailer tow connector

• Slow down gradually.• Driving at reasonable speeds (traveling at 88 km/h [55 mph] uses 15%less fuel than traveling at 105 km/h [65 mph]).• Revving t

Seite 178 - Servicing after towing

• Transmissions give their best fuel economy when operated in the topcruise gear and with steady pressure on the gas pedal.• Four-wheel-drive operatio

Seite 179

Turn the control to raise or lowervolume.If the volume is set above a certain level and the ignition is turned off,the volume will come back on at a “

Seite 180

Illumination of the “Service Engine Soon” light, charging system warninglight or the temperature warning light, fluid leaks, strange odors, smokeor lo

Seite 181 - Roadside Emergencies

CHECKING AND ADDING POWER STEERING FLUIDCheck the power steering fluid.Refer to the service maintenancesection for the service intervalschedules. If a

Seite 182

BRAKE FLUIDChecking and adding brake fluidBrake fluid should be checked andrefilled as needed. Refer to theservice maintenance section for theservice

Seite 183

CLUTCH FLUID (IF EQUIPPED)Check the fluid level. Refer to the service maintenance section for theservice interval schedules.During normal operation, t

Seite 184

temperature (approximately 30 km [20 miles]). If your vehicle has beenoperated for an extended period at high speeds, in city traffic during hotweathe

Seite 185

The transmission fluid should be inthis range if at ambient temperature(10°C-35°C [50°F-95°F]).High fluid levelFluid levels above the safe rangemay re

Seite 186

Checking and adding manual transmission fluid (if equipped)1. Clean the filler plug.2. Remove the filler plug andinspect the fluid level.3. Fluid leve

Seite 187

Checking and adding transfer case fluid (if equipped)Vehicle must be on level surface.1. Clean the filler plug.2. Remove the filler plug andinspect th

Seite 188

INFORMATION ABOUT UNIFORM TIRE QUALITY GRADINGNew vehicles are fitted with tiresthat have a rating on them calledTire Quality Grades. The Qualitygrade

Seite 189 - 2.3L engine (if equipped)

Temperature A B CThe temperature grades are A (the highest), B, and C, representing thetire’s resistance to the generation of heat and its ability to

Seite 190

Seek functionThe seek function control works in radio or CD mode.Seek function in radio mode• Press to find the nextlistenable station down thefrequen

Seite 191

• Four tire rotation• Five tire rotationReplacing the tiresReplace the tires when the wearband is visible through the tiretreads.Maintenance and Speci

Seite 192

WARNING: When replacing full size tires, never mix radialbias-belted, or bias-type tires. Use only the tire sizes that arelisted on the Certification

Seite 193

• Use only SAE Class S chains.• Install chains securely, verifying that the chains do not touch anywiring, brake lines or fuel lines.Drive cautiously.

Seite 194

Fluid Mazda PartNameApplication CapacityTransmissionfluid1MazdaMERCONt ATF5-speed manual 2.65L (2.8quarts)2MazdaMERCONtVATF4x2 vehicleswith automatica

Seite 195

Fluid Mazda PartNameApplication CapacityFuel tank N/A Regular cab(Short wheelbase)62.4L (16.5gallons)Regular cab(Long wheelbase)75.7L (20.0gallons)Sup

Seite 196 - Removing the spare tire

5Traction-Lok axles use 2.2–2.4L (4.75–5.0 pints) of rear axle lubricant.Add 118 ml (4 oz.) of Additive Friction Modifier meeting Mazdaspecifications

Seite 197 - Stowing the spare tire

1Add 118 ml (4 oz.) of Additive Friction Modifier meeting Mazdaspecifications for complete refill of Traction-Lok axles. If submerged inwater, the rea

Seite 198

25314Maintenance and Specifications277

Seite 199

IDENTIFYING YOUR VEHICLECertification labelThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Regulations requirethat a Certification Label be affixed

Seite 200

CELL PHONESUse of cell phones and other devices by driver:WARNING: Although not Mazda products, use of any electricaldevices such as cell phones, comp

Seite 201

Setting memory preset stations1. Select the frequency band with the AM/FM select control.2. Select a station. Refer to Tune adjust or Seek function fo

Seite 202

AABS (see Brakes) ...154Air bag supplemental restraintsystem ...119–120and child safety seats ...

