Mazda CX-7 Navigationshandbuch

Stöbern Sie online oder laden Sie Navigationshandbuch nach Autonavigationssysteme Mazda CX-7 herunter. Mazda CX-7 Navigation Manual Benutzerhandbuch

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©2009 Mazda Motor Corporation
Printed in Japan Mar. 2009(Print1)
Before Use
Immediate Use
If Necessary
See page 5 for specific information.
See page 4 for specific information.
See page 4 for specific information.
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©2009 Mazda Motor CorporationPrinted in Japan Mar. 2009(Print1)Before UseGettingStartedRoutingEditingIfNecessaryPreparationNAVIGATION SYSTEMImmediate

Seite 2

10Before UseNavigation Set UpRDM-TMCIfnecessaryRear View MonitorEnter (up/down) switch: Press the Enter (up/down) switch.Press the Enter (up/down) swi

Seite 3

11Getting StartedActivationThe following operation procedure is for activating the navigation system.NoteWhile on the Map screen, press the Enter (up/

Seite 4 - Contents

12RoutingAddress BookGetting StartedThe language can be changed using the Language setting displayed in the upper part of the screen.Before activating

Seite 5

13Getting StartedNoteslAfter inserting the SD card of Navigation Map data, firmly close all of the lids.lIf the inner lid is not firmly closed, the na

Seite 6 - Safety Information

14RoutingAddress BookGetting StartedMenuMenu is displayed by pressing the Enter (up/down) switch while the Map screen is displayed. Navigation Menu Sc

Seite 7

15Getting StartedNavigation Set UplYou can alter the map display conditions, the route guidance conditions and show the system information.n Stop your

Seite 8 - Introduction

16RoutingAddress BookGetting StartedNavigation Set UpOpen the[Navigation Setup]n Arrival TimeThe time which is displayed until reaching the destinatio

Seite 9 - Names and Functions

17Getting StartedNavigation Set UpOpen the[Navigation Setup]n Auto Complete TextWhen entering text, the system displays possible candidates of words w

Seite 10 - Before Use

18RoutingAddress BookGetting StartedScreen Names and FunctionsScreens Before Setting Route(1) Map Orientation( page 15)(2) Clock(3) TemperatureDisplay

Seite 11 - Activation

19Getting StartedThe screen map can be scaled to 14 different sizes.n Brightness/ContrastBrightness and contrast of the navigation screen can be adjus

Seite 12 - Setting the Language

2Before UseNavigation Set UpRDM-TMCIfnecessaryRear View MonitorBefore UseAccessoriesPlease contact an Authorized Mazda Dealer if you are missing the f

Seite 13

20RoutingAddress BookGetting StartedCharacter EntryStreetName, City Name, and OtherInputSelect the first several characters on the screen. (Step 1)Sel

Seite 14 - Navigation Menu Screen

21Getting StartedRegister HomeBefore Stepsselect select( page 22)( page 26)( page 28)( page 26)( page 30)( page 30)Open the [Home] MenuYesNoteTh

Seite 15 - Navigation Set Up

22Before UseGettingstartedRoutingSet DestinationlYou can set the destination using various methods provided by the system.Before Steps select seSe

Seite 16

23Before UseGettingstartedRoutingl For Character Entry, please refer to page 20. select lDo not keep your eyes fixed on the monitor screen or operat

Seite 17

24Before UseGettingstartedRoutingSet DestinationInput City NameAddressOpen the [Address] MenuSelectInput the city name.NoteslOnce the ddestinationlTo

Seite 18 - Screen Names and Functions

25Before UseGettingstartedRoutingl For Character Entry, please refer to page 20.nput the city name.Select the city name from the list.Input the street

Seite 19 - Screen Adjustments

26Before UseGettingstartedRoutingSet DestinationBefore Steps select PreviousHomeMemory PointOpenthe[SetDestination]MenuSelectThe previously set desti

Seite 20 - Character Entry

27Before UseGettingstartedRoutingl For Character Entry, please refer to page 20.ns are displayed.Select the desiredMemory Point.Selecthabeticaltration

Seite 21 - Register Home

28Before UseGettingstartedRoutingSet DestinationPoint of Interest (POI)Open the [Set Destination]MenuSelect( page 22)Input the POI name.Input the Cit

Seite 22 - Set Destination

29Before UseGettingstartedRoutingl For Character Entry, please refer to page 20. page 22)The desired POI can be searched by inputting the information.