Seite 203

attaching with tether straps ..140in front seat ...136in rear seat ...136, 139LATCH ...

Seite 204

filter, specifications ...242recommendations ...242refill capacities ...272specifications ...

Seite 205

warning chime ...17Heatingheater only system ...68heating and air conditioningsystem ...

Seite 206

Mirrorsautomatic dimming rearviewmirror ...86cleaning ...221side view mirrors (po

Seite 207 - Customer Assistance

Special noticeambulance conversions ...7utility-type vehicles ...7Specification chart,lubricants ...

Seite 211

Speaker balance adjustSpeaker sound distribution can beadjusted between the right and leftspeakers.Speaker fade adjustSpeaker sound can be adjustedbet

Seite 212

Maintenance and Specifications 224Engine compartment 234Engine oil 238Battery 243Fuel information 250Refill capacities 272Lubricant specifications 275

Seite 213

Fast forwardThe fast forward control works in CD mode.To fast forward in CD mode, pressthe CD control (preset 2).Pressing the control for less thanthr

Seite 214

Setting the clockPress CLK to toggle betweenlistening frequencies and clockmode while in radio mode.To set the hour, press and hold theCLK control.Pre

Seite 215

MACHT MP3 MUSIC SYSTEM1. ON/OFF and volume control2. AM/FM control3. Bass control4. Treble control5. Fade control6. Balance control7. Seek control8. S

Seite 216

Volume/power controlPress the control to turn the audiosystem on or off.Turn the control to raise or lowerthe volume.If the volume is set above a cert

Seite 217

• Press to move to the next frequency up the band. Hold for quickmovement through the frequencies. When the top of the band isreached, the tuner will

Seite 218 - Cleaning

Seek function in radio mode• Press to find the nextlistenable station down thefrequency band.• Pressto find the nextlistenable station up thefrequency

Seite 219

Scan function in CD modePress SCN to engage scan mode andto hear a brief sampling of all trackson the disc. The track number inthe display will blink

Seite 220

Radio station memory presetThe radio is equipped with six station memory preset controls. Thesecontrols can be used to select up to six preset AM stat

Seite 221

Bass adjustThe bass adjust control allows youto increase or decrease the audiosystem’s bass output.Treble adjustThe treble adjust control allows youto

Seite 222

Playing a CD• If a CD is already loaded, pressthe CD control. CD play willbegin where it stopped last.• If a CD is not already loaded,insert the CD in

Seite 223

The following warning may be required by California law:CALIFORNIA Proposition 65 WarningWARNING: Engine exhaust, some of its constituents, andcertain

Seite 224

• Press on the TUNE DIRcontrol to advance to the nextdirectory on the MP3 disc. If thecurrent directory is the last directory on the disc, pressingwil

Seite 225

Compression featureThe compression feature works in CD, MP3 flat file mode and MP3directory mode.Compression adjust brings soft andloud CD passages to

Seite 226

• Press the SHUFFLE control toengage random play. SHF andthen ON will briefly appear in thedisplay. The player will thenbegin random play.• To select

Seite 227

• Press the SCN control to scanthrough random tracks in thecurrent directory. The tracknumber will flash in the display.The shuffle feature will remai

Seite 228

Repeat track function in MP3 flat file mode and MP3 directorymode.Press the REPEAT control to repeatthe current track. The repeat iconwill display and

Seite 229

Saving and naming MP3 files• Your MACHt MP3 music system supports discs containing up to 255files in 255 directories. Discs containing more than 255 f

Seite 230

Volume/power controlPress the control to turn the audiosystem on or off.Audio power can also be turned onby pressing the AM/FM selectcontrol or the TA

Seite 231

• Press to move to the next frequency up the band (whether or nota listenable station is located there). Hold for quick movement.Seek functionThe seek

Seite 232

Radio station memory presetThe radio is equipped with six station memory preset controls. Thesecontrols can be used to select up to six preset AM stat

Seite 233

Bass adjustThe bass adjust control allows youto increase or decrease the audiosystem’s bass output.Press the BASS control then press:•to decrease the

Seite 234

SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT PROTECTIONWarning symbols in this guideHow can you reduce the risk of personal injury and prevent possibledamage to others, you

Seite 235 - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Tape/CD select• To begin tape play (with a tapeloaded into the audio system)while in the radio or CD mode,press the TAPE control. Press thebutton duri

Seite 236

Eject functionPress the EJ control to stop and eject a tape or CD.DolbyT noise reductionDolbyt noise reduction operates intape mode. Dolbyt noise redu

Seite 237 - RADIATOR

Setting the clockTo set the hour, press and hold theCLK control and press SEEK:•to decrease hours and•to increase hours.To set the minute, press and h

Seite 238

Mute modePress the MUTE control to mute theplaying media. Press the MUTEcontrol again to return to theplaying media.PREMIUM AM/FM STEREO IN DASH SIX C

Seite 239 - • 4.0L SOHC V6 engine

AM/FM selectThe AM/FM select control works inradio and CD modes.AM/FM select in radio modeThis control allows you to select AM or FM frequency bands.

Seite 240

Seek function in radio mode• Press to find the nextlistenable station down thefrequency band. SEEK DOWNwill display.• Pressto find the next listenable

Seite 241

Starting autostore1. Press and momentarily hold the AM/FM control.2. AUTOSET will flash in thedisplay as the frequency band isscrolled through.3. When

Seite 242

CD selectCD mode may be entered bypressing the CD control and theLOAD control. Load the CD into theaudio system. The first track of thedisc will begin

Seite 243

Press the LOAD control. (You can choose which slot will be loaded bypressing the desired preset number. If you do not choose a slot, thesystem will ch

Seite 244

RewindThe rewind control works in CDmodes.Press and hold the REW controluntil the desired selection is reached. If the beginning of the disc isreached

Seite 245

SPECIAL NOTICESEmission warrantyThe New Vehicle Limited Warranty includes Bumper to BumperCoverage, Safety Restraint Coverage and Corrosion Coverage.

Seite 246

Bass adjustThe bass adjust control allows youto increase or decrease the audiosystem’s bass output.Press the BASS control. Use theSEL control to incre

Seite 247

While in FM mode, two menus are available. If RDS is turned OFF, youcan access the following:• SELECT HOURS — Refer to Setting the clock.• SELECT MINU

Seite 248

This feature also allows you to control the volume of trafficannouncements. With the display reading TRAFFIC ON, adjust thevolume using the volume con

Seite 249

• Press the MENU control until TRAFFIC is displayed.• Press the SEL control to engage the feature. The display will readTRAFFIC ON.This feature also a

Seite 250

ShowThis feature allows you to select thetype of RDS broadcast informationthe radio will regularly show in thedisplay.With RDS activated, press theMEN

Seite 251

MP3 DISC QUALITY FACTORSThe MACHt MP3 music system is designed for use with CD-DA (regularaudio discs), CD-R and CD-RW discs. Discs must comply with I

Seite 252

• Never insert any object other than a compact disc into the player, asdoing so may damage the player and may cause injury to you.• Do not disassemble

Seite 253

RADIO RECEPTION FACTORSThree factors can affect radio reception:• Distance/strength. The further an FM signal travels, the weaker it is.The listenable

Seite 254 - (R+M)/2 METHOD

HEATER ONLY SYSTEMFan speed controlControls the volume of air circulatedin the vehicle.Temperature control knobControls the temperature of theairflow

Seite 255

Operating tips• In humid weather, place the climate control system in DEF beforedriving. This will reduce fogging on your windshield. Once thewindshie

Seite 256

Notice to owners of pickup trucks and utility type vehiclesWARNING: Utility vehicles have a significantly higher rolloverrate than other types of vehi

Seite 257

Fan speed controlControls the volume of air circulatedin the vehicle.Temperature control knobControls the temperature of theairflow inside the vehicle

Seite 258 - Conditions

• OFF – Outside air is shut out and the fan will not operate. For shortperiods of time only, use this mode to prevent undesirable odors fromentering t

Seite 259

• Under snowy or dirty weather conditions, your vehicle’s climatecontrol system should be left in the OFF position when the vehicle isparked. This all

Seite 260

HEADLAMP CONTROLRotate the headlamp control to thefirst position to turn on the parkinglamps.Rotate to the second position toturn on the headlamps.FOG

Seite 261

High beamsPush the lever toward theinstrument panel to activate. Pullthe lever towards you to deactivate.Flash to passPull toward you slightly to acti

Seite 262

TURN SIGNAL CONTROL• Push down to activate the leftturn signal.• Push up to activate the right turnsignal.• In vehicles equipped with daytimerunning l