Seite 23 - select

3Before UseIfnecessaryRear View MonitorMEMO2%:8:9)FSSO4EKI*VMHE](IGIQFIV41

Seite 24

30Before UseGettingstartedRoutingSet DestinationIntersectionMapOpen the [Set Destination]MenuSelect Select( page 22)Input th2ndStrename.NoteslOnce t

Seite 25

31Before UseGettingstartedRoutingl For Character Entry, please refer to page 20.Select( page 22)Input the 1st Street name.Select the Streetfrom the

Seite 26

32Before UseGettingstartedRoutingFind Local POIlThe POI around current location or destination can be searched.Before Steps select Open the [Find Lo

Seite 27

33Before UseGettingstartedRoutingl For Character Entry, please refer to page 20.Pressing the left or right switch changes the order of the POI for eac

Seite 28

34Before UseGettingstartedRoutingCancel/Edit RoutelYou can cancel the guidance to the destination, and for editing the destination setting.Before Step

Seite 29

35Before UseGettingstartedRoutingl For Character Entry, please refer to page 20.ce.Selectthedeletionpoint.YesSelectUsed to delete the destination.Sele

Seite 30

36Before UseGettingstartedGettingstartedEditingEdit Memory PointlRegisters, edits and deletes the Memory Point.Before Steps select seleAddEditDele

Seite 31

37Before UseGettingstartedGettingstartedEditingl For Character Entry, please refer to page 20. select select ded.Select the point.Selectited.Selec

Seite 32 - Find Local POI

38Before UseGettingstartedGettingstartedEditingEdit HomelRegisters, edits and deletes the Home. (Deletion or editing of the home location can be done

Seite 33

39Before UseGettingstartedGettingstartedEditingl For Character Entry, please refer to page 20. select select gistered.Select the point.Selectn be

Seite 34 - Cancel/Edit Route

4Before UseNavigation Set UpRDM-TMCIfnecessaryRear View MonitorContentsPreparationn Before UseAccessories...

Seite 35

40Before UseGettingstartedGettingstartedEditingBrowse Map & MarklYou can set the destination browsing around the current position, and memory poin

Seite 36 - Edit Memory Point

41Before UseGettingstartedGettingstartedEditingPOI Icons on MapsThe following are POI icons shown on maps.POI (Point of Interest) IconsRestaurantAll R

Seite 37 - select select

42Before UseGettingstartedGettingstartedEditingMEMO2%:8:9)FSSO4EKI*VMHE](IGIQFIV41

Seite 38 - Edit Home

43Before UseGettingstartedRouting RoutingIf NecessaryPrecautions/System PerformanceVoice guidance has the following functions:n Intersection guidance.

Seite 39

44Before UseGettingstartedRouting RoutingIf NecessaryGPS is a position detecting system utilizing the signals from GPS satellites deployed by the U.S.

Seite 40 - Browse Map & Mark

45Before UseGettingstartedRouting RoutingIf NecessaryIn the following situations, your vehicle position may not be displayed correctly on the map. But

Seite 41 - POI Icons on Maps

46Before UseGettingstartedRouting RoutingIf NecessaryAlthough you may encounter the following problems in a route search, there is nothing wrong with

Seite 42

47Before UseGettingstartedRouting RoutingIf Necessaryn Source CodeThis Product uses the Source Code of T-Kernel under T-License granted by the T-Engin

Seite 43 - Repeating Voice Guidance

48Before UseGettingstartedRouting RoutingIf NecessaryEND-USER TERMSThe data (“Data”) is provided for your personal, internal use only and not for resa

Seite 44 - Map Matching

49Before UseGettingstartedRouting RoutingIf NecessaryExport Control. You agree not to export from anywhere any part of the Data provided to you or an

Seite 45 - Route Guide

5Before UseIfnecessaryRear View MonitorIf Necessaryn If Necessaryl Precautions/System Performance ... 43

Seite 46 - Route Search


Seite 47 - Source Code

6Before UseNavigation Set UpRDM-TMCIfnecessaryRear View MonitorSafety Informationn Read this owner’s manual for your Navigation System carefully befor

Seite 48

7Before UseIfnecessaryRear View MonitorOperation is subject to the following two conditions; (1) This device may not cause interference, and (2) This

Seite 49

8Before UseNavigation Set UpRDM-TMCIfnecessaryRear View MonitorIntroductionn Extremely low or high temperatures may interfere with normal operation.Th

Seite 50

9Before UseIfnecessaryRear View MonitorNames and FunctionsSteering SwitchThe navigation system can be operated by pressing the steering switches.Left

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