Seite 263

Using the right bulbsReplacement bulbs are specified in the chart below. Headlamp bulbsmust be marked with an authorized “D.O.T.” for North America to

Seite 264 - Correct fluid level

Replacing headlamp bulbsWARNING: Handling Halogen Bulbs: When a halogen bulbbreaks, it is dangerous. These bulbs contain pressurized gas. Ifone is bro

Seite 265 - High fluid level

To install the new bulb:Handle a halogen headlamp bulb carefully and keep out ofchildren’s reach. Grasp the bulb only by its plastic base and donot to

Seite 266

3. Remove screw(s) from lampassembly.4. Disengage lamp assembly (it hasa snap fit).5. Rotate bulb socketcounterclockwise and removefrom lamp assembly.

Seite 267

These are some of the symbols you may see on your vehicle.Vehicle Symbol GlossarySafety AlertSee Owner’s GuideProtecting theEnvironmentFasten Safety B

Seite 268

Replacing tail lamp/backup lamp bulbsThe tail lamp/backup lamp bulbs arelocated in the same portion of thetail lamp assembly, one just belowthe other.

Seite 269

3. Connect the electrical connector to the new fog lamp bulb.4. Install the bulb socket in the fog lamp turning clockwise.Replacing high-mount brake l

Seite 270

WINDSHIELD WIPER/WASHER CONTROLSRotate the windshield wiper controlto the desired interval, low or highspeed position.The bars of varying length are f

Seite 271

Changing the wiper bladesTo replace the wiper blades:1. Pull the wiper arm away fromthe windshield and lock into theservice position.2. Turn the blade

Seite 272

WARNING: Never adjust the steering wheel when the vehicle ismoving. You could lose control of the vehicle.AUXILIARY POWER POINTPower outlets are desig

Seite 273

POWER WINDOWS (IF EQUIPPED)Press and hold the rocker switches to open and close windows.• Press the top portion of therocker switch to close.• Press t

Seite 274

AUTOMATIC DIMMING REAR VIEW MIRRORS (IF EQUIPPED)Your vehicle is equipped with an inside rear view mirror with anauto-dimming function. The electronic

Seite 275

OUTSIDE AIR TEMPERATUREDisplay operation of the mirror withthe compass feature:• Press the right button to togglethe display between the compassdirect

Seite 276

3. To change the zone setting,push and hold the right buttonuntil ZONE appears in thedisplay.4. Press the right buttonrepeatedly until desiredcompass

Seite 277

POWER MIRROR CONTROL (IF EQUIPPED)To adjust your mirrors:1. Selectto adjust the leftmirror orto adjust the rightmirror.2. Move the control in thedirec


Vehicle Symbol GlossaryPower Window LockoutPanic Alarm SystemFeatureEngine Oil Engine CoolantEngine CoolantTemperatureDo Not Open When HotBatteryAvoid

Seite 279 - Accessories

To turn speed control off• Press OFF.NOTE: Once speed control isturned off or the ignition is switchedoff, the previously programmed setspeed will be

Seite 280

To set a higher set speed• Press and hold SET ACC. Releasethe control when the desiredvehicle speed is reached or• Press and release SET ACC tooperate

Seite 281

To disengage speed control• Depress the brake pedal or• Depress the clutch pedal (ifequipped).NOTE: Disengaging the speedcontrol will not erase the pr

Seite 282

To return to a previously set speed• Press RSM. For RSM to operate,the vehicle speed must be fasterthan 48 km/h (30 mph).Indicator lightThis light com

Seite 283

To return to normal overdrive mode,press the Transmission ControlSwitch again. The O/D Off indicatorlight will no longer be illuminated.When you shut

Seite 284

CARGO AREA FEATURESCargo area shade (if equipped)Your vehicle may be equipped with notches in the side trim panels thatare used for a cargo area shade

Seite 285

4. Evenly push down on theextender and push the roundknobs in on each side locking itin place.Green markings on the shaftindicate the locked position.

Seite 286

KEYSThe key operates all locks on your vehicle. In case of loss, replacementkeys are available from your dealer.You should always carry a second key w

Seite 287

Unlocking the doorsPress this control to unlock thedriver’s door. The interior lamps willilluminate.Press the control a second timewithin five seconds

Seite 288

Power door lock disable featureThis feature will help protect your vehicle from unauthorized entry.The UNLOCK function on the power door control will

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